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04 December 2011 @ 03:05 pm
Happy Sunday!  
I woke up this morning to Jennifer Ehle tweeting me. Not entirely out of the blue, as I did mention her yesterday. We were watching Adjustment Bureau on cable and I wondered why an actress of her FABULOUSITY would take an unnamed role of two lines. I didn't tweet @ her (cuz I didn't even know she was on twitter), but she answered that it was fun. (or, IOW, SHE WAS BORED THAT DAY, I don't really care, but she answered.) I now follow her, because she's awesome. She'll always be "my" Elizabeth Bennet. *nods* And I'll pretend I'm still watching A Gifted Man, since I did try, just for her.

We also got our tree today. It's still undecorated, since it needs to hydrate -- which is KILLING ME. I always forget that I'm allergic to these things, at least until they die off, but omg, itchy eyes and throat and sneezing. Meds are helping, but I'm going to insist on a break tonight out of here.