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08 October 2011 @ 12:12 am
Finished my pyramidofdreams fic. Except for formatting, but otherwise FINISHED. And it even has a title! *dances*

a few brief TV thoughts for the last few days..

I'm still enjoying Person of Interest, where the plot it hath thickeneth. (and CBS must gnash its collective teeth -- "We purchased a PROCEDURAL, Mr Abrams and Mr Nolan" *they laugh. evilly.* )

Vampire Diaries was great fun.

Nikita remains flawless and my fave show of the season. THE LOOK ON HER FAAACE.

And also I watched "Flesh and Stone" by chance, since it was on BBCA, and OMG this show. Once you know where River goes after this episode, good lord, WELL PLAYED SHOW WELL PLAYED.