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14 October 2011 @ 01:05 pm
Day 2 of attempting fic and plotting new stories. I discovered I'm incapable of plotting on the computer. I can outline and write down something after I've figured it out, but I can't brainstorm that way. But pencil to paper? So much better.

Is anyone else as ridiculously in love with the Geico guinea pig commercial as I am? "It's such a simple word. 'row'." TEEEEEE HEEEEE.


Elena and Stefan were both so very brave. *hearts*

Seriously, if I were Elena and I walked around the corner right into Klaus, YOU COULD NOT PAY ME ENOUGH TO NOT BE A GIBBERING MESS ON THE FLOOR. But no. she did not.

and THEN, AND THEN, the fucker basically brainwashed Stefan. Who tried so hard, including even trying to stake himself, to fight both the compulsion and his own instincts, and then lost anyway. :( :( (and does anyone kind of want the fic where Klaus was torturing Stefan to make him talk? cuz that scene? man, that probably would be phenomenal. scary, but amazing.)

OH. TYLER. you poor thing. I'm sure you think it's all awesome, but I can't believe that'll last. But still you and Caroline remain awesome. I loved how Caroline moved in front of him when Rebekah mentioned that he was a hybrid.

Rebekah really is kind of a spoiled brat, isn't she? lol. But Klaus' insistence on making hybrids because he's alone seemed like a slap in her face - a very "what am I? not good enough for you?" moment, so I'm kind of hoping she gets to wake up Elijah now. (since it seems like there's no way Stefan can now).

Matt. what a dumbass. And I'm glad Bonnie yelled at him for it (well, she didn't yell, but spoke sternly) But that final moment with Vicki was very sweet. And Matt has now officially become a 'true' resident of Mystic Falls, since he's died and resurrected.

Is Katherine bringing Jeremy there as a happy meal for Michael? And of course I will now persist in believng Michael is really just Balthazar, since everybody knows angels can bring down even scary-powerful vampires, right? (My brain is a land of scary crossovers, it's true)

I did think it was hilarious in the gym when Klaus walks in and says they are all busted and all the rest of the kids scatter. Not cuz he's being scary, not because he's making them -- because he's a GROWNUP. hee

Havochavocthecat on October 14th, 2011 08:40 pm (UTC)
Oh, Stefan. He's really going to hate himself when he comes out of it, isn't he? Delicious, delicious angst.
lizardbeth: Stefan bad idea jeanslizardbeth_j on October 14th, 2011 09:21 pm (UTC)
HE TRIED SOOOO HARD. and then Klaus went and took it away! *sad face*

But yes, lots of angst in the future and in the meantime, lots of Paul having fun slinking about and smirking. So really it's win-win for me!
Frances: TVD - Stefan/Elena - never let that gogoldy_dollar on October 16th, 2011 04:26 am (UTC)
This episode kind of wrecked me?? I'm still stuck on a loop of STEFAN FOUGHT COMPULSION WITH LOVE AND THEN KLAUS TOOK AWAY ALL HIS FEELINGS I CAN'T.

lol how does a show on the CW have so much power over me? IDGI.