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29 March 2012 @ 09:42 am
Fashion Star!  
I went dress shopping yesterday (unfortunately we have a funeral to go to Saturday for my husband's uncle), and wow are there some hideous dresses. But not hideous, surprisingly enough was one I looked at -- Jessica Simpson has a clothing line? who knew? It was a bit too evening wear for what I was looking for, but not awful. But I eventually did find a charcoal grey wrap dress that I can wear to dinner or something, too. Nice without being too fancy.

Also, I will be so happy when fashion changes enough so I can find heels that are in between platform stilettos and sandals. and woman-kind should be too - half the women I see in those huge heels walk like newborn giraffes, which isn't the effect they're looking for I hope. Two inches- that's what I want! Not four, not none- TWO. and not fugly.

Kiddo's spring break has begun, though we don't travel til next week. We should have some fun, though I won't be able to do much writing. Damn it, I was really hoping to get Sails done before break. argh.