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23 September 2011 @ 02:39 pm
TRIAD: Shuffle and Deal 4/5  
Battlestar Galactica

In this chapter, cheating at cards changes everything.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

(and if you feel like you've read some of this before, you have - this chapter contains the bit that was the seed of this story, written for porn battle way back when.)

It settled into a routine -- one which Kara enjoyed, though occasionally she wondered what Sam and Lee truly thought about it. Neither admitted any discontent with the situation, but they never talked about what she was doing with the other one, no matter how mundane. It made her want to push the issue, but mindful of how upset they'd both gotten, she bit her lip and let it go on, for now.

She continued to fly supply and personnel runs up to the Fleet and back, alternating a few days on Pegasus and then a few on New Caprica, and thinking moodily that at least Persephone had stayed in one place for months at a time. But Persephone had only had her mother up above, or she might have been tempted to return sooner.

The weather started to turn, as the rainy season started. Even when it wasn't raining it was chill and damp, and it took longer for everything to dry, including her paintings and the concrete Sam was now in charge of making. She liked to tease him that he was a boy playing in the mud, since he seemed to enjoy it, or at least enjoyed working side by side with the rest of the C-Bucs and Caprica resistance who'd followed him into it. It wasn't a job she would've expected from the same person whose previous day job had been pro ball, but it kept him busy. Not that he stopped playing pyramid; if the Cylons on Caprica hadn't managed, a day job and rain couldn't either.

One rare sunny day, she returned to the surface and found him at work, in the center of town, looking ghost-like with concrete powder on his face and clothes. Barolay and Hillard looked equally gray, and they were all laughing at something, as Sam poured water into a large vat that the other two were cranking to make it turn.

Kara stayed apart for a moment to watch. This was what she'd lost, she realized, by letting herself be away half the time. She'd once been part of the C-Bucs easy camaraderie, but now she didn't know the joke anymore.

Hillard spied her first, lifting a hand to her and muttering something to Sam. Sam lifted his head to find her, bright grin looking rather frightening in such a strangely colored face, and he called, "Hey, Kara! Check it out!"

She wandered over. "You're making concrete, yes, I see that. I know that's your job."

He rolled his eyes. "Not this. Over there." He put down the water jug, and told the others, "I'm going to show her our project. Be back."

"We'll hold our breath," Barolay teased, and she laughed as Sam gestured rudely as he walked away.

"I'd kiss you, but you look like you died six weeks ago," Kara told him, nudging him with a hip as they walked. He caught her around the waist, spinning her in his arms, and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Zombie kiss," he declared smugly, setting her back on her feet. "Welcome back. But come see what you've missed."

They turned to go around some scaffolding and then she saw what he wanted her to see -- actual concrete walls.

"The first apartment blocks," Sam said at her side, voice quiet. When she glanced at his face, he was looking at the structure with a satisfied smile. "We -- the concrete team-- poured the foundation last week, and started the walls two days ago."

"It's nice concrete," she stated, unsure what to say, and teased, "Who would've thought Mister C-Bucs Pyramid Player would also get a secret hard-on from construction?"

He slanted a look at her, not amused. "It's important."

She heaved a sigh. "Look, I don't care about concrete, I'm sorry. I'm glad you're doing something useful with your time, and lords know I'm glad people will have actual walls and maybe even a roof eventually. But… the part I care about …" she turned to slide her hands slowly up his arms to his bare shoulders, and smiled up at him, "is that construction workers are really, really hot." Then, as he moved in and lowered his head, she stepped back, wrinkling her nose. "And in desperate need of a shower."

She laughed as he looked pouty and disappointed. She darted in to poke his nose. "I never said you had to do it alone."

A slow grin spread across his face. "Well, in that case, I'd love to take a shower."

They often showered together, even if it didn't turn into something more fun, since they preserved a water ration that way. It was an entirely different way of life than the greater ease on the growing emptiness of Pegasus. Kara didn't mind the difference, and she was amused by how much Sam seemed to thrive on it, but she supposed any settlement without radiation or Cylons was a step up from Caprica.

She had the suspicion that the living conditions was one of the reasons Lee was making no real effort to join them more permanently on the surface. He'd visit, but always seemed to mention the mud, or the toilet facilities' smell, or the chilly air, or something unpleasant, as if those were growing into bigger sticking points in his mind than Sam's presence.

But they were all getting into a rut, and if there was one thing she couldn't stand, it was boredom.

