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26 January 2012 @ 10:00 am
Fannish Events!  
bsg_remix is back! I guess this means I better update my fic index. And decide whether I want to make 'Just a Little Late' as my safe story again. I don't think there are any writers left in the fandom who wouldn't handle the subject matter properly, but still. The thought of it being done "wrong" - ugh. I did a kind of meh remix last time, and I wasn't sure I'd do it again. I think I will - I have even more short stuff now which should be easy to expand/alter.

I have to admit I find the double titles for remix really silly - if you're giving it a new title it doesn't need the remix part, especially since nearly all of them seem titled by some random generator anyway.

And Multifandom Porn Battle is also on approach, so you all should start thinking of your prompts!

And E!online is running their Couples Cage match. Some ships I really like are up against each other which is SADFACE making, some of my ships are getting killed already, and then there's the WTFery of Bonnie/Klaus...