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13 April 2012 @ 02:45 pm
There is nothing quite like being in the shower when lightning strikes right outside your damn window. It had that super bright flash like a bomb, crackle, and then rattled everything. And then, my thought was 'You are soaking wet and there is LIGHTNING idiot'. And I scrambled out to try to dry off - y'know, like that was going to help, if the lightning was going to smash its way inside. Luckily it appears it was close but not close enough to do damage. phew. And now I'm calm and trying to write again.

I finished Outlander, the Jim Caviezel/Sophia Myles aliens-attack-vikings movie. And y'know, I realize I'm a soft touch when it comes to this sort of thing but it was really a lot of fun. I love how it works with the movie to have Caviezel use his military-influenced fight style (plus swords! unf). He does his "awww kids" thing, too. And Sophia Myles was pretty fierce. (and also Ron Pearlman and Jack Huston, the guy who plays Richard on Boardwalk Empire was in it, too, as a sort of Eomer-looking dude, and it was bugging me until I finally IMDB'd him what I knew him from.) Anyway, it's very definitely a "B movie" but if you like Person of Interest and especially Caviezel kicking ass, it's enjoyable. I could totally fic it There is no fic at AO3. *infinite sads*

and these new cut tags are... odd looking.

eta: and if someone could prompt me something at bsg-kink (sam/kara, sam/lee, sam/somebody?) I could do with writing some short porn tonight, but I can't think of anything for myself.