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24 October 2011 @ 11:06 am
skating and fangirl weekend!  
I had a fantastic weekend. It was fannish - but of the figure skating variety. I went to Skate America, one of the competitions that basically kick off the figure skating season, so there were new routines, new costumes, and what seemed like some new confidence in at least one of the skaters.

Also, for any old-timers like me, Ekaterina Gordeeva was in the audience with her daughter. They showed her on the monitor but I never did find where she was sitting in the arena to get her picture. * *sad face*

I missed Friday night (Men's Short and Dance short), but saw all the rest.

Of import: World champion Ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White are still awesome. Yay for US Ice Dance!

(and for the Canadians, a PSA: Asher Hill takes off his shirt in the exhibition dance.)

I liked almost all of the Pairs who skated, though I think Caydee Denney and John Coughlin were the most amazing. they've only been together five months, and their routine, while lacking the difficulty of the eventual winners Savchenko/Szolkowy, definitely has a lot of potential as they work together more. The Zhangs are great, as well, and apparently that was only their fifth complete run through of their long program so... *blinks* wow, gonna be even better.

For the men, KEVIN VAN DER PERREN (Belgium) is not only a good skater but a hottie, too. He'll be at Skate Canada next weekend. YOU'RE WELCOME. (and I think Denis Ten, too, and he's a fun skater) Curiously the men are the only ones it looks like duplicating the two events.

Evan Lysacek was supposed to be there, but some kind of money thing got in the way. *forever sad*

But let's get to the LADIES. Most of them fell at some point, it was kind of sad. But it did kind of even out the field over the two days.

Caroline Zhang had a FANTASTIC first day and then utterly colllapsed in her Long-- I felt so bad for her. And with a hometown crowd, too. (well, "crowd" -- there weren't that many people there. Very poorly advertised.)

Carolina Kostner of Italy was second and skated beautifully.

But the one who really held on and made the crowd work for her was Alissa Czisny - she had a great short program as well, clean and she's just so incredibly elegant, as well as a good jumper. But in times past she's let the pressure get to her, but this time, she held on to win with only 13tenths of a point! So good. I think she just put the other skaters on notice that she's a real threat this season.

In the battle of which music was most played: Hans Zimmer had at least three (and Steve Jablonsky had one who should also count, since he's part of the Zimmer machine). And then, in the winners' exhibition skate gala, there were THREE Adele songs. I like Adele and all, but PLEASE FIX THAT, SKATERS, THANK YOU.

There was also a use of Henry V which always reminds me of when Paul Wylie skated to it. UNF. MY FAVORITE.

The event also commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the disaster of 1961. Back then, the entire US Figure Skating team, including coaches and family traveling with them, were killed in an airplane crash on their way to the World Championships in Belgium. :(