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22 September 2011 @ 02:39 pm
TRIAD: Shuffle and Deal 3/5  
Rating: Mature

In this chapter: there's always an aftermath. And Colonel Tigh wants to sell tickets.

Chapter one
Chapter two

The sun had risen on a quiet town, with few people awake. Many more were still outside, sleeping off the previous celebration in the warmth. Debris from the celebration was strewn about- empty cups and broken tent stakes, and not a container with anything left in it to be found anywhere as the three of them wandered through.

They found the Tighs -- the colonel was awake, holding a flask, with Ellen's head in his lap.

"Morning, colonel," Kara greeted him cheerfully.

He squinted up at them against the sunlight. The frown deepened curiously when he realized Kara was holding hands with both of them. "You three still drunk?" Tigh asked.

Kara grinned at him. "We got married!"

The colonel spluttered. "You what? You got married? You're frakking joking."

"No, colonel," Lee confirmed. "We did. Just now. All three of us," he clarified, defensively.

Tigh laughed and shook his head at them, as if the foibles of youth, then he raised his flask to them in salute. "Best of luck, you three. You told the Old Man yet?" he asked.

Kara froze and felt Lee tense beside her. Neither of them had thought of the admiral all night -- not that he could forbid it, or probably would if he could, but he might be very disappointed in both of them. Or not understand. And Kara didn't like making the admiral disappointed in her.

"No. Not yet," Lee answered with a shrug that professed to not care, but she knew better. His face was suddenly taut with misgivings as if he wondered if the reaction would be terrible.

"Oh, you two," the colonel chided impatiently. "Don't know him at all. Just go tell him."

"You don't think he'll be mad?" Kara asked. "Or disappointed?"

"I'm sure he'll be mad you did it without him. Hell, I'm mad about that, and I know Ellen will be, too," Saul said. "This place could use another party. But he'll be happy for you. Even if you had to go and marry a C-Bucs player," he joked, glancing at Sam.

Sam, who didn't have to give a frak what the admiral's reaction was going to be, flashed a grin and retorted, "Proves she's got good taste."

Kara couldn't resist, nudging him with her hip. "Your taste isn't all that great. So don't get," she licked her lips, "cocky."

Sam chuckled and looked smug, despite her words, since he knew she didn't object that strongly. Lee got it and pulled his hand away, "Kara! In front of me? Come on."

"Well, sure, I'd like to do it in front of you, but I'm guessing we'll have to wait on that," Kara returned, teasing.

Tigh could not stop laughing at them. "Oh gods, I'm gonna have to sell tickets." He waved his flask at them, shooing them away. "Take your marriage weirdness someplace else. I don't want to know."

"Point us in the direction of booze and we'll go," Sam said.

"No, we better find Dad," Lee corrected. "Do you know where he is?"

Tigh gave them some vague directions where he'd last seen the admiral, and the three of them started in that direction. They hadn't gotten all that far when Lee abruptly stopped, pulled his hand free, and faced her.

"Look, I know you two have been together, you live together in the tent. I understand that this is all about sharing and I'm okay with that. Or at least as okay with it as I think I can be, until I get used to it. But, I'd appreciate you not rubbing my face in the fact that you two have frakked all over this planet, when you and I have barely kissed."

She put her hands on her hips, irritated. "Is that what this is about? You're jealous?"

Sam put a hand on her shoulder, quelling her snap of temper. "Wait, really? You two ... never...?"

"No," Lee answered. "First there was Zak, then he died, but the war started, and .... Then there was you. Timing was never right."

"Then... he's got a point, Kara," Sam admitted. "If I was in his shoes, I wouldn't like it either."

She turned on him, and looked from one to the other, shaking her head. "No, no, we're not starting out with this keeping score. That's a loser game and like you said, I'm not gonna carry a frakking timer just to make sure everything's all fair."

"I'm not saying that, just --" Lee objected.

"No, you're saying you can't handle the reminder that Sam got something you haven't yet. Well, you know what, Lee? It's your own damn fault - we could all three of us be frakking in the tent right now, but no... you two, despite years of naked locker rooms, have turned all freakish and uptight about this." She folded her arms, pissed off that they were spoiling things already.

"Locker rooms are not the same thing," Lee insisted.

"Close enough. I'm not playing to your personal insecurities. I love you both, I plan on frakking you both, but I'm not going to turn psycho over this sharing thing because my endgame is for us to be together. And if that's not your endgame, too, then I don't know what the frak we're doing."

