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11 January 2012 @ 11:45 am
TVD: the New Deal  
I liked this episode a lot more than I thought I would, actually, having read some spoilers for it before I actually saw it.

I don't have much new to add to what people already have, but here's some extra bonus thoughts on Elena and Stefan (separately).

I think I have a lot more sympathy for Elena than some. yes, yes, it's bad to take someone's free will away, and that will always be true (but vampires all have that power plus there are spells that force people's actions - it's a part of this 'verse so any outrage on its mere existence is lost on me). and yes, it's not like this didn't bite her on the ass before. But. otoh. Well, let's put it this way - if there's a comet heading for Earth, and there's only one seat to escape, and it's down to me and my kid, If I have the power, I am totally compelling his ass to get on that ship, no matter whether he wants to stay with me or not. He's going, if I have to tie him up and shove him in a box. (we've been watching a lot of disaster/apocalypse movies lately, can you tell?) And yeah, he's not her child, but she feels responsible for him. Plus in a way, it IS her fault he's in danger at all - Klaus wouldn't be there if not for her, bringing all his drama, nor Stefan nor Damon, nor Caroline, etc. She didn't ask for it, but she's the cause. Jeremy's not a part of this unless he chooses to be. He can still get out.

So, anyway, it's not a great choice, but I think Elena's just very very tired of watching everyone around her die. She's stuck in this mess, but he doesn't have to be. With the rings perhaps wearing out or damaged, he's just a normal kid, who already died once. If I was Elena, I'd want him out of there, too. And c'mon, Elena's not all Yay! about it afterward, I don't think show is trying to say this was a Wonderful Perfect Decision We Should All Aspire To. It was just... a decision made by a very tired, grieving young woman who would like her last living relative to stay alive. plus, let's be real - is DAMON of all people going to try to talk her out of it? never. and she didn't talk to anybody else about it. although that would be a very short list of possibles right now anyway: Bonnie and Caroline (maybe Alaric, but he's busy trying not to be dead), and I'm not sure any of them would actually tell her not to do it anyway.

I do want to know how Jeremy's supposed to have this fabulous life when he's sixteen and has no guardian. Although he looks old enough he can probably get away with not having to go to school.

She should probably have Damon compel the REST of Mystic Falls to GTFO, too, come to think of it, since they're all clearly morons for sticking around.

Oh, Stefan: that's right, I was going to talk about him, too. (I have no interest in D/E, so moving on. I'm sure that half of fandom is exploding.)

Here's the thing: he was leaving already. Katherine redirected him back. I think he's already written off Mystic Falls as anything to do with him. Either he really doesn't care or he's convinced himself that he'll never get them back anyway, so it's the same thing. He WANTS Elena and Damon to give up, because it's easier that way. He doesn't have to fight, if he can push them away. And remember what they said about FEELING something, anything -- I think what he's feeling is just ANGER. A lot of anger at Klaus. Not because Klaus compelled him, not because Elena's gone (though those things too), but because Klaus brought the ripper back. Stefan had a good, normal HAPPY life going, until Klaus came in and tore it all away. Sure, he made the choice to trade himself for Damon but there were consequences he couldn't have predicted. Certainly he had no idea that Klaus knew about Stefan's blood issues and how to use them against Stefan, because Stefan didn't remember Klaus from before.

So Stefan is lashing out, using the only weapon he has, trying to hurt Klaus. It's not a 'plan', it's a "fucker took everything from me, so let's see how he likes it". Collateral damage isn't a consideration, because that requires empathy, and he CAN'T. If he feels sorry for Jeremy, for anyone, that opens the door for feeling sorry for everything and everyone. This is the guy who nearly let himself burn to death when he was attacking people back in S.1 -- I think it's fairly obvious that he feels guilt when he is feeling things. (that's all I think the 'switch' is - it's empathy. If vampires FEEL more intensely, then they should feel empathy, too, but survival says they have to hurt people. One of those things has to be suppressed until they figure it out, and if they already turned, it's not going to be survival that gets suppressed. Over time, either vampires become sociopaths and don't give a fuck anymore, or they manage some compromise they can deal with) I don't think Stefan is a 'true' sociopath - when he cares, he CARES, it's not an act - but he's an addict, and addicts can exhibit very antisocial tendencies

Like, we were just watching Intervention. In the ep, this girl turns to meth after her mother's divorce, she goes clean for her baby, but then, the baby's father is an asshole and leaves her, and she goes back to meth. Her tiny son? Was not enough to keep her clean - and she KNEW she was harming him, she knew she shouldn't do it anymore, in the interview she felt terrible about it. She did it anyway. Even her son being taken away was not enough for her to take control back, because she thought he was having a better life away from her.

yeah, that doesn't remind me of anyone AT ALL. like Stefan's CONSTANT attempts to make Elena go away and give up, until he finally found the key in not caring about Jeremy's danger. Not only is it safer for her, but it's also less conflict for him. If they give up, there's no pressure on him to change. Because he doesn't WANT to, right now (I'm not sure if he CAN, in terms of being able to, but it doesn't matter until he wants to).

Although maybe this is all just some clever plan he and Katherine have cooked up. And I don't really know which agenda works better to fit in why he doesn't undagger Eijah and the others. They're powerful and none of them are going tobe on Klaus' side, I shouldn't think, not if he killed their mother AND has kept some of them in those coffins for possibly centuries. But I suppose they're also wildcards -- If they wake up and leave town, Stefan's leverage disappears, but if he's really in it just to screw with him, seems like letting them scatter to the four winds would be the most screw-worthy plan.

wow that's all over the place, isn't it? sorry.

Well, better get this up before tomorrow.

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