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06 December 2011 @ 08:20 pm
Fan misc  
EEE. This is my first time actually waiting for a DW Christmas Special! It's ... extra holiday cheer-y! PREQUEL TEASERS!

About to pick up our holiday photo cards; I'm a little nervous about how they'll print up. The lighting was strange when we took the pics at the mall. Online they looked okay, but printing them up always shows up the flaws, so crossing my fingers.

KidLiz is finally back to school today after a few days off for teacher conferences. His conference was fun - we all tell adorable stories of his shenanigans because there's not much else to talk about. He's the total teacher's pet! And the teachers are always 'Great kid' and I don't even like to say thanks, cuz he came that way right out of the box. I can't really take credit for, um, well I guess they are my genes, but still. baby he was born this way! :D

Flipping to the middle of Two Towers on t.v. and attempting to explain it to an eight-year-old who knows nothing was ... an interesting experiment in utter failure. I could SEE his eyes glaze over into overload. "um, yes, maybe it would help to start at the beginning... never mind."

I thought I had more to say, but my brain is stuck on "Me Party" from Muppets. It's such a fun song.
entertaining in a disturbing waylyssie on December 7th, 2011 01:11 pm (UTC)
The teasers may kill me. (they make me feel like a small child, and slightly whiny, and very excited)
lizardbeth: DW  - Eleven/Riverlizardbeth_j on December 7th, 2011 08:13 pm (UTC)
YES! all that. YOU MEAN I HAVE TO WAIT, UNIVERSE? Nooooo....