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14 November 2011 @ 09:51 pm
Once Upon a Time...  
So glad Yuletide signups aren't here quite yet. maybe I'll get over the temptation to offer some ridiculous cracky thing that seems like JUST WHAT I WANT TO WRITE. Angst and doom writing always forces an eventual CRACK BREAK, and I fear it just may be Yuletide this year.

Am behind on NaNo, and Forgotten!Surprise!Doctor's Appointment this afternoon, didn't help (thank heavens for my calendar in my phone; I swear I would remember NOTHING without that. Seriously I am the most forgetful person ever.) I drove downtown and back, then to doctor's place and back and then to a fundraiser. And yet I feel like I accomplished NADA today. blah.

Oh, except I expounded upon my Unified Cylon Theory over at 13th_tribe which is A NEW COMM FOR ALL YOUR CYLON NEEDS. Because Cylons are awesome. And not very well defined, so you can kinda go to town theorizing. (which is why this fandom still rules my heart; that and all my narrative kinks I get to explore over and over again)

Ok, speaking of Yuletide, this entire SHOW is basically Disney Princess Yuletide Fanfic run amok. I <3 it for all of its crack, and the things like the BLUE BALL GOWN and fireworks over the castle (which happens at all Disney parks). I love it when they take advantage of their Disney connection.

and also I love James. Who continues to be awesome even in someone else's story.


I had a thought for a moment that James and Shawn were brothers, but I guess from the way Ella greeted Snow that they're from a neighboring kingdom? I admit my brain would like at least a few of the Princes to be related just to cut down on the number of postage stamp kingdoms, but I guess they don't have to. We have at least Aurora (who must exist since Maleficient already does) and Philip still to come, plus some others I've heard are coming, and I just think it would be nice if one of them was related to someone we already met. Philip and Shawn could be brothers, I think, if you assume Philip goes to Aurora's kingdom.

All I ask, Show, is that you do better justice to my FAVORITEST OF ALL DISNEY PRINCESS MOVIES and not fuck up the rest of it like you did with Maleficient. *sigh* that was the worst. (though I find it hilarious that the Prince with the least personality in the films is so awesome. But tbh, it makes me a little afraid for Philip.)

I can't wait for their take on Little Mermaid. That's gonna be cracktacular.

Oh, and Emma better have a VERY GOOD reason for agreeing to an open-ended deal with Gold. She's read the book, and she also knows for realz that he is a slimy dude.

I could just babble on, but I better go back to NaNo and try to make some words tonight.
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lizardbeth: Jason -- gleelizardbeth_j on November 15th, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
my other response to this episode has been singing Cinderella's songs from 'Into the Woods' for two days now... *giggle*

*sparkly hearts*
entertaining in a disturbing way: Ellen Tigh is gleefullyssie on November 15th, 2011 11:41 pm (UTC)
I'm a little scared that Emma didn't have any reason, aside from the obvious over-identification ones.

THOUGH, we did learn that Rumpels can be defeated (I know he could just be dangling the idea in front of everyone, but I get the feeling that he must be defeatable--though not by magic). How, though, is anyone's guess.