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17 November 2011 @ 07:27 pm
Dear Yuletide Writer!  
Dear Yuletide Writer for ME:

I often have a theme each Yuletide-- last year it was crack; this year's appears to be television. And mostly new tv too.

Also, you should know that if the fandom you matched with me on suddenly fills you with dread, all of these shows are only one (short) season long.

My fandoms this year:

Fairly Legal: Kate and Justin
I love Kate. I love Justin. I love their passionate and dysfunctional marriage. I love the hope that they'll get their act together. So give me more of them - pre-series, post-series 1, during, whenever.

Additional information:
Look, poke around my LJ for any length of time and you'll figure out I have a ginormous crush on Michael Trucco. He is the reason I watched this show and kept watching it even though, well, it really wasn't all that good. I find most of the cases really boring. But the parts I do like are Kate and Justin (well, and Lauren and Leo, too - I just wish the show spent more time on the four leads and less time on the disposable case-of-the-week. It's my hope we get more character interaction in S2).

I think the show made a mistake in showing them at the end - it gives the general audience no investment in their relationship or why they don't just go their separate ways. But I'm personally invested because I came to the show already shipping them, just because I like him and Sarah Shahi. And I really want them to get their shit together and figure it out, while at the same time, realizing that if I were Justin's friend, I'd tell him to move on. So I'm a bit conflicted myself, so and any story that focuses on that conflict would work well.

I don't need sex (which is okay if you want to, also! They have trouble keeping their hands off each other, after all), or even for it to be super shippy. If you want to write them after they've broken up and meet each other again, or stay friends even after they've moved on for something more gen... that's okay too. Or the two of them bantering over coffee!

I'm just greedy and I want more! I've written some of the only Fairly Legal fic out there - see my AO3 (http://archiveofourown.org/users/Lizardbeth/works?selected_tags[]=240083) - if you want a glimpse of how I've written them.

(ten episodes, the last five episodes are available on Hulu).

2. Person of Interest - John Reese
He's just so darn mysterious. And while I only asked for him, I love everyone else too, so Reese working with Finch, meeting Zoe again, meeting and eluding Carter again, anything would work fine. Perhaps a new case file, backstory, even crossovers (see letter), all welcome. It's my fun fandom right now and I just want more of it.

I love his dark sense of humor. As I mentioned in my sign up, I'm also down for crossovers with this fandom: Covert Affairs and Nikita seem the most obvious of shows I know. maybe the Bourne series, cuz the dude fights like he got Treadstone or Division training, amirite?

We know he was part of some dark, DARK stuff, that basically broke whatever humanity he had when he left the military. and he's slowly trying to get it back. A story about either (or both) of those points in his life would be great.

(so far, eight episodes. ongoing.)

3. Teen Wolf - Chris Argent, Kate Argent
Argent Family Shenanigans! Spec about Allison's mom, where they were before, how Chris and Kate grew up into this family, their first hunt. Feel free to include Allison, too, how she felt about realizing the 'family business', etc.

This show is another one I started to watch because of one actor I follow around from work to work, and that's JR Bourne. And I have to admit I was surprised at how well-done the show is -- the teens act like actual teens, and the story's compact and interesting with some genuinely tense moments.

But for the purpose of Yuletide I am all about the grown-ups and specifically the Argents, and their "family business" because it intrigues me. Their past history, how they found out and how they trained, where Allison's mother fit into it, etc.

(1 season, 12 eps)

4. Space: Above and Beyond - Nathan and Shane
Although I ship them and I would love a shippy story with them, I also love their friendship. But anything, especially with them both putting their lives back together after the finale, would be great!

Look, VANSEN SURVIVED. There is no doubt in my mind that she came home after the finale. How, I don't know. If you want to tell me the story about how Nathan refused to give up and found her, then bless you. Or when they're old and telling stories about their time as wild cards. Or, whatever. I just love both of them so much -- Shane's fierceness and protectiveness, and Nathan's brokenness and intensity, and that bond they have. (but I do love the other Cards and McQUeen, so I have no problem with them showing up, too, btw.) I'm also okay if you want to take this in a what-if AU direction, away from canon at some point. I love AUs myself as a way to explore the characters in different situations.

And for really wacky thoughts, I'm also a big BSG fan and clearly S:AAB is the precursor to a lot of themes in BSG, and a crossover between them someday is a dream of mine.

A few years back I wrote one S:AAB ficlet for Yuletide myself: With the Dead if that helps.

(1 season, 23 episodes. It is, IMO, a great tragedy that we never got more of this show that was ahead of its time.)

Thank you for writing one of these for me! All things above are intended as ideas only, not as demands; you are welcome to use or not use whatever you like!

Happy Holidays!
shameless2shoesshameless2shoes on December 22nd, 2011 08:45 am (UTC)
Hi! We don't know each other, but I feel the need to leave some love for your explanation about what you like in Person of Interest. You put in words the feelings I had about the show that I tended to trail off in the middle of and just kind of *hand wave of words failing me.* So yeah. Your letter is pretty awesome, and that last person of interest paragraph had me all emotional. :)
lizardbeth: PoI - Reese with gunlizardbeth_j on December 22nd, 2011 06:17 pm (UTC)
Eeeeee another Reese fan! (and I've also gone around leaving random love so it's all good!). Isn't he the best? I am such a sucker for the tall dark handsome broken badass of few words. Unf.
shameless2shoesshameless2shoes on December 24th, 2011 08:06 pm (UTC)
He is the best! I'll cop to loving his voice. It sounds like a whisper ALL THE TIME. And I looooove the healing broken man of action. Mmm-mmm-mmm.
lizardbeth: PoI - Reese with gunlizardbeth_j on December 25th, 2011 06:14 am (UTC)
I don't know which stories will feature Reese but I do know there are SEVEN Person of Interest fics for Yuletide which should open around 9 am tomorrow at archiveofourown.org! at least a few of them should have our fave badass in them! :D
shameless2shoesshameless2shoes on December 25th, 2011 06:21 am (UTC)
Well, SEVEN stories list him as a character. So he's at least in, hmmm, all of them. (And wasn't the archive supposed to open already, I thought? *new at this*)
lizardbeth: PoI - Reese with gunlizardbeth_j on December 25th, 2011 06:50 am (UTC)
9 am Eastern time, so SOOOOOOOOOOON!!

*bounces* *writes treats*