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02 May 2012 @ 05:58 pm
BSG fic and rewatch Day 2  
First, since bsg_remix is now all over I can claim mine:

( Fate Averted )
a remix of lostinapapercup Things to do on Galactica When You're Dead
main: Kara, Sam, Boomer, Gaeta, Laura (with some Bill, Caprica, Tigh, etc)
(Kara/Sam, Boomer/Tyrol, and Laura/Bill)

Summary: Five small changes, five lives altered

(Note: lostinapapercup's fic is really lovely and sad, taking on all those canon deaths. And while we all know I eat up angst with a spoon, I realized that a way to remix it was to take the same situations and show how they all might have lived if Ron weren't also into deadly angst with one small change. Or, IOW, a Five Things Fix-It.)

And Now Rewatch Day 2: all the other stuff around the Fall of the Colonies. That includes the Razor Flashbacks, Downloaded flashback sequence of Caprica Six, and that part of The Plan.

Razor Flashbacks

There is no way a newbie should start with the Husker flashbacks, but they were interesting to see again. They were originally there to recontextualize Bill vs. Cain, and to give us a hint about how Adama had any clue that cylons could be human, way back at Ragnar. But by the end of the series, it's very cool how they get recontextualized again, because when Husker mentions a rumor of peace talks, we now know who was pushing for them and we know why the Centurions departed. Watching them now I wanted them to cut to a distant basestar where the Five and some Centurions would be talking to the Colonial Fleet via wireless.

Wow does it suck for everyone on Battlestar Columbia -- they missed the Cylon withdrawal and end of the war by ... ten minutes. ouch.

Oh, and I know I mentioned this when this first aired, but it bears repeating: you can tell Bill Adama is more of a badass than I am. Fight a Cylon in mid-air? Yeah, I could probably do that (not necessarily WELL, but I'd try), but you could not PAY me to put my hand in the goo in the horror show place. *shudder* (though that scene still makes me think humans can use the datastream too, they just don't try -- it sure looks like he's getting some sort of echo from when the proto-hybrid was there).

It occurs to me, on thinking about the Five arriving and finding the war already underway that there might be a general assumption that they came in as equals, but really they weren't. or at least if I were one of them I would be very worried - there's only five of them, and there are thousands of Centurions. These Centurions look almost exactly like the ones that destroyed Earth 1.0. And the only value they've got is resurrection. It's really no wonder that each of them has an irreplaceable specialty with creating resurrection and kept it secret -- I think they did that on purpose so no one would become disposable. Similarly with the Hub: they probably sold that as necessary to the process, and maybe it is, but the Hub is also a very obvious weak point in the design that someone can (and will, as we know) use as a backdoor to eliminate at least one advantage of the Cylons if it all goes south.

Last comment about these flashbacks, is that while they make a terrible place to begin BSG the series, they're basically the end of Blood and Chrome if that ever appears.


(This is only the part about Caprica's resurrection)

- First appearance of Head!G! Here he seems to be definitely acting from her subconscious, warning her not to reveal her feelings because that's dangerous
- the other Six there is notably not very sympathetic or impressed by Caprica. She's got this "wtf is wrong with you sister?" look on her face that cracks me up

- oh D'Anna. Already you are so falsely sympathetic. LL does that dangerous coo like no body else.

I find it interesting/odd? That D'Anna would claim the attack was more successful than they anticipated. I ... I can see how she might mean they expected more resistance (and more effective resistance), but I don't think there could've been much doubt that they'd have a pretty overwhelming victory since they knew enough to exploit that backdoor in the defense system. And once they started nuking the planets and taking out battlestars, it was pretty much over.

The Plan

Skipping the framing bit...

DAMN THIS MOVIE IS GORGEOUS ON BLU-RAY. (that's before I get to a certain someone in a tight shirt. I know what you were thinking.)
(and hee, this is the first time I've noticed the warning at the beginning which is basically "shaky cam is on purpose - it's not a flaw, so stfu")

The attack sequence with the shifting from Picon (Ellen) and Caprica (Sam) and the action on the basestar -- and hey I never noticed on my tiny screen before that it's the Colony there. huh. very cool. I thought it was just another basestar, I guess. *freezes frames, takes notes for fic since it's a better view than we got in 4.5*

The view of the other worlds - how they were and then the aftermath -- is really striking, to show the utter devastation. And the Centurions gunning down survivors. yikes.

BOOBIES. *rolls eyes at EJO*

The part we get from the Cylons on the basestar pre-attacks suggest they got sold on this as some kind of vengeance for the Centurions - which right there tells you that they have no frakking clue about the last war at all. I think they were all told they lost and were forced to surrender (which, if you're John, is probably what you believe, come to think of it. Since he would think that the Five made the Centurions surrender and stop, when they didn't want to, ignoring that it was a negotiation).

I think the part where Sam says "this has all happened before.." is intriguing because it happens before he's seen the attack. So unless he says that every time he gets knocked down (which would be funny, but no), or he's a bit prescient of what's about to happen...

Also, let's discuss how Sam just awesomely steps up, backing Coach's decisions and then takes charge when they flee, after seeing the Centurions.
And also how it's nice to see Caprica scenes without the orange filter over everything. lol

Okay that's about enough for today, tomorrow "33".
Feel free to join in. :)
noybusiness: capricaboomerwarheroesnoybusiness on May 3rd, 2012 07:44 pm (UTC)
is intriguing because it happens before he's seen the attack.

He can probably at least hear the explosion. Also, he's looking up into the sky when it happens, so he probably saw something as well.
Galactic Cupcake: I'm so much older than I can takelostinapapercup on May 4th, 2012 02:10 am (UTC)
You're a sweetheart! I love your story.

I'm a sucker for those beautiful outdoor Sam portions of The Plan. All those C-Bucs! And at first they're enjoying themselves!

And you know, Lucy Lawless could probably trademark that dangerous coo.