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05 December 2011 @ 04:17 pm
Holiday Wishlist  
1. Post your Holiday wishlist to your LJ. Items can be fannish or not, small or extravagant. Have fun!
2. Look around your flist and grant any wishes you can to OTHERS. This includes sending actual gifts if you want!
3. Re-post your wishlist two weeks before the holiday as a reminder.

For more general info about fandoms and ships, you can check out my fandom_stocking, OVER HERE . Options are good, right? And the comments are screened from me, so if you want it to be a surprise, you can tuck it over there, even if it doesn't 'fit' the prompts over there. It's all good!

More specific fun things that would be awesome:

1. A fun crossover between any Trucco character and another of my fandoms. Look, I do this as a cottage industry, but I'd love to read one, too!

we will not discuss how desperately I want to bring him into OUAT somehow, because that would be ridonkulous except for how both shows film in Vancouver so on alternate Tuesdays in leap year it totally works

2. A graphic/'cover page for 'Not All That We Are' with Sam, Kara, Thea (a Caprica-type Six). Part four is on the way and I'd love something to display with it.

3. Reese (Person of Interest) gets recruited to the Stargate project instead of by Finch. Or he runs into some kind of Goa'uld in NY. Because I've always wanted Batman to face a Goa'uld and this show works even better for that... :D Or Reese and Nikita, because Reese was totally a Division agent.

4. And since I inexplicably totally forgot TVD in my fandom list for my stocking, anything Stefan and Elena!

5. Plus, comments on anything I've written are always one of the best prezzies ever. :D

Speaking of holiday things, I should probably get going on my yuletide fic...