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05 November 2011 @ 09:27 pm
Home again  
Our quick trip up the Central Coast of California is now all done. boo. But we couldn't really have asked for better weather, considering the time of year -- it was cool and windy, but generally clear and the one time it rained was overnight. (It looks as though we JUST missed a major storm coming in - phew!) Need to get the pics.

I watched no shows, and done no NaNo, so I'm behind on both, though at least I did buy myself a leeway already by getting ahead on my word count.

I did, ahem, manage to do two commentfics for bsg_kink last night:

Please , Kara/Kat.

Day 175, Laura Roslin/Sam Anders.

No, I don't know where either of those come from! Not pairings I've ever written before, and I've never written Kat at all, except as a third-stringer in an ensemble. But my day pass to kinkville has been revoked and it's back to NaNo CruiseShip straight to Noveltown.
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