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19 April 2012 @ 11:30 am
Yay my BSG remix was posted today. Heh, I was wondering what my remixer would pick (because I'd hate to remix me - sorry remixer!). So go over there and read -- Do the Best with The Souls We're Given , Layne Ishay and Kara and Sam. It's a remix of my Finding you Again , the one where Sam wakes up from his coma without his memories of Caprica or the Fall or Kara.

Yesterday I committed fic, Another Stop on the Way to the Fall, all Sam gen, pre-fall being a pyramid star.

It was an interesting fic to write for me since it's the backstory I envisioned for him in "Not All That We Are", particularly the part about the championship, getting traded to the Bucs, and the whole cycle of partying at night and taking stims in the morning. So it was kind of interesting to take him to the edge of what actually gets much worse when he's on the Bucs. In this 'verse it's not just the emptiness of knowing there's something he's missing (his other memories), but he has half-formed knowledge that something terrible's coming. So he drowns it out.

oh, look, no more little scissors! heh. There must have been quite an outcry. lol

In the category of "my brain what is this", watching Game of Thrones and Outlander (the movie with Caviezel) at the same time leads to the inevitable mashup in my brain. What? It would work! Spaceman with ninja skillz lands in Westeros. I just haven't decided WHERE he should land. maybe near Arya? She probably needs a protector the most right now and Kanaan is all about the kids. (and also it would be adorb, because she is so wee and he's so big.) Arya. *sniffle* (Well, Sansa, too, of course, but it's harder to think of a way an outsider could get to her and be useful.)