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18 May 2012 @ 11:07 am
Too much ass-kicking  
Saw the Nikita finale, but I still need to write it up. Will link later.

Also saw Person of Interest finale ...


DAMN. I thought she might be bad but I NEVER EVER EXPECTED THAT BAD. Awesomesauce.
(and also, I am so glad Root is not also Stanton. They may be in cahoots, or not, but at least they're not the same people)

also, boy did she have them figured out or what? lolol

Though in hindsight it is kinda funny the FBI got involved. I don't think she could've predicted that, since she was just dealing with HR cops and hired thuggery. Capturing them both alive in federal custody was probably not part of her game plan, but it sure was convenient that Reese didn't just send her upstairs to the FBI to protect. I was thinking through most of the episode actually that he should hand her over to the feds - there was no way they could ALL be corrupt, and since they were after him, he should've left her for them to find. But it's not even OOC, since we know full well that Reese doesn't go to the authorities even when he should, and he'd never abandon her in a position where the bad guys might get her first. EVEN WHEN HE SHOULD.

Oh son. YOU NEED THERAPY. But not from her, lol.

And it occurs to me it probably should've been a red flag for the boys when Zoe didn't know about her -- a psychiatrist to the rich and powerful and ZOe's never heard of her? yeah, she ought to know. Oh, and how about Zoe? GO CATWOMAN GO BREAK INTO THAT OFFICE. *flaily arms* Yeah, didn't expect THAT didja Root lady?

CARTER AND FUSCO NOW KNOW. YES!!!!! great great scene. :D and Carter with her stealthy texts...

aw, poor Alicia. Sacrificed to prove Root is Badass Evil. Nice callback/continuity to remember harold from that meeting.

The preview lied, though, it wasn't really "the Machine" helping to hunt them down. Yes, they used the cameras, but that's not the same thing. ETA: on second thought, it was being used to flush them out, by Root, so that counts. She didn't even have to DO anything to the Machine, just let it run as it's supposed to.

and yay, inching ever closer to that inevitable "the Machine is sentient and holy shit, JUDGMENT DAY APPROACHETH". That was cool when it answered. Or seemed to answer, if there's someone on the other end, I guess. (though I think a few ppl should have given Reese some "WTF?" looks as they passed him on the street).

I'm off to see the Avengers again (yes, I know), but feel free to comment about anything re;: the ep since I didn't get to it all.
patron saint of neglected female charactersrose_griffes on May 18th, 2012 08:19 pm (UTC)
It was amazing! And I love everybody! Including poor dead Corwin, who had such a fascinating little arc there, and I'm sad we don't get to find out more.