Lee seized her shoulders. "Kara. I'm not backing out, okay? But let's be real; we've jumped into this without knowing what the hell we're doing and we could use some time to figure it out without pushing so hard it breaks."

She inhaled a breath to calm down and after a moment, nodded her understanding. "All right."

"You made yourself clear, but like Sam said, it's not only you and what you want. And we're the ones trying to find our way through something I never even considered doing before."

"I get it," she insisted impatiently. "Okay, I get it. But shit, maybe this was a stupid mistake if we can't even go an hour without a fight..."

Sam chuckled and patted her arm. "Relax. We'll work it out. Brianna said we'd face tests."

"I didn't expect our first one to happen so soon," Lee said dryly. "They probably get worse."

"Full of cheerful thoughts, aren't you, Adama?" Sam retorted. "Come on, let's find the admiral. I'm looking forward to seeing his face."

He started off. Kara hung back and shared a glance with Lee -- neither of them was eager to see that face. Even though she thought it was probably true that he wouldn't be upset, there was still that smallest chance that he would be and she didn't want to see it.

But hell, she'd already managed to ask two guys to marry her, she could face the admiral.

* * *

Lee wondered how he was going to explain this, when he wasn't quite sure what had happened himself. Yeah, Dad, Kara asked me to marry her. Which is probably weird enough for you, considering Zak, but it comes with a catch -- she wanted to marry Anders, too. And so in order to have Kara I agreed to let her have him. So yeah, now I'm part of an official threesome with a guy who used to be on the cover of frakking magazines and managed to stay alive on Caprica after it was crawling with Cylons, which is still damned impressive even if he thinks otherwise. Gods. What the frak am I doing?

The admiral was awake, sitting at the bar and drinking something from a mug that smelled of caf. He smiled to see Lee, and waved him over. "Morning."

As he went closer, with Sam and Kara following him, Lee felt the ridiculous desire to put on his jacket, which he was holding over one shoulder. "Morning, Dad."

"You look as if you enjoyed last night," his father said, and was probably merely making conversation, but Lee flinched guiltily.

He swallowed, getting ready to say it, when Kara blurted it out, completely without any preparation whatsoever: "We just got married!"

The admiral blinked and the hand carrying his cup to his mouth froze and then slowly dropped back down, leaving his drink untasted. "You and Lee?"

"And Sam," Kara corrected him. "All three of us. Just now. Down by the river. A priestess of Aphrodite. It was … really pretty..." Her voice trailed off and started to rise in almost a question, betraying her own uncertainty.

Bill's eyes went from his son to Kara, flicking to Sam briefly, before returning to Lee. "This... seems abrupt."

"Um, yes, sir," Lee answered. "We decided last night. It's more of a trial. A bit more than an engagement but, sort of, like that. To see if we can work it out. But ... we're going to try."

Bill looked at Sam, face creasing in curiosity or maybe disapproval. "This was your idea, I assume?"

Sam gave a short laugh. "Mine? No. It was Kara's. I was fine without your son added in," he answered honestly, shrugging. "But we do what we gotta do, sometimes. I'd rather add in Lee than not have Kara."

"Thanks, I think," Lee muttered at him. But then, seeing his father still seemed skeptical, Lee added, "I don't expect it'll change our tactical set up, if that's what you're considering. I'm planning to stay on Pegasus, at least until we can be more sure the Cylons aren't going to find us."

"Actually," the admiral said, with slow deliberation, "I was considering that I want to see you happy, Lee. That's all. The ship didn't cross my mind, though I'm pleased you're considering the practical ramifications, of course."

"Oh. So you don't ... mind?" Lee asked, hating how his voice slid upward at the end, a little boy still wanting his father's approval.

Bill stood and gripped his shoulder, looking into his eyes. "I have only ever wanted to see you happy, son," he murmured. "If this is what does that, then, I'm glad."

Lee had to swallow and nod, taken by surprise and touched by the sentiment.

Then more to his surprise, the admiral held out his arms and hugged Kara. "Not the son I expected to marry you but, still, I'm glad to call you daughter, Kara."
"Thank you, sir," she said, with an uncertain, watery smile.

Then the admiral moved to Sam and looked up at him with a faint frown. "I should've known any strays Kara brought home would be trouble." But then the frown changed to a smile and he held out his hand. "But you're a good man, Anders. And I think you might be the only thing that will keep these two from killing each other. So, welcome. Congratulations. And good luck. You're going to need it."

Sam shook his hand and chuckled dryly, "I figured that out, Admiral. But thank you."

