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12 May 2012 @ 09:49 pm
Unexpected fannishness  
Oh, um, so I had this post for TVD yesterday and I didn't quite finish it, and then it got lost in a firefox crash. :(

So here, have some short roundup notes for various shows of the last day three days...

AHAHA. ELENA THE VAMPIRE. THAT IS AWESOME. I know it happens in the books, and there are ways to undo it if they choose not to, but still. \o/ It's great for Elena's development and it's even better because now we can put all that Original/doppelganger crap to rest. Now the Originals can come or go, but "killing them/Klaus to save Elena" is pretty much off the table because that was getting really really old.

Klaus-Tyler. hilarious. (I feel for Trevino though if he's gonna have to keep that up for too long)

While I love the potential of kickass!Bonnie, I have to admit to great skepticism that they'll actually carry through, since they've had potential Bonnie stories that fizzle over and over again. So, here's me crossing my fingers...

Damon got some good lines, but I pretty much roll my eyes whenever anything to do with Damon-Elena happens, since it always feels so over-written. I do think it's funny that so many people think elena remembering Damon's confession of his feelings/compulsion is gonna matter - she already KNOWS he loves her, this isn't exactly a secret. So I don't get why that's going to change anything.

It'll be fun to see where it all goes next season.

NIKITA GOT RENEWED. WOOT. All my comments on the episode are over here because woot, I am now a reviewer! So check it out! :D

I don't have much to say about Person of Interest, except that a stray comment on Tumblr has made me start writing AVENGERS/POI fic. Because John Reese needs to join SHIELD. And have a fling with Natasha. yes I realize Batman is not Marvel, but hush, it'll work. I'm already writing this fic. Because clearly the world is in NEED.

This is not even counting the Asgardian Family Shenanigans Part 2 I am writing.

you guys, I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS. AT ALL. I've been rather lukewarm to the other Marvel films as a general rule (that's why I didn't even see Thor when it was first out). Iron Man and Captain America were fine, serviceable films, but they didn't really make me feel fannish at all. I've never been into the Avengers as a comic, so this is ... really out of the fucking blue that I'm into it like this at all.

So, I'm sorry my BSG rewatch has been derailed (at the second episode! lol, wow I suck) into OMG!AVENGERS but, um, well, I caught the fever, I guess. :D
entertaining in a disturbing way: Ellen Tigh is gleefullyssie on May 13th, 2012 05:28 am (UTC)
Eh. John as Hawkeye also sort of works (Clint is more of a screw-up goof-ball at times, but he's also very much a loaner who investigates things on his own)

Or he could be Logan (Logan's had all the tail in the Marvel universe)

Although, John also reminds me of Wildstorm's Grifter (he just needs his own Zealot, which, well, Carter is sort of Zealot-y in her honor system and honesty and striking out on her own and sometimes betraying him--though that does make Zoe Savant--which breaks down as Savant is technically Zealot's kid, I guess. And now I've distracted myself. I think I buried the Wildstorm box, though, damn)
lizardbeth: Avengers - NR and CBlizardbeth_j on May 13th, 2012 06:11 am (UTC)
whoa sudden flashbacks of wildcats! I haven't thought of that in years! and hee, Wolverine, now I'm thinking of Reese sprouting claws... think I better stay away from characters who already are known/movieverse equivalents though.

But anyway, I'm just importing Reese as is, as an agent, so he can interact with all the agents we know I'll deal with a codename later if I get that far... (you know me, easily distracted by shiny shiny things)
M: TVD - Stefan/Elena's last daymfirefly10 on May 13th, 2012 06:20 am (UTC)
TVD...I'm the same re: Elena/Damon. The writing for them tends to be rather terrible most of the time. Not that I'd ship them anyway but at least their scenes wouldn't sound so ridiculous. 'If I'd met you first...' Oh, Elena...You met them both the first time maybe...a few hours apart? And you don't remember either first meeting. You met Stefan at school maybe...a day or two before meeting Damon. I DON'T THINK IT MAKES MUCH DIFFERENCE! Also, season 1!Elena would have NEVER fallen for season1!Damon. Back then, all Damon cared about was screwing with Stefan and getting Katherine back. He would've gotten bored 'dating' Elena after a few days and simply compelled her into being his girlfriend. So...yeah...that whole thing was ridiculous.

