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30 September 2011 @ 01:30 pm
Vampire Diaries  
I'm still kind of still trying to process The End of the Affair.

Okay, first the pretty. OMG what a lovely period work. Considering how small their budget is, they really threw it all up there on screen. Nicely done show. And Katherine's 1920's outfit was just awesome - she looked completely different.

Katherine's BACK. yes. I still don't think I liike having her around all the time, but when she's out and about, she's so much fun.

OH ELENA AND DAMON. YOU NEED A PLAN KIDS. The time for a plan is not AFTER you get to the same town or fifty feet from them in the woods. YOU CANNOT RESCUE STEFAN IF YOU DO NOT KILL/INCAPACITATE KLAUS. It will not work. Even assuming Stefan's willing to go along with you, Klaus is not going to give up his BFF that easily. And even though the PTB are wisely backing off from KLAUS OVERLORD OF EEVIL, I still have no reason to think he wouldn't go slaughter Mystic Falls in retaliation.

Let's take a moment and be (a) happy that we get another happy mention of Mentor!Lexi while also (b) laugh at this continuing retcon, because there is no way on gods green earth she would've teased him about animal blood if she had been Stefan's AA sponsor all along. I'm still holding out for Lexi being an original and coming back.somehow I really don't care how they handwave it at this point.

But if we can't get Lexi back, I guess Rebekah will do. She doesn't have much of a personality yet, except for the same petulance that Klaus has (you can see why they'd hang out together, after, presumably, Elijah went his own way). But she was interesting enough I don't mind seeing more, esp if she continues to have divided loyalties between Stefan and Klaus. Stefan now remembers the necklace and where it is - the question is whether he goes to get it to help Klaus. which, I'm guessing, given the restored memories seem to have thrown him into genuine BFF'ery with Klaus, he will.

I do love the necklace thing though -- that was a reveal/retcon in a good way.

OK CREEPY CLOSEST YIKES. STEFAN YOU ARE FUCKED UP. *shudder* Though I thought it was even worse actually -- I thought he was saving the blood of certain victims as trophies. Yes, I watch Criminal Minds, can you tell? (but I have to laugh at the thought of any apartment in Chicago being untouched for almost a century. C'mon, show.)

But that scene with him and Elena? So well done in the silence of it, just staring. (I do wonder a bit if Klaus heard her or not, though it seemed the show was saying he didn't.) But that later scene with them? Really, even aside from his general fucked up ness, he was right -- her hanging around is just endangering herself for no purpose. And this time her plan A of the vervain dart, was a dismal failure. :(

If we were in a different, darker show, Elena would now try to kill him. She knows in his right mind he doesn't want to be like this and it would save lives. (but perhaps they want to avoid the Buffy comparisons when they've got enough already).

And speaking of killing vampires to save lives -- Caroline! and how about Liz being all mama bear. And Caroline being tough enough to remember she needs her ring. And holy crap, Trevino really can carry her. They were so sweet, and it's a nice turnaround from when Caroline stayed with him.

I feel like there's so much more to say about this, but that's enough for now.