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24 October 2011 @ 05:28 pm
Now back to your regularly scheduled fangirling  
For bsg_kink I wrote a quick and dirty Kara/Sam pwp, Fan Club last Friday if you missed it.

I hoped to catch up on things and write some more today, but it didn't quite work out. Turns out bronchitis and cold, dry skating arenas don't play well together. ugh. Tomorrow, I need to do more. I really have to get the draft for Black Sails done before NaNo starts. argh, WORK MOAR. WRITE ALL THE THINGS.

Oh, and I got an interesting review on "Numbered Days" a TSCC story, which purposefully focused on Kyle and Allison and John to a lesser extent, saying essentially "Nice but why wasn't it about the main characters?" um, because that wasn't the story I wanted to tell? I don't know. Why do people even bother to write that kind of comment?