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10 January 2012 @ 01:03 pm
I post drabbles!  
For bsg_kink SAM BINGO! :D


(The links are to the individual comments, but they're all in one post here.)

Overheard (Sam, Kara/Other)
Too Human (Anders/John Cavil) (warning: torture)
Post-game (Anders/Six)
Triad Stakes (Anders/Gaeta)
Games (Anders/Kara)

OMG if I spent as much time on EVERY 100 words of my all my fics, I would seriously NEVER get anything online. Not to mention my brain just wants to know "how did this happen? why are they doing this? did they talk about it? what does he really feel about it?" Shut up, brain, and write the drabbles, nobody cares about your issues.