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01 January 2012 @ 10:27 am
Fic Roundup of 2011!  
Yuletide Reveal!
I wrote three for Yuletide:
1. Episode 33: The Dark Reflection, Galaxy Quest, Gwen DeMarco. Snagged as a pinch-hit for [personal profile] ancarett it's no thousand-hits Yuletide juggernaut, but I've certainly never received so many kudos before. Thanks! :)
(and also, flist, I am sad no one caught the joke: Donald Morris. Don Morris. tv writer of 'grey and morally complicated'... that was there for you. *g*)

2. City Lights, Person of Interest, John Reese. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't have done an episode tag, but I think it turned out well even if it wasn't exactly new ground.

3. Impossible Attraction of Like Polarities, Murdoch Mysteries, Murdoch/Pendrick, Teen. Good heavens, getting a stuffy Victorian dude to admit he might actually, kind of, sort of, like another dude? It took me almost three thousand words of a fic that only a handful of people will read. But it was something I'd wanted to do since I stumbled across the prompt.

In case you missed anything, or want a handy reference, here's the list of the rest of my stories from 2011!!

(not many comment fic this year unless I lost track of some)

multiple ships
Triad: Shuffle and Deal, Kara/Sam/Lee. On New Caprica the three of them come together. (Triad II: Discards forthcoming in 2012! No really!)

Home for the Holidays, (Kara/Sam, Ellen/Saul, Lee/Sonja), Teen. Earth AU Christmas and family fic. Nellis-verse.

Shadow on the Pattern, crossover with Babylon 5.

The Blessing of Proserpina. On New Caprica, they have an unexpected surprise which changes everything. For [profile] pyramidofdreams ficathon.

Fan Club Mature. Kara finds a picture of Sam making out with a certain yoga instructor inspiring.

Until We Leave This Behind, Kara/Sam. Teen. The path to peace on Earth requires a sacrifice. (warning: dark themes, death)

Encounter, BSG/Doctor Who.

No rest for the Wicked, Kara/Sam, Nellis verse.

Night Quiet. Mature. They have to be very very quiet on Kobol.
A Few Minutes, Mature. President Adama has a few minutes to spare for his spouse.
Aftermath, Mature. After 'Maelstrom' they struggle to go on.
The Empty World Sings. Lee goes to Caprica to get the Arrow.

Gen and Other Ships:
Hard-Knock Cylon Life, Gen. Wee! Cylons! in an orphanage! Singing! crack

Untitled Revelations drabble , Sam. gen.

The Spies who Spy Together, Sam/Caprica. Spy AU.

Untitled Lee/Sonja on New Earth ficlet, Lee/Sonja.

Minimate Mayhem, Gen. A bunch of BSG characters are turned into small PLASTIC TOYS.

The Other Half of the Quad, Dee and Sam. Gen.

Monster Under the Skin, Sam (bkgd: K/S), Vampire!AU.

Riding the Wind (RPF, Trucco/Tricia) and Drinking You In (RPF: Tricia/Kandyse)

Vampire Diaries
huh, thought I'd written more here, but I think I really need hiatus. I don't like being jossed in an ongoing fandom and I haven't had a bunny big enough to write a purposeful AU. Yet. We'll see how season 3 goes.

Conflagration, Elena/Stefan, pg
Everybody fights Klaus. Not everybody wins.

Until we meet once more , Elena/Stefan, pg
Elena's phone rings and it's Elena's last chance to give Stefan anything.

Existence is a coffin , Stefan (Stefan/Klaus, Stefan/Elena), R
Stefan escapes Klaus. Briefly.

Light a candle, E/S.

Random fandoms

In a Second, Fairly Legal/V, Justin/Kate.

Brick by Brick, Fairly Legal. Justin/Kate

The Place on Cheyenne Street, Sam Carter/Martouf. Stargate SG-1. Prohibition Earth AU.

Crazy on You, Supernatural. Dean/Lisa.

N is for Nikita, Nikita/SG-1, Nikita and Barrett form an alliance.

Come Alive, Bumblebee/Impala, Transformers/Supernatural. Porn Batle.

Future Yuletide Fandom! Promethean Fires, my NaNo novel!!! :)

By the numbers: not sure, but about 150K, including NaNo online, though quite a bit more offline in not-quite-ready-for-primetime wordage. Almost all of it in Trucco Fandom. Sorry, it's A THING. Also, this is the year that SG-1 basically stopped being a writing fandom for me.

My best story: Triad:Shuffle and Deal though I'm cheating, since I think of all of Triad as one story, even though I've only put out haven't even put the part on line I like the best yet. Of self contained fics, I think "Until We Leave This Behind" is one that works the closest to as I intended.

My favorite story: Blessing of Proserpina -- It's Kara and Sam living like Anne Frank under the Occupation! And Monkey Face!

Favorite OC: I don't have too many OCs this year, only in my NaNo.

Story most under-appreciated by fandom, in my opinion: 'Crazy on You' was SO underappreciated it killed my plan to write Dean/Lisa for SPN Big Bang. So now the world is denied my Dean/Lisa Roadtrip story.... you are all sobbing now, I'm sure.

Story I wrote that I never thought I'd write: Triad. Because until very recently I hadn't written Lee AT ALL. Or a threesome that's more than just for porn.

Most fun: So much crack this year! "Minimate Mayhem" is still the most ridiculous fun. They get turned into MINIMATES! LANCE ATTACKS THEM.

Sexiest story: "Fan Club" I think. Though the final threesome sex scene in Triad is pretty hot too...

Hardest story to write: "Impossible Attraction of Like Polarities" was difficult in the sense that trying to get the sensibility of the show/period while also writing a treat in a hurry was a challenge. But "Until We Leave This Behind" was hard because it's a tragedy (with a bit of hope at the end, but still).
Easiest to write: "Episode Thirty-Three" - it took about two hours, not including revisions. I wrote it WHILE I was listening to the movie.

Did you take any writing risks this year?: I've written new ships, but it wasn't particularly risky. I wrote DW for the first time (sort of)! oh! I wrote a Fairly Legal/V crossover with an audience of two -- but that was awesome, not risky. Justin is totally John May with a bit more attitude.

Biggest disappointment: That K/S on Livejournal amounts to the people who wrote for the PoD exchange, and even then it's mostly a secondary ship for people. WTH Fandom? we used to be a bigger percentage than that...

Biggest surprise: I guess that I wrote so much Lee? I guess it's not a surprise in the sense that it's popular, so tempting to write more often, but surprising all the same. (look, first three years of canon you couldn't have PAID me to write Lee at all - he was my least favorite character and that was before I even met Sam, so it's not a shipping thing.)

It's also a surprise to me that I didn't pick up any of the later TVD hiatus prompts - I thought about it, I looked at them, but then there were too many things to write. And nothing really grabbed me, I guess.

Fic Goals for 2011:
1. Finish and post Not all that we are IV: Black Sails at Dawn. I've waited long enough! I had this on LAST YEAR's goal. *sigh*

2. Finish and post Triad: Discards. Book II deals with the aftermath of New Caprica. It is... not fluffy.

3. Post more "Shadow on the Pattern".

4. Write something substantial that's not BSG.

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