Time to shake things up.

* * *

On Pegasus, she announced to Lee, "You need to come down. You haven't visited in a while."

Lee pretended fascination with the report he was looking at on the desk. "Dionysus Day festival's coming up. I figured I'd come down for that."

She chuckled. But then he didn't laugh with her, and she realized he was being serious. "That's in two months." Hands on her hips, she glared at him until he looked at her. "Don't be ridiculous."

He let out an exasperated sound, as if she was the one being ridiculous. "Kara, we're losing people every day to the surface. I'm trying to juggle the schedule --"

She put a leg over his, interrupting him as she sat on his lap facing him, pushing away the paper. "Are we married?"

He sighed. "Yes."

"To Sam, too," she reminded him. "But it's not going to work if you keep avoiding him."

"I'm not --"

She put a hand across his mouth. "You are. And there's no reason. I'm not asking you to frak him, Lee; talk to him, be friends. We're in this together, all three of us. Unless you don't like him?"

For a moment, he looked as if he wanted to agree, but then his lips twisted in a rueful expression. "No, that's not it. I -- He … He seems like a good man. I like him fine," Lee eventually managed to say, and it sounded like the truth.

"Then what is it? You're still jealous?"

"A little, I guess," he admitted and he held her hips, caressing her waist absently. "But he doesn't seem to like me very much."

"What made you think that?" she asked, genuinely puzzled.

"He's so … friendly." She frowned at his answer, not understanding. Lee added, "I watch, you know. Everybody else is his friend. He plays pyramid with Duck and the C-Bucs, and drinks with Chief and random civilians, but then suddenly, when I'm around, he's a different person. Like he can't wait to get away."

"And that doesn't give you a clue?" she demanded impatiently. "I'm sure he thinks the same thing. You two are so busy looking for landmines when you're near each other, you don't relax. So, come on, come down. We'll play triad and drink. Just the three of us. Hoshi can handle things for a night…"

He gave in to her kisses, as she knew he would.

* * *

Lee had a feeling he knew what Kara was planning the moment she'd mentioned triad.

So it wasn't a big shock when she slapped the triad cards on the table, and smirked. "It'll be strip triad. Since nobody has money, it'll be winner's choice in each hand what the losers lose."

Sam let out a heavy sigh and rolled his eyes. "I knew it."

"Of course you did, because you know I want you both naked," she returned with a flirty grin.

Kara sat on the cot, card table pulled up to her, and the two men in chairs. Lee let his eyes roam over the tent, since it was the first time he'd been inside their place. He presumed the table and chairs weren't always in the tent, since they used up most of the available floor space. There was a box of belongings, another of food and cooking supplies, a hot plate, and some canvases and painted wood stacked next to the big box. He wanted to take a closer look at Kara's paintings, since they were something she only did on the surface.

The place was tiny, and he could feel a draft on his feet despite the woven grass mats over the hard ground, but neither of them seemed to notice, at home in the cramped quarters. He supposed the interior was both bigger and more private than a pilot's rack, if not as spacious as the admiral's quarters on Pegasus.

He watched Kara and tried to ignore that she was sitting on a bed where she and Sam were probably going to have sex the minute he left. He'd seen the two of them all over each other before the wedding enough to know what they mostly did in this tent. And now he knew exactly what Kara looked like with her pliant body all shiny with sweat... and though he tried to tell himself that he didn't need to picture Sam, it was hard not to look when Kara took their outer shirts with a saucy, triumphant grin. That left Lee in his tanks, and Sam in the his black t-shirt with the cut-off sleeves, and he watched as Kara slipped one hand up Sam's arm to his shoulder, trying to peek at his cards.

I am not thinking about it, Lee told himself firmly. I've seen it before, how her fingers dig into his shoulders and he has his hands on her ass…

Then Sam managed to win a hand and strip off Kara's shirt, leaving her wearing her bra and chain with its tokens that rested on her cleavage. Sam's gaze lingered on her breasts, too, and watching him lick his lips and look at her was almost as hard to tear his gaze from.

Wondering what the hell was wrong with him, Lee averted his eyes to his cards. But that lasted only until he had to strip off his over-tank and Sam lost his shirt all together, leaving his pair of dogtags dangling on his chest.

She'd put her fingers all over that chest and he'd lick that hollow under her throat, and she'd arch into him…

Lee didn't even care when she took his last tank top, wrapped up in his own increasingly heated imaginings, as if instead of his wife and her other lover, he was thinking about some kind of video porn.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to watch them.

