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18 January 2012 @ 09:29 pm
The Gunfighter  
Watched Justified last night.

Art Mullen, I love everything you are! You are always the best.

haha, Ava. She shot her husband at that very table, you moron, you think Ava's not going to clock you for that?

And haters to the left, I've never disliked Winona anyway (yes, she did something stupid - but y'know, it's not like Raylan himself doesn't do stupid stuff too. It's not Elmore Leonard without people looking out for themselves, or at least being tempted to). But she and Raylan were extra cute with the baby names and getting a house and all that.

DESMOND HARRINGTON, DAMN SON. I didn't recognize him when he first came in - I knew he looked familiar but I didn't place him until the credits. Clearly he should've been evil on Dexter the whole time, and his whole turn as Quinn was wasted (unless Quinn did start killing people? I haven't seen the last two seasons). But he was a good intro to the new Big Bad.

and Boyd - *shakes head* I couldn't figure out why he'd gotten himself arrested but then, it ALL CAME CLEAR as soon as we saw Dickie.

I liked how Raylan was a bit off his game by recovery, though that certainly didn't stop him at the end. But on this show, it was pretty obvious who was walking away from the table... but hee, pretty awesome solution.

Looking forward to next week and Karen Not!Sisco!
Emily: Deadwood-Almalana on January 19th, 2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
I took me a minute to place Harrington. He looks like he lost some weight (not that he ever had much to lose) and then they didn't have the credit on his IMDB page, so I thought I was crazy. He was so good at creepy and evil. My beloved Neal McDonough looks like he will be an awesome villain as well. Going in a very different direction than Mags was a good idea.

I've always like Winona, maybe in part because I've like Natalie Zea since her soap opera days. I kind of liked her more after last season, because she became more of a rounded character. I think she and Raylan are just adorable together, and I loved the baby name conversation.

Ava and Boyd remain awesome both together and separately. I may have let out a cheer when she hit Devil with that pan. (Also, they packed the plants up wet?! Morons!). I like Ava's intervening with the potential buyer, trying to keep Devil from being completely stupid.

I was wondering on the Boyd thing as well. That scene with him and Raylan was great. Their banter is always a show highlight, but I couldn't figure out what he was doing. The look on his face in that last scene...awesome.

I remain in love with Art and Tim and Rachel. I almost spit out my drink at Tim's pee-pee dance line.

...some how I don't have any Justified icons. I must fix this problem.
lizardbeth: Justifiedlizardbeth_j on January 19th, 2012 05:38 pm (UTC)
I hope they keep referring to the baby as Jiffy Pop, because that's just ADORB. (My husb and I called ours 'little bun' so I know parents do ridic things like that *g* )

And yeah, McDonough was good too - much more ... um, urban, I guess is a good word, than Mags, which was definitely a smart move to change that up.

I thought Harrington was channeling a bit of "No Country for Old Men" in his look, so maybe that's what was throwing me off. But it was quite a change from how he was kinda the surfer dude look on Dexter.

and hee, your icon makes me wonder what Al would think of this show. He certainly wouldn't be surprised to find "Bullock" still on the side of the law.