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28 November 2011 @ 09:32 pm
Fairy tales...  
I really should've just finished off NaNo today. I'm really close, but somehow it's easier to put it off when I only have a little bit left. bah. no cookie for me.

I did manage to watch/listen to the producers commentary of the pilot for Person of Interest - which was full of the usual quasi-awards ceremony acknowledgments of everyone in the crew ever, but had some interesting bits especially how JC gets more attractive when he's beaten up. yep so true. er, this is perhaps turning into a thing. Stepping back now. ahem.

Though I did laugh to hear how someone screamed on the street during a fight scene cuz the bystander thought it was real. Pity that take didn't make it in. lol

Also I watched Once Upon a Time --

OK FIRST? PONGO. I love it when the show does those little references. I may have almost clapped my hands at that.

And Apollo candy bars! \o/ Oh, Disney, sometimes you are so obnoxious and corporate and awful, but then these things happen and I can't help being gleeful. (and please, Disney, if Awake ends up not going forward, cast Dylan Minette as something in this show. He'd be perfect.)

There was not enough Snow/James/MM/John Doe. THEY ARE SO ADORB I CAN'T STAND IT.

But that "wife"? I can't tell you how dubious I am of her. She's not his true wife, she can't be, so either (a) she believes she is somehow, or (b) this is a con she's cooked up with Regina in which she's complicit. Maybe back in Fairy Tale Land she made a wish (when James married Snow instead) and now it's coming true, except he doesn't remember her...

AWWWW, Archie/Jiminy. Sucks to be in that family, dude. (though they kinda reminded me of the weird couple from 'The Doctor's Wife' ep. Or really the Thenardiers from Les Miz, I guess.)
But the Blue Fairy's idea of helping lacks -- a cricket? REALLY? next time keep your 'help' to yourself, lady. Poor boy, I'm sure at first he thought he was nuts when a cricket wearing a suit started to talk to him... But I do love how the ep recontextualizes Gepetto being all into puppets... (and now I really want to see the Fairy Tale Land version of Pleasure Island and Monstro the Whale)

Though I'm honestly not over looking at Gepetto and going "hey it's Bra'tac!" sorry, Tony Amendola. Love you, but that's burned into my brain after ten years.

But hm... that was Snow's glass casket, so are the two 'lands' starting to merge and the casket has now been pushed to the Real World side? or has it always been there? Are the tunnels routes to get to Fairy Tale Land?

I suppose now that I'm accepting my fannishness of the show, I should go find an icon from the show. But Rapunzel and Pacal's cuteness will have to do.

ok, no more procrastination. nope.
The Other Crazy French Chick: DR HORRIBLE stop the worldhobbitofkobol on November 29th, 2011 08:51 am (UTC)
this show is the cutest, I love all the references they put in ^^
entertaining in a disturbing way: Ellen Tigh is gleefullyssie on November 30th, 2011 12:10 am (UTC)
Of course Bra'tac is Gepetto. IT MAKES SENSE IN MY HEAD. =D (I don't know why, though)