He drank to try to drown out the thought, but that seemed to make it worse, until he was shifting in his seat uncomfortably, dreading her inevitable win where she took his pants. He wondered if he could take them off without revealing that the card game was getting him a little too excited for having another guy in the room.

He put down a golden sun. That was a foolish discard usually, since it was the rarest card necessary for full colors, and if you got one you never let it go. The minute the card went down, he could feel the game change -- both Kara and Sam looked at it and Sam leaned forward as if, for a moment, he might pick it up.

But luckily Sam left it, drawing a new card instead and then discarding his own. Then he leaned back and drummed the fingers of his free hand on the table; Lee figured it was to try to throw Kara off, but since he hadn't taken the card, he wasn't trying to bluff full colors.

Kara drew also and discarded a two, and then let out a triumphant yelp, laying her cards on the table, crowing, "Read 'em and weep, boys. Full colors."

Lee glanced at it and rolled his eyes. Figured. He threw his cards on the table with a sigh. "What do you want?"

"Pants, of course," she grinned at him. When Sam didn't move to start taking his off, she glanced down at her cards and then at his still-hidden hand. "You can't beat full colors, Sam."

Unexpectedly he started to smile, smirking back at her. "Actually, I can."

She frowned, "There's no hand. Is this some crazy Picon rule?"

"No, this is the 'no cheaters' rule. Lee just discarded a golden sun, so you must've slipped one in from another deck."

Lee stopped opening his pants, to regard them both in surprise. Was Sam seriously accusing her of cheating?

She straightened in offense. "I did not. I picked it up in my draw this last card."

Sam's smile widened. "No, you didn't. Because ..." he laid his cards down on the table. There, side by side with Sam's two pair, was the other sun. "I have it. And since there are only two in each deck..."

She stared at it. "No, you can't have it. Lee's cut put it deep in the pile..."

Lee realized she was admitting to knowing where the sun was, and that meant Sam was right.

But Sam laughed softly. "Baby, I dealt the cards. I've had it all along."

Her mouth dropped open and she stared at him in amazement, as if he'd turned into someone else unexpectedly. "You ... dealt it to yourself? But how...?"

"Old skills from my reckless youth have been coming back." Sam leaned back in his chair, with a very satisfied, somewhat crooked smile. "Did I never mention how I used to fleece cadets when I was at university?"

"No, funny, you didn't mention that," Kara said dryly. "I thought you said the hospital had kept you from being a criminal?"

"They did. Mostly. But there are only so many ways a poor kid on a scholarship can make beer money." He lifted a hand and wiggled his fingers. "I'm not as good as I used to be, but this was an easy trick."

Lee looked from one to the other. "You mean you both cheated?"

Sam had enough grace to look a little ashamed. "Yes, sorry," Sam told him. "I usually let it pass, but I thought it was time Kara knew I can always tell. She's not the only dirty cheater in the family."

But Lee didn't really mind; it was a different side to Sam that he had the feeling Sam didn't show very often. "How?"

Sam gathered up the cards. His tone was a little too casual, especially when he avoided looking at them. "When I went back to foster care after the accident, I didn't have any money, so I stole a wallet off some tourist on the boardwalk. I was too stupid and naïve to know pickpockets had territories, all controlled by bosses. So I fell into a group working for a magician who ran the little stuff: cards, cups, pickpocketing, sleight of hand stuff. My social worker found out and stopped it. But I learned a lot, those six months." As he talked, he tapped the cards into a straight pile and then shuffled twice with a flourish. Then he dealt two cards to each of them, and then, casually, as if it was something they could see every day, he flipped his pair over to reveal two golden suns.

"How the hell did you do that?" Lee demanded in astonishment.

"Magic," Sam returned with a smirk.

"But-- but if you can do this, why do you lose so much?" Kara complained.

"Why do you cheat when you win most of the time anyway?" he countered. He gathered the cards again and handed them to Lee. "Here. The game's no fun if I know how it'll turn out."

Lee took the cards, and his fingers felt numb as he stared at Sam's face. He hadn't shaved in a few days, giving him a scruffy look that let Lee imagine what might have been -- the Sam who could have stayed in a crime syndicate and worked his way up to enforcer. Or no, that wasn't right. A smart crime boss would put that face to work: sweet talking women into fake investments and charming old people out of their pensions. He'd won Kara Thrace in mere days, after all, and it couldn't be just because he was that great in bed.