Kara was still deciding if she should be offended by that, but Lee chuckled and the admiral gathered up abandoned cups on the top of the bar and poured out of a small metal bottle. There was only enough left for one swallow in each cup, but he handed them out.

"Gods' blessings on all of you," he said and raised his cup.

"So say we all." Kara raised hers as well, and all four of them touched cups before draining them in a swallow. She grabbed the bottle to dump any left over, but only a few drops came out. "Is that all?" she asked. "Let's find more. We're supposed to be celebrating."

"And food," Sam said. "We've got rolls from yesterday in the tent. I need some food before I drink any more."

"Enjoy your day," the admiral said with a fond look and waved them away, shaking his head.

Kara grabbed Lee's hand and when Sam put an arm over her shoulders, she tucked her other hand into his back pocket, not above a little secretive groping.

The sun was getting warmer and brighter, and it seemed that everything was possible.

* * *

"People will not stop talking!" Kara muttered irritably as the day wore on.

Sam chuckled and shook his head. Word had spread at the speed of gossip through the camp. Fleet personnel toasted them constantly or wanted to shake hands, and even civilians seemed intrigued, gathering around or offering free drinks.

"We're all celebrities of a sort," Sam reminded her.

She snorted. "You're a celebrity, I'm a pilot."

"You're a pilot of Galactica, and everyone in the fleet knows your name," he corrected. "And they know about Lee as commander of the Pegasus and the admiral's son. So of course, there’s gossip."

Lee and Kara exchanged a glance as if they'd never thought about it before, and Lee heaved a sigh. "Suppose so. I didn't have too much contact with the civilians before, so I didn't realize."

Sam shrugged and cracked open another nut from the small bowl on the bar in front of him. "It'll fade. At least they're not taking pictures to sell to the net."

"And they're leaving us alone right now," Kara said, nudging both of them with an elbow to either side. "So, what are we gonna do?"

"About the gossip?" Lee asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Our wedding night, idiot. You gonna join us in the tent, or what?"

Sam had been thinking about it during the day and he offered, "You two should get together."

The other two were visibly stunned. "What? Are you offering --?" Lee started.

Trying to pretend that this was easy, and not the stomach-churning decision it actually was, Sam said, "Because you're right; Kara and I've already been together. So, I'm stepping aside tonight."

"No, all three of us together," Kara protested, "you don't have to touch --"

"Kara, I don't want to watch," Sam interrupted her, his tone of voice flat. "It's hard enough to think of him being with you. And I'm pretty sure he thinks the same. So then we have to take turns and since I've already gone first…"

Lee shook his head. "No, it's a noble gesture, but we should let the gods decide. Otherwise it makes me feel like I'm taking advantage or something, and ruining what should be special for all of us, since it's not just me and Kara -- "

Sam wanted to growl in frustration. Frakking sense of justice making things difficult. Sam interrupted shortly, "I'm offering, Adama. Take it."

"Excuse me," Kara interrupted. "I don't think we need martyrs either. Lee's right. Let the gods decide."

"All right, fine." Sam took off the cord that held his two dog tags and removed one. "This is Lee's. His name falls up, then he gets tonight. Name lands face down, me."

Then, he positioned the tag on his fingers. Do I let luck actually decide? I know it's gonna eat at him if I win, he thought, then realized he wasn't sure if the tag would flip like a cubit anyway and he was out of practice. But he flipped the tag, trying for the right fall.

It flipped high, and started to twist since it was too light, and for a moment he was afraid it wouldn't flip properly. But it fell onto his palm so that 'L. Adama' was visible with the Fleet symbol. He opened his fingers to display it. "There. Lee wins."

Kara frowned a little, suspicious of the result, but since she, like everyone, believed that coin flipping was always random, bought it. She turned to Lee with a smirk. "Guess it's you and me, finally."

Sam smiled to himself, pleased, and then wanted to laugh. How many men cheated to make sure their wives slept with someone else? He was nuts, there was no other explanation.

He strung the tags back around his neck.

"I think we should go up to Pegasus," Lee suggested. "In keeping with our Persephone idea. You're being generous, and I don't want to ruin your half of things by sticking my nose in your spaces."

"As long as you stick other things in my spaces," Kara joked and ran a hand up Lee's thigh.

Sam's stomach lurched, though he tried to keep it off his face. Yeah, not thinking about that. Let Adama have his chance. You and Kara have frakked all over this damn planet. Do the right thing. Even if doing it sucks.

