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31 October 2012 @ 12:01 am
I will hold on with all of my might  
- I hope things aren't too awful for any of you affected by the storm. :(

- Yuletide signups close tomorrow for anyone still sitting on the fence... I am pretty sure which offer I will end up writing - Yulegoat Karma.

- I am five kudos away from a significant number on Poison Rain and it has stalled. IT IS TAUNTING ME. *whimper* However, despite that, I wrote almost 2K on the sequel. Despite the fact that I still need to do final edits on avengersfest. And get ready for NaNo/Big Bang on THURSDAY. And that everyone who cares knows I'm not working on it until next year. yep. Good plan, poor follow through.

- Holy shit, Star Wars Episode VII in 2015. Is this what it feels like to wake up in an alternate universe? But it does make me laugh, because if you ever had the thought that Star Wars was not going to be with us FOREVER, you are now officially wrong. I gotta say I agree with MrLiz who thinks Disney's getting off light.

- LOL at Jane Espenson's instant tweet hoping that they get to use SW characters in OUAT and then Josh Dallas said something about how he was sure Charming had to be Han. hee. It's especially funny as I was just saying elsewhere that OUAT should be able to use Marvel characters especially after Sunday's ep. Lots of characters have magic in the Marvelverse...

- Tomorrow is Halloween! Some of you know that we often do fun pumpkin carvings, but this year my pumpkin rotted away before I could even carve it! It turned all squishy and gross, and now I don't want to do it anymore. bleh.