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05 February 2012 @ 02:20 pm
Magic AU Index  
Collection of various ficlets written mostly for bsg_kink. They fit into my rapidly growing Magic AU which will eventually be collected and made into one big story.

Sam Anders/Lee Adama

By chronology:
1. First Meeting . PG.
2. Swordplay . R
3. Costume . R/M.


The squad returned and only as the horses clattered into the courtyard and Lee hurried to the steps did he realize how anxious he'd been.

But there was Sam on his horse, thank the gods, but his armor and leather were dull with dirt and blood. Lee rushed to him. "You're hurt?""

Sam shook his head, dismounting with fluid ease. "Not mine."

Lee wrinkled his nose. "Then you need a bath."

Sam grinned and caught his shoulder. "I've missed you, too." He laid a kiss on Lee, while his squad whistled.

In their quarters Lee started to help him out of his boots, armor, leathers, and the sweat-stiffened underclothes. There was something very appealing about how he looked afterward - smudged with dirt, except for the pale, clean area of his lower belly and hips and most of his chest.

"I see that face," Sam teased. "I know what you want."

"You. I prayed for your safe return," Lee confessed and clasped him. "I don't like you going to battle without me."

Sam chuckled. "It wasn't a battle. They didn't even know what hit them."

"Don't get overconfident," Lee poked him in the side. "You're still only one man and not immortal. And I need you."

"I'm not going anywhere," Sam reassured him and they kissed again, Sam's hands working at the ties of his shirt. "I don't think you want dirty clothes do you?"

"Don't care," Lee said, as his hands slid on the muscular back and down the firm curves of his ass.

The two servants were pretty used to the prince and his lover by now and made quick exits when they stumbled into the bathing chamber, one naked, one halfway there, clutching each other.

"Sit there," Lee pointed to the stool, next to the bath. "You'll just get the water filthy if we don't wash it off first."

He looked ridiculously large perched on the small wooden stool but as soon as Lee started using the cloth to scrub at him, the only thing that mattered was the feel of him under Lee's hands, as he struggled to remain focused on his task and not skip straight between those thighs.

Sam stole kisses whenever Lee's face strayed into range, but otherwise he stayed still, relaxing into the ministrations. Lee found two fresh cuts, and a large bruise on his lower ribs; he put his hand on the bruise and called up his power, sending healing energies into him.

He flinched and shivered, then opened his eyes to smile at Lee. "That's so amazing." He stretched like a sleepy lion, practically purring in contentment at the sudden absence of fatigue and minor pain, then he pulled Lee against him to kiss him deeply, tongue in his mouth, hand clutching at Lee's longer hair while Lee's hands tightened on the damp skin of his shoulders.

When the kiss broke, Lee insisted, panting, "I'm not done."

"I'm clean enough, come on, I've been gone two weeks--"

"No, just wait," Lee grabbed the sponge out of the bucket and knelt between his legs. "We're almost there."

"Oh," Sam realized, eyes flaring and a wicked smile curling his lips. "Yes, I'm still dirty. Very very dirty, and you need to be thorough."


Lee rubbed the cloth, slick with soap, between his legs until his cock was hard and glistening, and rinsed it with the warm water. Sam was leaning back, clutching the edge of the bathtub in both hands, and hips lifted in wanton desire. "Now you're clean," Lee pronounced, and wrapped a hand around the firm base, before tonguing the soft head and then pushing down to take it between his lips.

Sam's hips jerked trying to thrust deeper, but Lee held him still, tongue rubbing at the sensitive underside while he worked his lips back and forth. With his other hand he held Sam's balls gently in counterpressure.

"Oh gods," he groaned. "Oh gods, you are so -- Lee, don't stop. That feels --"

Lee didn’t stop, sucking him down in a rhythm that was soon making him jerk in helpless spasms. Then when he was close, Lee let go to twist his grip and watch him come. He flushed, panting. "That was -- that was quite a welcome home," he teased, breathlessly. His hand reached out to touch the seed that had hit Lee's chest. "Oh dear, I think I got you dirty. You should get in the tub and I'll clean you up."

Sam followed him into the water, washing not really on his mind. When the water started to cool, Lee warmed it up again, and they didn't drag themselves out until they were both thoroughly satiated. And clean.

5. Sex Magic

"You trust me?" Lee asked.

The answer was quick. "Of course."

Sam ended up on his back in the middle of the floor, naked, his wrists and ankles bound with cloth ropes in an X. Sam watched, curious and intrigued as Lee drew a chalk circle around them and lit candles. "What is this? What are we doing?"