The room suddenly felt too close and stuffy, and Lee set the cards down to start gathering up his clothes. "Well, that was interesting and fun. But I should go back."

There was silence for a moment following his abrupt words, and he thought Kara and Sam exchanged a concerned glance.

"Lee, you're not mad?" Kara demanded. "It was just that one hand, I promise."

"No, it's okay, I don't care," he reassured them. "But this is your place and I'm in the way." He put his tanks on and gave Kara a quick kiss. "I'll see you in a few days. Evening, Sam."

"Good night," Sam answered and Lee could feel his gaze, as he left.

Then Kara let out a sigh he could hear outside and she said irritably, "Frak. You ruined it."

"Ruined what? Your attempt to get us both naked or your dream that no one would ever catch you cheating?" Sam returned and teased, "I've known all along, you know. You're clumsy, amateur--"

"Oh, yeah?" She chuckled and her voice got a little softer, taking on that tone of mischievous intent that suggested she had gotten a lot closer to Sam. "Clumsy and amateur, hm? You weren't saying that this morning…"

Then there was kissing and wordless murmurs implying other things.

The sound of metal clanking in the tent next door startled Lee and he realized he was standing outside the tent, still eavesdropping.

He forced himself to walk away.

* * *

Sam didn't know exactly what changed after the card game, but something had. Lee seemed more willing to socialize and come down to Caprica, and Sam found he was getting more relaxed around Lee as well. But in a way it was more difficult, because the easier they became with each other, the more Sam had to forcibly remind himself that Lee wasn't going to reciprocate.

Kara's plan had succeeded all too well. By any standards Lee was attractive, and by Sam's standards he had the sort of athletic body Sam tended to be attracted to anyway. But Sam had never gone anywhere he wasn't wanted, and he wasn't about to start now.

So he knew that even if they were going to sleep together, all three of them -- as now seemed inevitable -- there was only so far he was going to get with Lee. He was going to have to go slow, nothing too fast or too intimate, and keep Kara between them most of the time.

When he and Kara went up to Galactica, to celebrate Karl and Sharon getting married and Sharon's door being opened, Sam had a feeling it was going to start.

They all had plenty to drink after the admiral officiated. Sam had to admit that Sharon looked very pretty and happy, and since she had helped to save his ass from Caprica, he drank to her, and then again when she was so surprised to be shown any appreciation at all. She wasn't so bad, and if all the Cylons were like her, maybe none of this would've happened.

Kara was giggling as she pulled Sam and Lee into the vacated quarters on Galactica. "Come on." Then she impatiently toed herself out of her boots and threw them outside the hatch, then pulled it shut.

Lee didn't seem to notice, opening his dress uniform with a drunken complaint, "I still can't believe Helo married a toaster."

Sam snorted. "At least he doesn't share, that puts him one over us."

Lee agreed with a groaning sigh, as Kara threw his tunic to the floor. But then she turned sharply away to face Sam. "I thought you were okay with this."

He grimaced, realizing he'd had a little too much to drink at the wedding if he'd let that slip out. "I am okay," he protested. "I'm going to find Jean and get a little drunker, and leave you two on your own. I'll see you in --"

But she caught his shoulder and shoved him into the bulkhead. "If we're really gonna build a cabin for all of us together, you're both gonna have to get used to being in the same room." Then she rubbed against him, hands rising up to his shoulders and caressing down his arms. "Come on, Sam, don't go. All three of us... we're in this together."

He didn't really want to leave, so he let her pull him over closer to Lee and had a bad feeling when she got that wicked glint in her eye and asked, "You know what would make this easier, I think? You two have to touch each other, not just me."

"Kara --" Lee protested.

She silenced him with an upraised hand. "Stop. I know Sam's done it before, so, Sam, why don't you try kissing him? I'll watch."

"You've done it before?" Lee asked, surprised.

Sam's gaze flicked from Kara to Lee and he answered, "Uh, yeah. I play both teams. But I know you don't, so it's not something I would --"

Kara put a hand at the small of his back and pushed him toward Lee. "You two need to do more shutting up." Then her hand snaked around his hip and slid down the front of his pants, and Sam straightened, catching his breath.

Her breath was hot in his ear. "Kiss him and I keep doing this," she whispered.

