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21 October 2011 @ 03:45 pm
tee vee roundup  
ok, take 2....

ThIS SHOW IS GLORIOUS CRACk.   I'm sorry if you are someone taking it seriously, but how can you?   Vampires that eat other vampires!  Ghosts that whack people with wrenches!  Ancient dead witches who want to restore 'the balance' by killing mortal girls instead of, y'know, KILLING THE EVIL UNDEAD UNSTOPPABLE WEREPIRE.  OH, and OH -- "SIRED".  And vampires getting staked like it's Thursday! 

It's all awesome and lolarious.

Michael Trevino is too young for me, but JFC he is bodilicious.

I need the episode where Stefan and Rebekah sit there in history class and troll Alaric all day.   "No, actually, I was there. It didn't happen that way AT ALL.  And then I ate Julius Caesar and he was delicious!"

Anyone else impressed that there are that many students left in Mystic Falls?  Do they pick them from cabbages?  Because clearly there's something funky going on, as any responsible parent should be getting their kid the hell out of there and taking them ANYWHERE else.

-- I want Anna to stay forever.  *sigh*
-- Tyler has a ticking clock on him now, I suspect
-- Elena punching and staking Stefan when he was such a dick to her was spectacular. 
-- His catching her off the bleachers was EPIC.  Even if she faked it and he's not in his right mind, it was still epic.  IT WAS.
-- Caroline is the best.
-- Katherine dangling a little mouse was hilarious.
-- Damon's eye roll at Stefan's mess was pretty funny, (Damon's so prissy sometimes it cracks me up), and then how he blamed Stefan at the end, when SURPRISE VISITOR showed up.  heeeeeee


Person of Interest

REESE IS SO BADASS I CAN'T EVEN.  *flail*  "It usually takes 16 hours for me to break someone.  I don't think you have it in you."  LOLOL.  And he was so determined to get the kid back.

and Finch with all his hacking and the sneakiness.  He's definitely more than just the geeky stay-at-home.

I love how the two of them are trusting each other a little more, too.

and it is perfect how the two detectives are working together now.

I do think it's interesting and decidedly on purpose that they've stayed away from 'damsels in distress'.  Even when a woman's number has come up and they've thought they needed to rescue her, only Linda Cardellini's character needed rescuing, and that was from committing murder, not being murdered.  I'm sure Jonah realized that it would be iffy so I have to say I think the show's doing a good job of at least laying some groundwork they can point to when there is a woman in danger, that they have other plots.  It's going to happen eventually (and the nanny was killed last night so it's not like there are no female victims), but still, I do appreciate that they're trying.


And I watched the pilot for Once Upon a TIme which is streaming on IMDB before it premieres on Sunday.  It was better and more fun than I expected, actually, so I'll stick with it at least a few more and see how it goes.
agathons_fan: Supernatural - Castiel Elfagathons_fan on October 21st, 2011 10:45 pm (UTC)
p.s. lj cut isnt working.
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on October 21st, 2011 11:00 pm (UTC)
yeah, I saw that. should be fixed now! Sorry!
agathons_fan: Tarzan & Jane Kissagathons_fan on October 21st, 2011 11:03 pm (UTC)
Its ok, my html has been acting up lately too so I just figured I would let you know in case you didnt catch it and had spoilers or something