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18 February 2012 @ 10:59 pm
some TVD thoughts  
Heh, I have a couple of comments welcoming me 'back to BSG' after I posted "Path of Most Resistance" over to ff.net. Er, no, folks, I didn't leave the fandom, I just don't post the sex there! (and also I forget it exists for months at a time, but that's a different problem)

I meant to double team my TVD comment with my PofI comments and then ran out of time, but now most of my thoughts are gone.

I think it would've been far stronger if the Salvatores had decided to screw the ritual if, as I had thought, ALL vampires would die. But as it was it was all convoluted where Elijah threatens to kill Elena (except wait, that'd piss off Klaus if he kills the doppelganger, although if they're all dead then it won't matter - except if they're all dead Rebekah can't kill Elena, so then I guess he's going to wait until the very last minute of the ritual to call her and tell her go/no go except cell signal is somewhat undependable, so was Rebekah just gonna kill Elena on general principles at the right time without even knowing whether the ritual was actually going to work to kill her? THIS WAS YOUR BEST PLAN ELIJAH? REALLY?)

Whereas if the ritual meant the deaths of all vampires, then we'd get the Salvatores plue Caroline moving to stop them, Bonnie could be conflicted and have to make a decision, or they could turn Abby and make her the thing she was about to destroy.

Anyway, it was dumb. Dumb "plan", dumb resolution, depending purely on how much the Salvatores don't want Elena to die. I mean, seriously, could they both have been less bothered by this? They're more bothered that Elena's gonna be pissed at whoever kills Bonnie. But even that fails since it's not as if Elena's not going to forgive the one who turns some woman she barely knew into a vampire. This is Elena, after all. Does Damon FEEL he's making a sacrifice? I'm sure, and it was kinda sweet of him in a petulant sort of way, but practically speaking, it won't matter long.

On the plus side, I was extremely happy to have my theory about Stefan's diet confirmed though. \o/ And the Originals continue to be hilarious. And Caroline with Klaus is still weird and affecting. yet, I'm tired of the bait-and-switch with the "let's kill them all" plots. Either have it work and have some other affect, or stop pulling Yet another PERFECT INFALLIBLE MYSTERY PLAN OF KLAUS-KILLING OUT OF YOUR ASS. Heck, TPB wait long enough and continue to soften the Originals as much as they have, trying to kill them will seem even worse than they are.

which is why I laugh at people who talk about Stefan and his Ripper-ness like it's some barrier now. LIKE THE SHOW GIVES A CRAP. This is the show busy making Klaus cuddly.

If you find yourself beginning to think about/criticize this show as if it were REAL LIFE - just remember, actual human beings do not grow in cabbages, as they apparently do in Mystic Falls (cabbages are how I explain why anyone actually still lives there or goes to high school there after all the deaths. All of those kids in the high school came out of the garden only a few months ago, and most of them were doomed to become sauerkraut anyway, so the parents can't be bothered to care. always more cabbages in the backyard!)

In news perhaps related to the above tonight I had an Asian Pear martini -- IT WAS DELICIOUS.
ellestra: charlie jadeellestra on February 20th, 2012 03:11 am (UTC)
I though exactly the same things about the Elijah/Elena/Rebecca kidnapping/blackmail thing. It just didn't make sense. I think the only reason for that was for Rebecca to see the tree drawings. And I hated resolution.

I was also hoping it meant killing all vampires. After all Esther is responsible for them all and by extension for their victims too.

I hate the woobiefying of both Damon and Klaus. Poor them. Nothing like a killing spree when someone says no to you (or even disagrees). I'm Elena/Stefan and Caroline/Tyler just because the alternatives creep me out. It's sad that Stefan even playing at being bad and on revenge bend is a better choice than Damon.

I'm surprised everyone didn't send their kids away (as they made Jeremy) or just move somewhere safer. But then, Alaric learned nothing from his multiple deaths. There must be something in the water.