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30 October 2011 @ 08:21 pm
Real life update!  
I am woefully underprepared for Halloween. I HAVE decorations, but we still haven't put them up outside yet. er, tomorrow? I should probably get on that, right? I have one pumpkin finished, but the one I carved last night is still lacking a face in the picture (and also part of the carving I did ever-so-carefully last night broke on the way home, SNIFF). Pics of kiddo's costume and pumpkins afterward though!

Writing wise, I am not prepared for NaNo, and I didn't finish Black Sails in Oct. :(

My D leaves tomorrow for a week's conference and we need laundry. But Kidlet and I will join D on Thurs, and we'll ride the train. Which... yay for not driving, boo for slowness, and yay for hopefully being able to write on the train. Kidlet is VERY excited by the forthcoming train ride!