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08 July 2012 @ 07:17 pm
Question of Life  
I forgot - during yesterday's trip to the observatory they did a short presentation in the Leonard Nimoy Theater. The presenter said "These are Mister Nimoy's chairs, not yours, so there's no eating or drinking or putting your shoes on them." It was kinda awesome.

So the presentation was about "how to make a comet", which was fun, and they played a little clip from the first Transformers movie. There's a scene I'd forgotten when Optimus Prime and some of the Autobots are on top of the Observatory (that's where I was, if you ever watched the movie). But the point is that the presenter asked the audience if the Transformers were alive, assuming they were real and not fictional. A shocking number of people said no. Well, hrm, now I know who the Sentient Robots will be attempting to kill in the Robot Apocalypse...

Tangentially related segue! We are doing a Round Robin Fest at pyramidofdreams for all those little Kara/ Sam plotbunnies that you have and would like to release in the wild for other people to write and swap around and generally have fun, hopefully: Thataway

Tomorrow I plan to write and get back on the horse. I feel like I've basically accomplished nothing the last week (plus) writing-wise and it is time to get over myself and DO. IT. argh.