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01 February 2012 @ 01:40 pm
the man with the hat  

Hopefully tomorrow's activity will be fun, too. :D (I just got sucked into TVTropes for y'all, I hope you appreciate it! :D)

This show. There was a point in the office, before the "Harlan Roulette" started I looked at MrLiz and said, "yep, all three of these scumbags will be dead by the end of the episode." and ... sure enough. Though I didn't see two of them killing each other. And then Raylan's exasperation afterward, lol.

That final scene - though, well played, when WE know that Carpetbagger IS armed and he could shoot Raylan right there, and he knows it. And then he smiles for the pic. creeepy.
(and kind of the reverse of Raylan finding the gun earlier)

Glad to see it looks like Rachel is more involved next week. It's sort of frustrating that the show does so well at characterizing bad guys, even briefly appearing ones, and it tends to struggle more with good guys/gals (namely Rachel and Tim, who the show doesn't seem to know what to do with other than be snarky at Raylan once in a while).

And I'll put this outside the cut because it's so clever. Since they were barred from using 'Karen Sisco' as the character's name in her appearance last week, they changed her last name to Goodall. Turns out it wasn't randomly chosen pseudonym. Goodall is the true name of the character known as 'the Cisco Kid' in the O'Henry short story. lolololol