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03 December 2011 @ 09:23 pm
Boringest Saturday ever  
Today we accomplished one thing. yep. ONE. And that was applying for kiddo's passport which means both parents have to be present, so there are only a few times they're open and we can all go, and today happened to be one. First we went to the wrong post office, and then when we got to the right one, we waited. And waited. Kiddo and I went off to the playground for awhile and then came back. And waited some more. THEN THE SUN CAME OUT AND IT WAS OUR TURN!

We saw some amazingly dickish behavior. SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES ALL OF THEM. ugh. People, good lords, you're not too good to wait with everyone else. But at last it was done so now we can go. We're hoping to go to Japan next summer as an extended family, so that should be fun.

We'd been planning to go get a tree but the thought of another line made us all want to stab ourselves with sporks, so we'll get it tomorrow.