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30 January 2012 @ 10:19 pm
Monday (barely)  
In honor of Christian Bale's birthday today, I'm gonna throw in some prompts for his characters at Porn Battle XIII. (and if anyone would like me to do some prompts for them, I'd be happy to. I know I have a hard time writing my own, even if it's something I'd like to write anyway.) Hopefully there will be something fun, besides my last pathetic bizarro entry for the last one.

I don't care about the Oscars generally (unless I'm at a party and there's a ballot contest, AND THEN WATCH OUT. Bless you Sound Effects Editing and documentary short subject - you have won me actual cash). But I really want Christian Bale (because he won last year in the same category) to hand the statue to Kenneth Branagh, because (a) Branagh cast him in Henry V, which was awesome, and (b) come on universe, it's about damn time. The universe is not likely to listen to me in that category though. *sigh*

Anyway on the personal front, we threw KidLiz his birthday party yesterday. I'm not doing that many kids again. Twenty 8 year old boys. "Zoo" does not even cover it. OMG.