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18 December 2006 @ 10:55 am
Living in Outer Mongolia  
Last night was the second day in a row for a power failure, this one lasting four hours. oh yay. no lights, no cable, no 'net, and no particular reason for it either. Oh, and no estimates of when it would be back from the ever-so-helpful power company. They better freakin' fix it today.

I uploaded my yuletide story and I was story 277. I had intended to do it tonight after another look at the fic today, but I don't trust my connection with the deadline so close anymore. Minor errors or no, better to get it in than default because of idiot power companies. Since there's only about a third of the fics in, I fear a whole lot of people are either going to be very last minute or default. That sucks if they default. :( (especially if the defaulter is writing for me -- I hope I got someone responsible.)

Off to buy more glowsticks to restock. Just in case.