But then, taking him by surprise, Kara turned back around and shoved insistently between his knees. She leaned into him, hands curling over his shoulders, and she murmured, "I'll be back tomorrow and we can have our own celebration. In the meantime…" Her mouth joined with his, in hard hot promise, pulling his lower lip with her as she withdrew.

She tapped his dog tags. "I meant it," she reminded him, meaning, I'll be back for you.

"Holding you to that," he said and his smile was more genuine.

Lee looked awkward. "I, uh.. Thank you," he said to Sam, aware and understanding that this was a very strange situation for them all.

Sam waved. "Go on. Go."

They left, hand in hand, and he watched them until they were out of sight.

Tyrol wandered in close, from the other end of the bar where he was getting drinks. "What's that about?" he wondered. "Aren't the three of you--?" he started, awkwardly trailing off, recognizing it was none of his business.

Then Sam realized everyone around had probably watched the whole thing. Gods, and I thought the marriage was gossip fodder. Damn it, that was stupid of us.

He stood up. "Galen, I could really use something to do right now. Construction. Digging. Something physical that I don't need to think very hard about."

Tyrol seemed surprised, then glanced in the direction Kara and Lee had just gone. "Sure. Uh, we started on the admin building today. I know the concrete crew could use some more hands."

"Perfect. Thanks."

He drained his cup and went to the construction area. It didn't take long before he was helping to mix and pour the concrete into the molds to make the bricks. It was good physical work, requiring enough attention that the only time he thought about something else was when he heard a Raptor take off. But, instead of letting his mood turn surly, he coaxed everyone into reciting pyramid fight songs, so there was a bit of friendly competition as they worked.

He stayed until it was too dark to work. Then he went to find Jean and Hillard so they could shield him from the over-curious, and got drunk enough to forget what happened today.

* * *

The Raptor going up to the Fleet wasn't just the two of them, unfortunately. Ordinarily, Dee and the Tighs wouldn't have bothered Kara one bit, but the admiral's presence put a damper on things.

The admiral peered at them curiously as he hovered in the hatch before joining them on the bench. "Anders?" he asked.

Kara had no idea how to answer that implicit question, as it suddenly seemed very wrong to be without him. She wanted to explain it wasn't her plan, but then Lee explained, haltingly, sounding as embarrassed as she felt, "He stayed on New Caprica. We, uh, flipped for it. It was very sudden," Lee went on, sounding a little faint and had to clear his throat. "We're taking things slow."

The admiral raised his eyebrows, but said only, "I suppose you know what you're doing. And taking things slowly seems wise."

The Colonel snorted skeptically, but Ellen put a hand on him and smiled at Kara and Lee. "Congratulations."

Dee said nothing, Kara noticed, and she seemed pleased when Kara went forward to join Racetrack as copilot.

They were the only ones to leave at Pegasus, and the Raptor launched for Galactica promptly.

That left Lee and Kara on the deck alone.

"This feels kind of strange," Lee confessed after a moment, still looking at her. "Not quite real. As if it's going to … end."

She laughed and grabbed his hand. "It's real. C'mon. Live a little, Lee."

Lee called into CIC to tell Hoshi he was on board and then Kara grabbed the handset from him, "And Lieutenant, we got married today. No interruptions for anything short of death or the frakking toasters. Got it?"

Hoshi sounded stunned, but answered promptly, "Understood, Starbuck. CIC out. And congratulations."

It wasn't Kara's first time in the admiral's quarters on Pegasus but it was the first time she'd entered it with the intention of frakking its occupant into the mattress.

She looked around and said mockingly, "Posh, Commander."

Lee looked embarrassed. "It's Cain's stuff. I offered it to Dad, you know, as Flag officer quarters, but he didn't want it. I … feel like I'm keeping the place warm, honestly. It's not mine."

"Well, I guess that means we should make it ours," she suggested. "At least there's plenty of room." She could imagine all three of them there -- Lee at the desk doing ship's business, her doing CAG assignments and Sam on the couch doing … well, they'd have to come up with something for him, if the ship ever left. She had the feeling he'd never stay on the ship if there was a planet available.

Lee stayed in the middle of the room, tapping his fingers on the edge of the table, and after a moment of silence, he said, "You know I meant what I said, right? About trying to make it work. But… I worry that doing this, splitting up like this, is going to doom us to failure. Sam's gong to resent me for taking tonight--"

She chuckled. "Lee, Sam offered so you wouldn't resent him. Honestly, you two make me laugh sometimes, both so concerned with doing the right thing you tie yourselves up in knots. Unless you're telling me you want to go down and try all three of us together, take it as a gift, and don't overthink it. We're here, all alone, there's a bed the size of the flight deck, and we got married today. These things don't happen every day."

