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25 November 2011 @ 03:05 pm
Thanksgiving day after  
I have so far scored a new printer for an awesome price and Vampire Diaries DVD for ten bucks. Both for me (well, the printer's for the family, but mostly me because I'm the one who likes to print stuff most), which is sort of a problem, but Black Friday hits before I can quite figure out what I'm going to get for people. Luckily this year I've had MrLiz' gift for so long I had to engage in shenanigans with the credit card bill.

Thanksgiving itself was nice with my parents and my SIL and her family. Kiddo and his cousin played Monopoly and the kidlet became a railroad baron. Then later on there were airplane and gunfire sounds and I never did figure out if they were still playing a very ... different version of Monopoly or had moved on.

Unfortunately I picked up a cold somehow that came over me yesterday, and I think this is very unfair since I haven't quite finished my bronchitis from earlier. BOO. :( viruses, go away, me likey you.

Writing-wise, I'm not at the Purple Line of Doom and I didn't get a chance to write much on NaNo, but I did come up with a way to do the climax, so I think the rest of it should flow okay. I also came up with a preliminary idea for yuletide, as well as about 500 words for a Treat.

But I better get back to it. The boys won't be at the car show forever today!