Oh, Bonnie...I've waited SO long for a dark!Bonnie arc but I just...don't have faith in the writers to actually play it out. I imagine she'll be rogue for a few episodes before going back to towing the party line because the writers simply don't care about her enough to give her an actual arc. Nevertheless...I'm still hoping for it :)
lizardbeth: TVD - Elena-Stefan1lizardbeth_j on May 13th, 2012 06:37 am (UTC)
You met them both the first time maybe...a few hours apart? And you don't remember either first meeting. You met Stefan at school maybe...a day or two before meeting Damon. I DON'T THINK< IT MAKES MUCH DIFFERENCE!

oh god, this so much! like, girlfriend, remember when you DID meet Damon? yeah, he wasn't that different four months before. *sigh*

And besides, wasn't it like a big thing in the pilot that Stefan hadn't seen Damon in FOREVER? I grant that Damon had probably been lurking around for a little while before, but for MONTHS w/o seeing Stefan? Really?

But no, instead of something that makes sense, they go for this lame ass "first meeting" thing. duh.

Though I was afraid we were going to find out that Stefan was the reason the car went off the bedige in the first place, so at least we don't have to deal with that. And apparently Stefan does know at the end there that Elena's transitioning - as Julie rightly pointed out in some interview that Meredith wasn't likely to tell Damon and not Stefan, who was, after all, actually on-scene first with Elena. So he won't be shocked that she's coming back. (even if she will be...)
M: TVD - Elena and Bonniemfirefly10 on May 13th, 2012 07:23 am (UTC)
And besides, wasn't it like a big thing in the pilot that Stefan hadn't seen Damon in FOREVER? I grant that Damon had probably been lurking around for a little while before, but for MONTHS w/o seeing Stefan? Really?

Right?! Damon isn't that stealthy and he's DEFINITELY not that patient. It's always been my canon that he'd been in Mystic Falls for a little over 2 weeks before finally approaching Stefan. Enough time to learn the information he had in the pilot without making it seem ridiculous that he hid from Stefan that long.

Yes, I read that about Meredith telling Stefan. I'd kind of assumed that from the episode but apparently some people didn't so it's good she cleared it up. I also read that we'll find out if Elena knew about the vampire blood next season. I...kinda hoped she did? Regardless, her transition is going to be traumatic but I'd rather Elena have known as she was drowning that she might die and become a vampire. a) I think it makes her decision to save Matt first all the more heroic and b) I like the idea that she had a teensy bit of control over it, at least to the point of knowing it would happen rather than being blind-sided by it. Plus, if Meredith DIDN'T tell her...that would've been really, REALLY shitty.

One of the things I'm actually looking forward to and I PRAY they do not screw up is the Bonnie-Elena of it all. Bonnie's basically sacrificed everything over and over to keep Elena safe and now Elena's become this thing she hates. We never got to see the journey of how Bonnie and Caroline became BFFs again after Caroline transitioned but since Elena's the main character, I hope we'll get at least part of that with Bonnie-Elena.
(Deleted comment)
lizardbeth: TVD-Katherine - no ruleslizardbeth_j on May 13th, 2012 04:30 pm (UTC)
The thing about the compelling is that some fandom notes i've read seem to think Elena getting her nemory back will be GOOD for Delena. Which I don't get at all. She "met him first" by an hour, and now she remembers that and it's going to be all glitter! Whereas yeah I'd agree with you that if anything she should be mad that he compelled her twice now and never told her. Not that I expect elena to stay mad more than an hour but still. Argh
Azar: Avengers - Black Widowazarsuerte on May 14th, 2012 05:17 am (UTC)

Please to be sharing said fic when it is finished. :-D
lizardbeth: Avengers - NR and CBlizardbeth_j on May 14th, 2012 10:47 pm (UTC)
Oh I will share, don't worry! :)