He had to agree with that one, and pulled her close. Lips came together, briefly light and teasing before joining deep and tight.

They shed clothes quickly, tossing their uniforms heedlessly to the floor and falling back into the bed.

Lee's touch was almost reverent, sweeping across her skin. "You're so beautiful - you don't know how long I've wanted you, Kara," he murmured between kisses.

"I have a good idea," she answered with a laugh, remembering some drunken groping and kissing when Zak had still been alive.

She put Zak out of her mind - the ring on Lee's tag chain promised she'd let him go - and arched into Lee to get him to hurry. But he seemed determined to touch everywhere, and finally she had to yank him up by the shoulders. "Frakking, now, flyboy. I've waited a long time, too." Then she shoved him on his back, rising up above him and enjoying the look in his eyes as she came down.

Touching him was different, but still wonderfully good, and she knew she was the luckiest girl in the fleet to be able to do this, freely.

As her fingers traced all that skin that was now hers, she could hardly believe it was real. He was there, and she'd just frakked him and he was hers. And down on the planet, Sam knew and he was waiting. It was a miracle.

I don't deserve this; I know I don't, but thank you, gods, for letting me have both of them. However long it lasts.

* * *

As much fun as that big bed was, Kara knew in this fragile early time she had to be careful. No matter what she'd said about not keeping a timer, this was not a moment when she could be less than fair. Lee had the 'wedding night' but he couldn't have it all. When she told Lee, he couldn't hide the disappointment that she was leaving so soon, but he nodded his understanding and sent her on her way.

She showered first, so she wouldn't smell too much like someone else, and pushed the Raptor into a hard, fast landing so she'd get down as first light appeared on the horizon. She popped the hatch and started for town, ducking beneath tent support lines down narrow alleys to get to the right one.

Their tent was small and like all the rest, except for the banner made of strips of cloth in C-Bucs colors which someone had given to Sam. She smiled to remember how touched he’d been to receive it. It was made of rags, but he'd mounted it outside the tent as if it were a flag of one of the Colonies.

She ducked inside the flap as the sun rose over the tent city. The light was enough to see Sam underneath the blanket, all curled up like an oversized puppy, and he was asleep. He didn’t stir for the flap opening or as she shimmied out of her clothes, and only muttered vaguely as she crept underneath the blanket behind him.

He was wearing only shorts as she scooted closer to the warmth of his back. Then she slipped a hand over his waist, and planted a kiss at the nape of his neck. “Hey, Sam. I’m back. Let’s say it’s still yesterday and celebrate…”

He muttered and groaned, waking up slowly. “Kara?”

“Hey, baby,” she told him, sucking on his neck and moving her hand down his stomach. "Your new wife wants some conjugal attention."

"Wife?" he repeated, as if he'd forgotten, but just when she was about to get annoyed, he turned over to grin at her. "I do like the sound of that."

"Husband." She chuckled and shook her head. "I can't believe you two fell for it."

He leaned in for a kiss. "Just remember, you asked for it."

"I did, at that, thank the gods," she murmured, and joined her mouth to his, leg curling over his hip as his fingers slid inside her underwear.

She was already sensitized enough that his fingers brought her to sweaty, easy climax and as she shuddered, she grinned, "Oh gods, I could get used to this."

Looking way too smug, he pushed inside her with a long smooth stroke. "Me, too."

She grabbed at his shoulders, arching, coaxing him to give her more, pushing them both to a hard, fast completion.

After, she wasn't sure she could move. She couldn't catch her breath, her heart was still racing, and her whole body was filled with a sleepy lassitude, except for where she could feel her blood throbbing between her legs.

Sam stretched out beside her, taking deep breaths. "We should get married every day, if the day after's like that."

"See, and you thought there'd be no advantages." She poked him in the side lazily, and he turned his head to kiss her shoulder.

"As long as I have you some of the time, that's all I want," he murmured.

"Not all of the time?" she asked and she didn't fail to notice that he kissed her instead of answering.

Onto Chapter Four
entertaining in a disturbing way: Anders sweetlyssie on September 22nd, 2011 10:24 pm (UTC)
IT IS LIKE COMING HOME TO COOKIES AND HOT COCOA. *pleased* (I shall actually go and read now)

eta: OH KARA. So adorable. AND OH, BILL. THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING AN ASSHOLE (ok, so, I didn't think he would be, but). I am sad that the Tighs weren't at the wedding, now. BECAUSE THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN HILARIOUS.

