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10 May 2012 @ 04:50 pm
While I wait for shows....  
Hee, I think I'll wait on the AO3 fic meme until that Avengers fic settles someplace. In a DAY it's already crept into tenth place (knocking my most-hit BSG fic out of the list, btw). *sigh* Big fandoms. Damn. And it seems to be well-received there, if not ginormous. So that's a plus. It does have quite a ways to go before it gets above five though, which I am doubtful it'll reach, since I don't think a fic about Loki and his mom are all that popular, certainly not compared to certain pairings, but y'know, that's okay. (and ICYMI, Understanding the Storm . Loki and Frigga talk, post-movie.)

I bought THOR despite having seen it three times in the last four days on rental. Clearly I am an addict there are many more stories I would like to tell about Asgardian Family Dysfunction. I don't even know what that's about (aside from being in love with Hiddleston's pointy little face). BUT IT IS VERY EXCITING.

ANyway, re: Vampire Diaries.

I'm taking this finale episode as an indicator for how Fairly Legal will deal with their triangle and end their season, too. FL has tracked the exact same story beats of the triangle so far so it'll be an interesting test of whether I'm right. The only difference between them is that Paul Wesley is clearly not going anywhere, no matter what happens, where I suspect that if Kate doesn't get back with Justin, they'll move Trucco out (assuming there's a third season).