"Sex magic. To get you receptive."

"I am extremely receptive," Sam countered, with a flirty grin.

"You think you are, but you're not. Not the way I want you to be. Not yet." Lee set the drum to beat, a constant deep thud to serve as extra stimulation. He picked up the riding crop, to smack him lightly on all his exposed skin, bringing blood to the surface and waking his nerves. He flinched at first until he realized it didn't hurt; he still twitched at the strike on his inner thighs, and jerked against the bonds at the smack on his cock. His hands fisted at the lighter smack on his balls.

Lee picked up the quill next, to use the feather's edge on his skin from head to toe. He spent a little extra on his nipples and groin, thoroughly scraping the feather around his cock, scrotum and delicate skin around his anus, until his erection was hard and his skin broke out in shivers.

"How long…" Sam started to ask, knowing that the bindings had to mean this was going to go on for awhile.

"As long as it takes."

"Until I come?"

"No, until you've been hanging on the edge so long that your mind opens to the power."

"Oh gods," he said thickly, realizing Lee's full intent.

Lee warmed the oil in his palms and started massaging him, fingers, arms, shoulders, neck, chest, abdomen, legs, toes and back up the inside of his legs to oil and pump his erection and then to oil his fingers and press them in his ass, working them inside, stretching him, while his hips jerked and his bit his lip on a groan.

His body was beautiful, glistening by candlelight, and the way he moved, testing the cloth bindings and making his muscles flex. He wasn't so tight he couldn't struggle against the bonds, which was deliberate so he would exhaust himself faster.

Then with one finger Lee drew lines on his skin, up and down his body, just enough to keep him aware but let the arousal plateau enough to let his erection flag.

Meanwhile the drum kept beating, and Lee knew Sam was feeling it deep when he let out a shuddering breath in time to the rhythm. He was blinking rapidly, as if he was having trouble focusing his eyes, which was a good sign.

Then Lee found the glass dildo, perfectly shaped, large and slightly curved and holding it in his hand he made it cold and started touching Sam with it. He shivered at the touch, muscles twitching, especially as he anticipated it between his legs. Lee took his time, sliding the cold tip around his cock, pressing it against his balls and then, oiling it again, starting to ease it inside his hole.

His hips flexed, momentarily escaping, but then Lee had the opening and pushed the bulbous end inside him, before then sliding it home. It was a large dildo, bigger than any they used normally, and Sam was frozen for a moment in shock, holding his breath, as he tried to adjust.

"Oh gods, oh gods, that -- I feel that so much," he whispered, shaking. His erection was thick and when Lee swept a finger along the underside found him very hard.

"What are you doing to me?" he whispered, sounding a bit helpless or afraid.

Lee bent down to kiss him in reassurance. "You're doing well. Let me show you how wonderful this is, Sam, please."

"All right."

Lee counted aloud, to one hundred, not touching him at all, letting him relax before easing the dildo free. Then he picked up the crop to start again.

Sam's eyes widened. "Again?"

"All of it again."

"How many times?"

Which was just like him, to want to plan how many times he had to hold out. "One more."

Flogging, feather, oil, and dildo, made warm this time, and he lifted his hips to accept it inside this time, thinking Lee was going to let him come. This time Lee started counting, not touching him, letting him lay there in deep arousal, eager hard cock, tight balls, and a warm large dildo in his rectum.

He squirmed and arched, pulling at the bonds in desperation, "please Lee I need, I need to come. Oh gods it hurts, I need-" Then as he started to soften, he let out a pained moan.

Lee counted, ignoring him. Then at one hundred he pulled the dildo out, and this time Sam arched in protest. "No, I need -- put it back." His hole gaped and for a moment he lay there, looking blankly up at the ceiling, and Lee smiled, knowing he was getting close.

Then, Lee snapped the riding crop into the palm of his hand and Sam's eyes darted to him. "No," he whispered, licking his dry lips, "No, you said…"

Lee used the tip of the crop to delicately caress his softening cock. "Again. And again. Nobody said sex magic was easy, love. Hold on for me. You're almost there."

"Did you do this?" Sam asked as Lee started smacking him again. "At the Academy."

"Every night for a week," Lee answered. "with more than one person touching me. It was complete overload, but I learned to access my power. We're not going that far, but I want you to have a taste of your own. And I want to feel it. It's really spectacular."

