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24 October 2012 @ 12:15 am
liferuiners anonymous  
I always feel a little bit pleased with myself when someone I wrote a Yuletide story for doesn't request the same fandom again - now, obvs tastes change and all that, but still, I like to think I filled the need enough at least. I know it happened for me, when I received that Jeremiah story after asking for it for three years.

I need to stop refreshing Poison Rain at Ao3 as if that will make hits/kudos magically appear. ugh, it's so hard when the story's done and buried down in the pages and hits peter out. I swear, it's like weaning myself off some drug.

Let's see, I wrote on the BB today, got lost down the wiki rabbithole looking up Army information, and I bought hair wash for Operation Black Widow. And started to watch Wallander (even though I'm completely behind every current show and I think my DVR is about to explode) because, y'know, Branagh and Hiddleston, acting together. And okay, it's not Shakespeare, but it'll do. Branagh especially is great. Also it has some beautiful scenery and directing, tho it's slow, like all these moody, modern noir detective dramas tend to be, and Wallander in particular feels like the slo-mo version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but it's not really about the plot anyway.

It makes me want to rewrite my nano from a few years ago, The Other Side, with the same sort of tone, though my heroine cop isn't nearly screwed up enough to work. But maybe something else.