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16 December 2011 @ 10:20 pm
BSG Fic: A Few Minutes  
W/c: 850
Summary: President Adama has a few minutes to spare...

Written for bsg_kink for the First Lines challenge -- first line written here by wicked_sassy

Previous drabble/ficlets in this 'series':
The Empty World Sings . Lee goes to Caprica to get the Arrow and meets a certain C-Bucs resistance fighter.
Flowing, Sam/Lee, on Caprica, consummate their attraction. ADULT.

It was one of the few places where they could have undisturbed privacy for a few minutes. Or so Lee had thought.

"So, Mister President?" Sam grinned at Lee, leaning against the desk with that casual arrogance that made Lee want to smack him. Or frak him. Both, really. "Tory tells me you have some free time."

Lee smiled back. "I think I can pencil in my favorite pilot." He glanced at the hatch to make sure it was shut and then reached out for Sam's thigh, eager to touch after meetings all morning, and Sam had been gone on CAP before that. It felt like it had been days.

"Mm, isn't that some sort of conflict? Military in bed with the civilian authority?"

"I don't see any bed," Lee retorted and tugged him closer because there was no time for their usual games. "And if you don't kiss me right this second I will have you arrested. Spouse or no spouse."

"Oh, handcuffs," Sam purred, leaning down. "You have the best ideas." He drew closer, coming within a breath and then pulling back, teasing. Lee reached up for the back of his neck, pulling him down to join their mouths in hot, hard kiss. Lee's other hand stroked down Sam's bare arm, across the tattoo that matched his own.

Sam's hands were busy, too, sliding to Lee's waist and opening his belt with quick intent. Lee was already imagining the touch of his hand and mouth on him, when the buzzer on the desk sounded and Tory's voice, "Sir, I'm sorry, but Captain Franks demanded to see you. She's coming in."

Lee expected Sam to stand up and move away to a respectable distance - instead he smirked wickedly and knelt down, crouching beneath the desk, and pulled Lee's chair forward.

"No, you can't--" Lee objected and then had to force a welcoming smile as the hatch opened and Captain Franks entered. Now he didn't dare look down and see Sam there between his knees. The anticipation was bad enough. "Captain, welcome."

She said something, irritated, and Lee knew he should pay attention to her, but Sam's hand was slowly, quietly lowering the zipper. Lee knew he should stop this from happening, but it was already going to be embarrassing to be found with his husband under the desk. And gods, it felt naughty and wonderful, and he couldn't stop now if his life depended on it.

"Er, um, yes, that does sound like something we should look into," he said, when she stopped talking and looked at him with some expectation. He hoped that was an acceptable response, but he found he didn't care all that much as Sam reached into his underwear to wrap a hand around Lee's rising cock. Lee bit his inner lip and clutched the arms of his chair. He looked up at Franks, trying to seem attentive, and spread his knees as wide as he could, idly wondering how Sam even fit under there. Then it didn't matter, as the hand pulled at him, making his muscles tighten up against the need to move.

Franks kept talking and he was about ready to agree to anything if she would just go the frak away, especially when he felt the touch of warm breath and then tight lips sliding over his cock. He jerked, caught by surprise.

"Are you all right?" Franks asked, frowning at him curiously.

"Um, yes," Lee cleared his throat and reached for a pen to hold in one fist. "Sorry, Back spasms. I, uh, promise to look into it, Captain."

Gods, that tongue, what was he doing? This was torture. Sweet, sweet amazing torture in the languid swirl of Sam's tongue, the slow stroke of his fingers, making him so tight he could barely breathe for the need.

Franks eyed him suspiciously, but finally left. The instant the hatch shut behind her, Lee held the arms of the chair and pushed his hips off the seat, deeper into Sam's mouth, seeking release. "Bastard," he said through clenched teeth, "I have no idea what she said, and I don't care, because I've missed you and I've missed your mouth doing these things and I love you so frakking much-" -

Release jolted through him, and he relaxed back into his chair, panting a little and wiping his sweat from his temples with one hand. "Oh gods." Then he pulled Sam up to kiss. "Perfect, amazing." He licked at his own taste on Sam's lips and slid a hand through his hair, keeping them together.

The buzzer went off again, and then Tory said, "Ms Palacious is here for her appointment, sir."

Lee pulled back reluctantly and reached blindly for the intercom button, "Just a few minutes, Tory." He licked his lips and said, "I don't know how I can work now."

"You do look a little ... well-frakked," Sam agreed, a bit smugly, as he straightened. "I'll see you later."

Lee caught his hand when he started to turn to go. "You don't have to go back to Galactica right away, I hope?"

"No, no duty until tomorrow. I have friends in high places, you know," Sam answered lightly, squeezing his hand.

"I'll see you in quarters in a little while then? I'm almost done, I swear. And then we can continue where we left off," Lee promised.

"Only if you bring the handcuffs," Sam returned and laughed, as he slipped out the door.

(it's a break from Yuletide. Yeah, that's what it is.)
witch20witch20 on January 11th, 2012 08:18 am (UTC)
Love it!
I like this a lot. You should look into doing a serious of Lee and Sam relationship with one another. Something about those two that make them very hot together. Also the sex scene was lovable. I wonder if the captain knew what was happening. Keep up the work. I hope you do more. HOT!!!!!
lizardbeth: Anders - Leelizardbeth_j on January 11th, 2012 09:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Love it!
Thank you! They are pretty hot and fun together, esp here. (and hee, I'm sure Capt Franks knew SOMETHING was going on, she seemed pretty worldly too me.)

I see you found the later one, My few other Sam/Lee things can be found under the "space hotties" tag. *g* There's also Triad: Shuffle and Deal, which is Kara/Sam/Lee and really is *about* how Sam and Lee learn how to be together on New Cap.