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07 July 2012 @ 11:33 pm
needs sleep  
ugh. Allergies have turned into a lousy cold, producing mostly gross stuff and making me want to lie down and feel icky. Probably not helping that we've been running around doing vacation-y stuff this week, esp the Fourth and days after. So it's been extra activity.

Like today we went up to Griffith Park and Observatory, which was fun and luckily not super hot today. It made me think of my NaNo of 2010 (The Other Side - the urban fantasy one with Bridget of the LAPD and some immortals who may or may not vaguely resemble certain actors) because I set a big scene there. So I took some reference photos and told myself it was 'research'. yep. totally research. Pretty sure that would require me to edit it though. Which I should really, since I still like the book a lot, it just needs more work.