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27 September 2012 @ 07:41 pm
More tv starting tonight  
Safe in my hands after its sojourn in the wild on the back of a snail, I have Avengers at last! YAY. Now I have to decide whether to watch it first or Captain America - which I really should for my A-fest fic because I haven't watched it for awhile. Still convinced that the MCU must take place in a universe where Elrond took the One Ring.

also, omg, I discovered that Poison Rain in ff.net has been center aligned this whole time! The preview showed it as normal and I'd never have known except I accidentally came at it logged out. ARGH. *kicks Pit of Voles*

Last Resort! I really liked this pilot, and I'm eager to see where it's going. One season of good tv is still a season of good tv, even if it doesn't last.

Elementary! I kind of wish they'd been bolder and genderflipped Sherlock instead, since I'm kind of tired of the whole Wacky Male/Stern Female trope in procedurals right now. But it was enjoyable enough for what it is, and the leads are well-cast. I feel for the writers on that show, having to come up with cases that are even a little bit Sherlock-worthy and yet not so convoluted they can't be solved in 44 minutes.

And damn, I have been waiting and waiting for Arrow to pop up in the nominations for Yuletide, and it hasn't yet. That's definitely going to be one of mine, if someone doesn't get to it first. KELLY HU KICKING ASS, PEOPLE. this is important!