With that lure, he inhaled a deep breath and reached out for Lee's face. Lee didn't move, eyes shifting between Sam and Kara and he chuckled nervously, "Kara, if this is your idea of a joke -- "

"You know, she's right - you need to do more shutting up," Sam murmured and slipped his fingers into Lee's hair, thumbs on his cheeks, and looked into his eyes.

He leaned in and closed his eyes when he got too close, and put his lips on Lee's. Lee's mouth stayed closed, until he suddenly flinched and pulled back exclaiming, "Kara!"

She grinned impishly and poked him. "Take the stick out of your ass and kiss him like this." Then she leaned in and kissed Lee, then when they were getting into it, she pulled back and nudged Sam in, to take her place This time Lee was more relaxed, parting his lips on a breath as Kara did something to him. Sam held his head still, deepening the kiss, opening his mouth, hit by an unexpected flare of arousal when Lee unexpectedly pushed back. Lee's hands fell on his chest and slipped down.

"Good lords, that's hot," Kara muttered and Sam felt her fumble at his waist, opening his pants. "Gimme some."

She moved in, pressing into them, trading back and forth, until Sam wasn't quite sure whose mouth was on his. But he could feel the difference under his hands as he touched Kara's curves of hip and breast, while his other hand felt sleek muscle.

All his good intentions of looking and not touching, of going slow, slipped away in a haze of too much to drink and too many hands undressing him. Bare skin and sweat under his fingers. Kissing Kara and caressing her breasts, while Lee knelt on the floor with her leg over his shoulder to lick at her until Sam had to hold her up.

Her skin flushed as she gasped, "Oh gods" and went from rigid to pliant in his arms. Her nipples burned like fire dragging against his chest, and there was something about the wet sounds Lee was making down there that made Sam... want.

But he didn't realize he was nudging into Lee's shoulder, until Lee put Kara's leg down and turned to look up. Kara freed herself and Sam found himself watching as Lee's hand wrapped his erection boldly.

Lee's eyes were hazy with lust and alcohol, but he knew what he was doing as he declared, "I'm not the inexperienced ... prude you two think I am."

And he proceeded to prove it by taking Sam's length in his mouth and Sam had to clutch at Lee's hair to keep from coming right then, as the heat swallowed him down.

Lee wasn't as skilled as Kara, but he made up for it with aggressive enthusiasm. Sam couldn't help the little groans that escaped him, or the way his hips twitched with needful motion. He managed to glance aside to see Kara's eyes fixed hungrily on the display before her, fingering herself as she licked her lips. Her gaze caught Sam's and she smirked. "Told you so."

And then he had to shut his eyes as it all tightened into a fiery knot. "Frakking gods!"

Lee finished him off with a twist of his hand. He looked very smug as he climbed to his feet, swaying and licking his lips. "See? That wasn't so bad."

"Definitely something we'll have to do again," Kara declared and held out her hand. "It was frakking hot. C'mere."

She pushed Lee on his back and straddled his hips, to take him inside her. Sam had thought he'd have a problem watching this, but instead, there was something gloriously sensual about it. He decided he didn't want to be completely left out of this part, so he leaned forward to kiss Lee, licking the sweat pooling in the hollow of his throat and sucking on his collarbones as Kara held herself steady on Sam's shoulder and frakked her other husband.

When Lee came with a cry, Sam smiled. Kara stretched out on top of Lee, but entwined a hand with Sam.

* * *

Dionysus festival day was notorious for people getting drunk and other things.

Kara and Sam played pyramid together, against Duck and Barolay, while Lee was one of the many people cheering. Two on two, especially two pros who knew each other's moves so well, Sam and Jean blocked each other most of the time, so it fell to Kara and Duck to do more offense.

Once Barolay tackled Sam hard, but he managed to throw the ball under his arm to Kara to score. But on the ground, after Jean was up, he started to cough with a sudden feeling as if he was choking. The coughing fit didn't stop for a moment, and he staggered over to the side.

"Dust in my throat," he gasped out and grabbed the water cup from Lee, draining it. After a few more coughs and wheezing breaths, he settled down and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Thanks."

Lee took the cup back. "You okay?" he asked, a little concerned.

"I'm good," Sam smiled and his fingers slid across the back of Lee's hand, before he let go and went back to the game.

After the game, Sam was a little buzzed with the alcohol and energy of playing. His body felt as if it was vibrating with need and want, and he didn't want to waste the feeling. But Kara was at the bar, talking to Ellen, so his gaze settled on Lee, remembering the touch of his skin and Lee's mouth on him the night of the Agathons' wedding a month ago. It hadn't happened again, and Sam was drunk enough to try again.

