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05 February 2012 @ 02:04 pm
Bingo wrap up plus ficlet: The Great Squid of Picon  
My bsg_kink bingo blackout. 25 drabbles, various pairings, moods and explicitness. HERE

1. Dionysus Day, no pairings, orgy
2. At the end, Gaeta/solo, hood
3. Eight Dancing, Boomer/Cavil, facial
4. Tassels, Ellen/Bill/Saul, pinching
5. Lab, Baltar/Six, upskirt
6. Memory, Bill/Ellen, Lee, pantyhose
7. Shaken, Athena/Helo, Sharon/Others, mutiny, non-con, death
8. Then and Now, Kara/Sam, sand
9. Too many, Zarek/Eights, tentacles, non-con, anal
10. Memento, Kara/Sam, duty locker
11. Turnabout, Kara/Sam, vibrator, anal
12. End of Line, Ellen/Centurions, centurion gangbang, anal, non-con
13. Watching, no pairing, peep hole
14. Punishment, Ellen/Saul Tigh, flogging
15. Resistance, Sam Anders/D'Anna, ball gag, non-con
16. Togetherness, Kara/Sam/Lee, pegging, anal
17. Presidential Free Time, Sam/Lee, bent over Adama's desk, anal
18. For you, Gaeta/Eight, crossdressing
19. Surprise, Gaeta/Lee, frottage
20. Wasting Paint, Kara/Sam, blue

The rest all fit into my Sam/Lee Magic-'verse:

21. First Meeting, Sam/Lee, black leather
22. Swordplay, Sam/Lee, wildcard
23. Bathtime, Sam/Lee, dirt (Expanded version)
24. Costume, Sam/Lee, chaps in chaps
25. Sex Magic, Sam/Lee, orgasm delay, anal, BDSM ( expanded version)

All in this post

Also written for bsg_kink but so wrongy wrong I can't even post it there. So um, here, because my brain is a horrible place:

Rated E for Explicit and W for Wrong and A for Awful
Sam Anders/Squid
yeah. you read that correctly. SQUID DUBCON I WENT THERE.
It's also not even a drabble!

Sam never expected to meet the mythical great squid of Picon. He didn't expect his boat to capsize either, but that at least was a consideration in the storm.

The waters closed over his head and he tried to swim, but disoriented, in the darkness, he couldn't find the surface. His air was getting low, heart thumping. Then something wrapped around his wrist and another curled around his body.

He panicked, trying to shove it away, screaming into the water. But it held him tightly. Gods, a squid was going to kill and eat him. He struggled, until lights flashed in his eyes and he didn't have strength to fight anymore.

A different thinner arm like a tube went over his mouth and poked at his lips. He tried to keep it out, but couldn’t, it wriggled inside. Then he felt bubbles inside his mouth, and instinctively his lips clamped on it like a straw and he pulled in a desperate breath. Air. It had air. It was saving his life.

Other tentacles prodded at his clothes, slipping underneath and along his skin. He shivered at the strange touch, like cold fingers, wrapping around his wrists and flinched nervously as it wrapped around his throat, but it didn't tighten. Then another slid across his chest, like a caress, He jerked when the thin agile tip poked and pulled at his nipples curiously, and then when another tendril found the zipper and opened it, pulling his trunks right off his legs like it knew what it wanted.

Oh gods. Oh gods, this is not happening.

But it was. Strong coils separated and wrapped both legs, keeping him still. Another tentacle wrapped his cock, undulating on it with unbearable perfect pressure. And another tendril circled his balls before feeling between his legs and rubbing and poking at his anus, until it wriggled inside, first just the thin tip like a finger, the n pushing deeper and thicker to explore this new opening.

He jerked, back arching with the unexpected pleasure, feeling torn by the touch all over his body, sensory overload, and the horrifying knowledge that a giant squid was frakking him. Squid didn't mate like this; it didn't know what it was doing to him, it was just curious, but gods, this was driving him crazy with want. He struggled, wanting it to tighten its grip on him, shuddering at the impossible strength holding him, cock getting harder, while the tentacle in his ass was rubbing his prostate with innocent and maddening thoroughness.

He sucked the air more quickly, heart pounding as the sweet tightness grew, and he writhed, desperate for just a little more. It complied, squeezing him rhythmically, pulsing everywhere, not quite with his heart beat so he felt strung between the two rhythms, caught and tense.

Until he released, swallowing back a cry so he wouldn't drown, but feeling his whole body go rigid and then jerk as the pleasure washed through him. Then he went limp, relaxed, and the tendrils loosened, and one tip came up to his cheek to touch it with strange gentleness as if to make sure he was still alive.

The tentacles shifted their grip, holding his arms and legs tightly to his body, and he felt movement, and realized they were swimming. His head broke the surface and he drew deep breaths of fresh cool air. He looked up at the sky and then by the light of the moon realized he wasn't far from shore.

He reached a hand down, feeling blindly for the body of the squid and gave it a gentle caress of the soft skin of its head in thanks. Then, tentacles slowly, maybe reluctantly, unwrapped themselves and it was gone.

He swam for shore, bodysurfing most of the way, and then collapsed on the sand exhausted.

Deborah: Sam by lostinapapercupdeborah_judge on February 5th, 2012 10:13 pm (UTC)
That was hot and crazy.

Sam is hot enough to deserve every porn trope that exists.
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on February 6th, 2012 12:06 am (UTC)
hee! thanks!

And yes, he certainly deserves even tentacle porn! lol
embolalia: Sam/Kara - flirtingembolalia on February 5th, 2012 10:54 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! Oh my gods. That was both hilariously cracky and strangely hot. Well done :)
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on February 6th, 2012 12:12 am (UTC)
I know right? Hot and yet ridiculous!