Siiigh. It is so excellent. =D

Edited at 2011-09-23 12:04 am (UTC)
lizardbeth: Kara-Anders  Resistancelizardbeth_j on September 23rd, 2011 01:42 am (UTC)
I tend to think they'd never have gotten married at all with comments from the peanut gallery! (but funny. definitely)

thank you! :D

kag523 on September 22nd, 2011 11:06 pm (UTC)

Tigh could not stop laughing at them. "Oh gods, I'm gonna have to sell tickets." He waved his flask at them, shooing them away. "Take your marriage weirdness someplace else. I don't want to know."

OMG - YOU INCLUDED TIGH! I love him! And this part made me laugh out loud. So perfect! :>D

"But you're a good man, Anders. And I think you might be the only thing that will keep these two from killing each other...

Okay, I must admit, that this is EXACTLY what I think of Sam in a three-sided marriage. He would be the one who'd end up making sure everyone got along. He's affable and nice and caring... and I just suddenly want to write stories about WHY he is this way. Gah! What you do to me, missy!

I love that there's a bit of angst to both men's reactions. They both adore her, and want her and it puts them in a situation where they are both dancing around one another. I also felt such a sad tug when Sam admits that he totally thought that Lee and Kara had had something together before. Gah! It hurts! Poor Sammy! I just want them all to somehow (probably in a really mess way) to find a way to get along.

Pleeeeeeease tell me that at SOME point, Lee comes for a visit and 'sleepover'. LOLOL


(Sam / Kara gif by snixxy)

And then so Lee doesn't feel lonely...




lizardbeth: Anders - bluelizardbeth_j on September 23rd, 2011 03:10 am (UTC)
Tigh is always so much fun for snarky commentary. :)

Heh, well, it's not like he really knows anything about Kara and Lee's relationship; he's just surprised that they're willing to get married when they haven't had sex yet.

I .. sort of agree about Sam being the mediator, like Adama says. Except he's rarely ever in canon trying to smooth things over in a dispute. He tends to pick a side (which makes sense as a player); usually it's Kara's, but apart from her, it's not like he spends any time trying to persuade Tyrol that suicide bombers are okay when Tyrol and TIgh are arguing; he just sends Duck on his way. He's actually a pretty hard-edged, practical guy when Kara's not around. (sorry, TANGENT. It's a huge pet peeve of mine when people characterize Sam too nice, like he and Helo are the same. I know they're both tall, but they're not the same dude, people!)

thanks for reading along and all the gifs to look at on my page! :)
kag523 on September 23rd, 2011 03:29 am (UTC)
It's a huge pet peeve of mine when people characterize Sam too nice, like he and Helo are the same. I know they're both tall, but they're not the same dude, people!

Aw... *HUGS SUPER TIGHT* I hope (sorry - can't see my comment here) that I actually said 'in this scenario' - as in a three way marriage - that he'd be the mediator. (Like the Sam who loves Kara enough to say "if you love him, then you should go to him" which is, IMO one of the most selfless things that any person can do.) That's how I meant it, but if it didn't come out that way, then that's totally a FAIL on my part. I don't think Sam would've been able to lead the Resistance if he was a pushover. So my bad, hon! Sorry!

No worries for the tangent! I had to make a "bitch please" icon the other day because I was having such Sam-rage over something a K/L shipper had said. And that's MY tangent. LOL

Anyhow... I just want to reiterate that I'm really enjoying. Thank you! *hugs* K :>D


kag523 on September 22nd, 2011 11:07 pm (UTC)
Sorry - just found another Kara Sam kiss. EEeeeee!

Merry Fivanolix on September 24th, 2011 06:54 pm (UTC)
Yay for Adama just going with the flow! And the poor guys, so awkward. They think too much, as usual.
Gramma Lunacylanalucy on October 19th, 2012 08:09 am (UTC)
I haven't finished reading this part yet, but Saul's comment about Adama being mad they did it without him reminded me of my mom. My ex and I got married one Saturday morning, early, at the JP. Then, we were going to look at a house, and I told my mom, "These people are Christian, and they kinda think we're..." "Married.?" "Yeah, and um, we kind of are. That's why I got up so early this morning." My mom's answer? "You bitch." lol

Anyway, it's a realistic response, and a good memory of my mom, so thanks.

OK. Now, back to the 'ship....