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14 October 2012 @ 06:42 pm
My Yuletide Letter  
My fandoms: Arrow, Alphas, and Paradise - Coldplay (video)

1. PARADISE - the music video for coldplay (on youtube :)

I LOVE THIS VIDEO. It's possibly one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. I love the cuteness of it, I love the story of it of the elephant escaping the zoo to go home, I love the surreal nature of it with the costume and how you briefly see Martin is inside it. It makes me laugh when the shopkeeper sells him the unicycle. I love the beautiful South African landscape and how beautifully it's filmed.

So I just want some kind of story about the video. You don't have to "explain" the video (and honestly going the "it's a bunch of guys in elephant suits" route is way not cracky enough). I'm perfectly find pretending it's a 'real' elephant who can ride a unicycle, if you like. Or maybe it's a world where humanoid elephants are a second species on Earth. you can integrate the lyrics if you want, or not. It can be the adventure of the escape, or what happens when she's reunited with the herd (and despite Martin in the costume, I think she's a girl elephant because of the song), or the story of how this group of elephant-people became one of the biggest rock bands in the world! Anything! But keep it light, and cracky if you possibly can - this is my happy place, adorable video and I don't want to imagine there's a dark story behind it.

My son (almost nine) also loves this video, so if you could please make sure that the story is appropriate for him to read, too, hat would be awesome (spread Yuletide joy early!). I can't really imagine how it wouldn't be, but y'know, just in case. The song is known as "the elephant song" in my house, that's how much it's beloved.

(currently airing on the CW and available at cw.com)

First of all, since this show is going to be airing new episodes well into Yuletide writing time, please feel free to pick an episode to stop at and not worry about any canon/continuity that follows.

Second, Comic book knowledge. Solely Show based is great! (I write solely Avengers-film based stuff so I hear you in not wanting to deal with a zillion years of continuity!) Wild speculation is great!

But if you are familiar with the comics, just FYI, I'm more familiar with the general DC verse than I am Green Arrow in particular. I've only ever read a few issues of him solo, and Oliver Queen wasn't even around when I was reading comics (Connor Hawke was GA back then). I used to read Teen Titans, JLA, the Bat titles and some Wonder Woman, so I know Roy Harper and Deathstroke, but I had no idea Tommy Merlyn was anybody at all until the show happened. So, anyway, my point is, if you want to do a full story about Batman coming to town, or just drop in a cameo of Ollie meeting Roy Harper, that's about as deep as I'll catch. :)

Anyway, OLLLLLLIEEE. (jfc, Stephen Amell. He's not eating any french fries, is he? damn.)
I just requested Oliver to make the matching easier, but you can add in whoever you want. But Ollie is interesting - he's such a bundle of rage right now. Unlike Bruce Wayne, Ollie kills (and does in the comics, IIRC, so that's not a change), but does he feel remorse? Does he not think of it at all? It just kind of fascinates me that he's that focused about it. Is he planning ahead for what happens if he's found/caught or when he's finished with his rampage of revenge? Does he have any idea his mother is apparently a Stone Cold Evil Villainess? What about Ollie and his sister - before the accident and now? They seem pretty close, what's she going to do when she finds out? Or Laurel - if you want to go wild and spec about how she becomes Black Canary, go for it. :)

I originally requested China White too, just on the strength of Kelly Hu being awesome and kickass, but then I saw her ep and while she is, in fact, awesome and kickass, her character's not much yet, so I backed off. But if you want to play with her too, I'd love that.

It's an open canon and I really don't have anything in particular I want, just more character development! So if you can do that, I'll be happy.

3. ALPHAS - Rachel and Lee Rosen.

I love the relationship between them, as it's developed, and of course, the end of S2 put quite a strain on it. It's a very father-daughter-ish: she gets the acceptance she didn't feel she had from her actual father, and he can help Rachel in a way that he failed to do with Danielle. They trust each other, and she's become something of his conscience as she's become a more confident person.

So something about them - maybe pre-show when Rachel first found her way to him and he won her trust, or an ep tag or something, of a time between them would be lovely. Especially after Danielle, I think Rachel would've tried to be there for him, as much as she could. Or if you want to do something more Alphas and action-y, a little case that they have to deal with on their own?

I like them both a great deal, and they've certainly been through a lot. So something happy or at least sweet to help through the hiatus, would be lovely. I enjoy the rest of the team as well, so I certainly don't mind if the others are around.

(just, please, no sex between them. NO. That is NOT the kind of relationship I see between them. at all.)


Thank you, whoever you are! I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with, so don't get yourself too stressed out.

(and for the benefit of any wanderers who may be Treat inspired, I am Lizardbeth at AO3, http://archiveofourown.org/users/Lizardbeth/profile).