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29 February 2012 @ 02:26 pm
Justified: "The Man Behind the Curtain"  
A bit on the

JIM BEAVER! yes! \o/ Fun to see him here (especially since I will be boiled in oil if Milch doesn't get him on Luck as well. Which I don't really watch except mrLiz does so I kind of do, but I only really pay attention to the horses.)

However Justified was also at Santa Anita yesterday which made the crossover even more obvious than the eventual Jim Beaver double guest spot. Of course it was supposed to be Lexington but it was totally the Santa Anita track.

Anyway, regarding last week, I don't blame Winona at all. When Raylan was hurt, she tried but there's a reason they broke up in the first place. Especially when she's pregnant and Raylan does his best to get killed every week. :/

She also unfortunately suffers from the Love Interest Problem -- which isn't always a love interest as such, since I think Danielle suffered this on Covert Affairs - where the character who's meant to be the 'normal or grounding' one doesn't intersect with the plot so it leaves little for them to do. Winona's not an agent nor a criminal (though she flirted with it briefly, heh) -- you note how quickly they moved Ava into being Boyd's partner but that won't work for Winona. It's more difficult to integrate her. Though I did like Domestic Raylan and the different light it put on him, to see them together.

But she'll definitely be back, especially with Quarles hunting up Gary. (oh, god, there's just no good that can come out of that. Quarles is so shudder-worthy and Gary's such a coward, you know he's going to spill everything about Winona. Though Quarles must already know something because he's talking to Gary at all - so much for Duffy holding it back earlier. boo).

Love Raylan's meeting with Sammy in the barn, figuring out that they have a common problem in Quarles. I hope that bears fruit. Still wish Tim had more to do than be snarky at Raylan, but I'll take what I can get. (they probably should've just cast one person for the support marshal, since Tim and Rachel never have enough to do)

Actually all the duos were pretty awesome in their own way -- Raylan/Boyd and Raylan/Quarles at the beginning. Boyd/Limehouse.

Lots of pieces being put into place but we're seeing how they're moving together, just as the Big Boss from Detroit is on his way... and Jim Beaver gets to run for sheriff! (and probably die, but if he then gets to race ponies in that other show, that's okay)

All right, I should go back to doing something useful.