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10 March 2012 @ 07:31 pm
Game day  
Today was opening day for Little League baseball. Which meant a game this morning, opening ceremonies, and then a second game for kiddo (unplanned, but they added another team and asked for volunteers to play against the new team). So I spent most of the day out at the field. Luckily it was very pretty today, but I feel like I'm covered in dust and weed pollen. And my back is killing me from sitting on that bench. Poor kidlet got whacked in the shin with a hard throw, poor guy - but he got to take the ball home for the game which (of course) made him feel better.

The time outside helped me think about my remix fic, though I couldn't actually write anything out there. I have a title which is highly unusual for me, though I've already changed my mind about which fic I'm remixing and how I'm remixing it, so the title may change too. I also could stand to do some rewatching, I think. It's been an embarrassingly long time since I've seen certain episodes.

Argh, I have so many partial and half-completed fics, and I've posted nothing in almost a month since that Boomer-Sam fic. boo.
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