It wasn't until he picked up the feather that he saw Sam's eyes change, but just as soon as it started stroking his skin, the tension seemed to flow out of him. He was still aroused, still hard and still reacted to certain touches, but most of his muscles relaxed. Lee remembered that moment, where the realization that this wasn't going to end sank into his bones, and he let himself fall into it. Then after that it was a matter of opening up, altering his mind to accept new pathways carved in extreme receptiveness.

His oil hand squeezed Sam's erection carefully, still holding him back, and this time he was able to insert three fingers easily and curl them to reach that firmer gland and stroke it, until Sam's body was rigid and he panted for breath, right on the edge.

Lee felt bad for him when he pulled his fingers out, leaving him unfulfilled as he shuddered down.

He made the dildo cold again, and noted the eager thrust of his hips as he took it inside.

Lee started the count again, and noted this time that although Sam was trembling, he didn't speak his distress or his need. His mouth was open for panting breaths, and his eyelids were flickering as if he was on the edge of passing out.

At one hundred, Lee reached across to pinch his nipples in both hands and held tightly for twenty seconds until the reflexive tightening relaxed again on a shuddering breath.

Then at two hundred, he bent down between Sam's legs and took his hard balls in his mouth. Sam jerked like he'd been struck, letting out a soft cry; Lee held him like that, pulling lightly away from his body, until the tight retraction loosened and he gave a surrendering groan.

Then he let go and pulled the dildo out as well. As soon as it was gone, it was if it took his strength with it. He relaxed,body limp against the floor. Sam gave a few heaving breaths then a soft sigh his eyes flickering, trying to stay open, before they closed, as exhaustion and overstimulation sent him down, trying to escape.

Lee got up to stretch and pour himself a drink and eat some bread, letting Sam have his moment of rest before he started part two.

His own cock was also hard with frustrated desire, and he lifted the robes to palm it. Looking at Sam's gleaming body, held open for him, watching as his erection stayed hard even in sleep before slowly relaxing, he squeezed his own until he came. White threads of seed pulsed out on Sam's body, striking and beautiful in the light. It connected them, and Lee could sense the beginning quiver in the air, the edge of his power brushing Sam's, trembling for release as the walls thinned.

"Oh yes, I feel it," Lee whispered. 'You're so close."

Then, before Sam could sink into deeper sleep, Lee oiled his fingers again and started lightly painting his cock and balls with the oil. It was a feathery touch meant to arouse, but not awaken abruptly. His erection stirred under Lee's hand, swelling under the touch, and then with equal slow care, he took hold of the dildo and pushed it in slowly then drew it back out until the bulb was stretching the entrance, before just as slowly pushing it back in. Gooseflesh broke across his skin and he moaned, eyes moving beneath his lids.

Lee did it again, a slow frak, as his cock visibly reddened and went hard.

His eyes opened, looking up at Lee with a strange unguarded depths, exhausted but trusting. And then at the crossroads of waking and sleep, pleasure and pain, and the very threshold of desire, Lee could feel it, even see it glimmering in the sky blue depths like a sun.

"Now, beloved, let it go," he whispered.

He encircled the engorged cock in one firm fist and pulled.

For a moment, it was as if the entire room held its breath, and then Sam's body went taut and he wasn't touching the floor at all. His come fountained over Lee's fist, but then it was as if a door slammed open.

The candles all went out and yet it didn't matter because there was a soft golden glow around Sam's body. Then a force suddenly swept outward, away from Sam, taking everything with it like a hurricane force wind: the candles, cups, stool, everything not heavy furniture slammed into the wall.

Lee stared in astonishment, this was more than he had ever expected or dreamed. How was it even possible?

The second the seed stopped coming, Sam let out a deep sigh and his eyes rolled back in his head and the glow winked out, plunging the room into darkness.

It took Lee a few minutes to rouse himself to movement, finally stirred out of his shock by an anxious servant calling if he was all right. He lit two candles and reassured the servant. Then, moving automatically, he cleaned up. He freed Sam, gently putting his arms down and laid blankets over him while he slept, knowing he wouldn't wake until morning.

Then it was all done and Lee sat again at his side, watching his face and wondering, "Who are you, Sam Anders? What are you?"

The ficlet which started it all, but is really the end of the story:
Summoning (dark themes)
Deborah: Sam by lostinapapercupdeborah_judge on February 6th, 2012 01:03 am (UTC)
Space hotties indeed! And hot together in any possible universe.
hobbit_kate: Kara/Samhobbit_kate on February 6th, 2012 09:53 am (UTC)
*fans self* Guh, so hot. I like this 'verse!