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16 March 2012 @ 12:55 pm
wrap up!  
FMM is all over, Leslie won! My bracket was a DISASTER. Why you gotta go be all unpredictable, fandom? *shakes fist*

TVD was back last night!

Elena and Matt are the worst burglars ever. lol. That was awesome that Meredith busted them like that. While I love the idea that the ring causes insanity/blackouts/murderous rage/whatever, Meredith's still kind of nonsensical. Not that this show isn't chock full of people trying to help serial killers, but I still have no idea why she sprung him from jail, if she really believed he was the killer and/or had him arrested in the first place. (and Liz apparently 'authenticated' that letter really well...)

Y'know, if this were Buffy, right about now Matt would be getting some superpower of invisibility. *sigh* I WANT to like him, he seems nice and he's a friend for Elena who's normal, but god, he just sucks all the energy out of everything.

Love Stefan and his withdrawal symptoms. Damn, Paul, stop it with your eyes and your devastated face. I should not be so sympathetic, but I am, and it's all his fault.

But good lord, Damon, THAT is your idea of moderation? I mean, okay, I can see where trying to train Stefan how to stop if he does attack has some value -- but still, it doesn't have to be the VERY FIRST TEST. Try bagged blood in a glass, maybe? Or Elena's plan of drops from her finger. Remember those days? But at the least the brotherly "I'll be there every day and pull you back from the ledge" was nice. So much better than all the triangle bullshit - let Elena do her OWN thing and thank god the writers are getting that.

Someone should do a super edit of all the flashbacks into chronological order. I'm sure they'd be hilarious.

Also cracking up at the whole "There was a serial killer in 1912 - who wasn't a vampire killing people! Because we separate out our town murders into Human murders and Supernatural murders and the second group we don't bother doing anything about cuz what's the point?" Just in the episode alone we had three deaths by the vamps, right? unless Sage and Damon didn't kill theirs? But obviously Stefan's was one - did poor Samantha Gilbert think SHE had done that one too? or was that so obviously a vampir that the Council just swept it under the rug? (the priorities in Mystic Falls = VERY STRANGE but we knew that).

Rebekah is still delightful. And I love that moment when she and Damon are going at it, and Stefan removes himself from in between. hee.

hm, Sage. I'm not quite sure what to make of her. Obviously she's being the one cast as causing Damon's descent down a dark path, but I find that rather unsatisfying, considering Damon had already learned from Katherine at least some of the same ideas and as his 'mentor' even in absentia, he'd have taken his cues on how to be a vampire from her.

And no new Person of Interest as they take a break for March Madness basketball. *sniff*

New Nikita tonight though! yay!

and Fairly Legal is returning with more shirtless Trucco. DAY IS MADE.