Now. Sam was going to see how far he could get.

"Adama? This way," he said. "Follow me."

Lee looked a little confused but went along easily enough, following Sam into the alley between the tents.

There, Sam turned to face him, pushed him back against one of the poles, and kissed him. His hands reached out eager to feel those muscles -- so different from Kara, but gods, just as hot. He indulged in his own desires while Lee was so shocked he didn't try to shove him away.

But for once Lee kissed back, one hand on the back of Sam's neck to keep him there. When Sam's tongue touched his, he pushed back and groaned. He tasted of ambrosia and Sam felt like he could get drunk on that taste alone.

"You feel so good," he muttered against Lee's neck, and Lee drew in breath to talk. Fearing rejection, Sam said hastily, "Just shut up and let me-- let me show you it can be good, Adama. Just shut up and stop thinking."

"I'm not-- not saying anything," Lee objected breathlessly, as Sam opened his pants, pushed them down his hips, and touched him -- hip bones and the thin hip flexors that Sam wanted to trace with his tongue, and decided he was going to do that.

He knelt and Lee exclaimed in shock, "Sam! Not here. I --"

It was getting dark, there was no one around, and Sam didn't frakking care anyway. "It's Dionysus day, Adama. This is what everyone's doing."

That wasn't precisely true, since most people were probably not on their knees in the mud wanting to blow their wife's other husband, but Sam was tired of holding back from what he wanted.

He held Lee's ass, and ran his tongue down the narrow valley of his abs and under his hip bones until Lee was quivering under the touch and stiffening with arousal. "Oh, you -- you feel -- " then he lost his voice when Sam's tongue touched his cock. "Oh gods."

He licked it firmer and higher, rubbing underneath and swirling around the head, until he took it in his mouth, pushing forward between his lips so Lee gave a groan and thrust deep. Sam moved vigorously, until Lee was spasming helplessly and pulled at his hair. "Oh - oh, Sam, you - " his voice trailed off into pants as he thrust into the snug haven, and then he warned, "I'm - I'm gonna - "

Need surging through him, Sam shuddered and pulled free, panting for breath. Lee leaned back against the pole of the tent behind him. "Oh, lords of Kobol... " he breathed, looking too spent to pull his pants up again.

Kara's voice was a surprise, as she drawled behind them, "I see you're having fun without me."

"Kara!" Lee sounded appalled and shocked and finally made a move for his pants, jerking them up over his hips.

Sam turned his head to see she was close by and had obviously been watching the whole thing. She didn't look upset, and so he smirked at her. "Hey, baby."

"So yummy." She walked closer, licking her lips, hips swaying. "You two really have no idea how hot you are when you do that. I am so wet, that if you don't frak me right this frakking second," she stared at Sam in challenge and dropped her eyes to his pants where he was burning with need for it anyway, "I'm going to have to take care of it myself."

"I think I can help you out," Sam said with a laugh. Standing he swept the canvas upward. As he'd hoped , the tent was empty. "C'mon." The other two crawled in and he followed. Inside it was pitch black, when the flap was down, and he had to grab blindly at Kara, kissing her cheeks and jaw before their mouths found each other.

Her hands stripped off his shirt and then fell on his skin, unbelievably warm and lightly scratching with her short nails. Then Lee's voice from somewhere on the floor, "Kara, I'm trying to take your boots off, stay still."

She muttered something against Sam's mouth, fingers siding down to find the inside of his pants. He tore his lips away to gasp, "Oh gods." She didn't stop either, and he had to pull back again when he realized he had teeth on her shoulder, as her hand wrung guttural moans from him.

"Oh right there," Kara gasped and flinched, and he realized Lee must be helping. Sam caressed down her skin and met other hands between her legs, and she shuddered. "You two are going to kill me. Frak."

She was so wet and the smell was around him like a haze. He shut his eyes feeling he could better experience everything when he wasn't straining to see in the gloom. "Down, baby," he coaxed and pushed her toward Lee. "Kiss him. And I'll frak you."

The soft curves of her hips under his hands gave him guidance, and he barely had to touch himself to get achingly hard and ready for her. The wet sounds of Kara and Lee kissing were soon joined by the similar sounds of Sam pushing into her heat. Briefly he felt the touch of Lee's fingers, still rubbing at her, and the unexpected brush was startling and hot.

Then it was all unbelievably perfect, especially when she came, tensing beneath and around him, panting with a gasping cry. He had to grip her hips so she would stay on her knees and not fall forward, and he was a bit smug that he frakked her into coming again right before he couldn't hold back anymore...

There was a flash of brightness behind his eyes, as pleasure jolted through him.

Coming down from the high and panting, he suddenly sneezed four times, making the other two laugh. After the fit passed, exhausted, he flopped next to them.

Lee's hand found his shoulder. "You okay?"

"It was so good it made him sneeze," Kara teased and let out a long contented sigh, stretching. "Lords, we can do that again."

"Yeah." Sam's hand rested on her stomach, making idle little circles, when he felt Lee's hand touch his. Lee fumbled for a moment, making sure whose hand it was, and then when Sam thought he might pull away, folded his hand over Sam's.

"It was good," Lee confirmed sleepily. One of his fingers rubbed the back of one of Sam's. "The three of us."

"We're working it out," Kara agreed, and chuckled, "One frak at a time."

Sam leaned into her, attempting to find her mouth, but hitting her hair and then her cheek with his lips. He vaguely considered whether he was interested in doing more, but a yawn broke free. "Frak, you'd think with someone else to share, I'd be less tired. But I'm wrung out."

"You did the work; we'll change it up next time," Kara promised him sleepily. "I hope the tent's owners don't come back soon. They might be a little surprised."

Sam chuckled and thought about his clothes and a drink of water, but he didn't stir. Morning seemed soon enough to move.

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embolalia: Sam/Karaembolalia on September 24th, 2011 01:25 am (UTC)
Oh my god, this is so hot. I mean, the mental image of Lee and Sam alone is yummy, but I love the relationships you're building between them, too :) On a less shippy level, I also really like the sense you're creating of life on New Caprica!
lizardbeth: Anders - Leelizardbeth_j on September 24th, 2011 04:18 am (UTC)

entertaining in a disturbing way: Ellen Tigh is gleefullyssie on September 24th, 2011 02:45 am (UTC)
*giggles madly*

Pooorn. Silly, silly kids. With the drunkeness and shenanigans.

ALSO. I am sort of giggling at Little Orphan Sammy, but also liking the idea a lot. AND CHEATING. ahahahahaha.
lizardbeth: Anders - Leelizardbeth_j on September 24th, 2011 04:28 am (UTC)
I can't believe that Cavil put them down anyplace they'd have warm loving families, y'know? And I've never believed Sam came as a full adult, it doesn't make sense as a player. So.... orphan. Backstories are fun!

Glad you're enjoying it. The fun, fluffy part ... er, kind of stops here. as you might notice there toward the end...
kag523 on September 24th, 2011 04:55 am (UTC)
Oh wow... WOW! I love the backstory that is slowly being revealed in this story. Sam and his story of life on the streets, just give a whole other dimension to this. The awkwardness that slowly disappears felt like the right pace for the transition. (and of COURSE it would have alcohol involved) and then the threesome... GAH! Good lord, woman! Killing me with hotness.

Now, I cannot WAIT to read the next chapter. I am seriously worried about the cough (as I'm sure you want me to be). It is revving up to be a fun ride! Thank you!!! K :>D
lizardbeth: Kara-Anders IIlizardbeth_j on September 25th, 2011 08:45 pm (UTC)
Heh, I'm pretty sure alcohol was involved in every major event btw the three of them..

And you've already gone on so I'll go answer there.
Ray: pic#113231538rirenec on September 24th, 2011 05:56 am (UTC)
There's too much shippery goodness in this. I love the backstory for Sam, and his and Lee's awkward interactions turning into something more.
Though Sam coughing ... I'm worried Sick!Sam is coming. Though that leaves room for some sick comfort. I hope.
lizardbeth: Kara-Anders IIlizardbeth_j on September 25th, 2011 08:30 pm (UTC)

final chapter/epilogue is up! (though not linked to this one yet since I'm doing this by my phone cuz my laptop died)... and, er, you should be prepared....
Merry F: kara sam leeivanolix on September 25th, 2011 06:23 pm (UTC)
I'm just...dead from the hotness. Yup. No articulate comment here. Nnnnngh.
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on September 25th, 2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
They are hot indeed. :)
Gramma Lunacylanalucy on October 19th, 2012 08:38 am (UTC)
Holy Jebus!