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21 September 2011 @ 02:25 pm
TRIAD: Shuffle and Deal, 2/5  
Battlestar Galactica
This part: PG, 4K words

Thanks, all! I hope you enjoy part 2 - it's possibly the happiest thing I've EVER written.

If you need to catch up:
Header information and Chapter One

The night passed slowly. They talked and wished for something to drink, but since the gods weren't dropping bottles from the sky and no one seemed inclined to get up and go get any, they stayed without.

"We should go back to town," Sam suggested.

"Why?" Kara countered. "It's warm here. Let's stay." Leaving, they might realize this plan of hers was stupid and refuse. She didn't want to leave here and break what they had. It was ... cozy.

Sam shrugged and leaned back on his hands, watching the sky in no real hurry to leave.

Lee stretched out on his side, head propped up on one hand to look at them. "You think toasters will find us?"

"Of course they will," Sam answered, without hesitation.

"Really? You think so? Then why come down?" Lee asked.

"They left the Colonies, went someplace --" Sam waved a hand up toward the stars. "And they've got forever. They'll find us. But we don't know when they'll come; could be next week or fifty years from now. And I'd rather live in the open air than trapped in some ship." He flashed a smile at Lee. "Nice as your ship may be."

"And when they come?" Lee asked, curious.

Sam shrugged. "Assuming I'm still around, we fight them." Kara nodded firmly, agreeing with that, until Sam added, "We fight them as long as they let us, and then we die."

Taken aback by the flat, defeatist attitude, Lee sat up, frowning at him. "You don't think we can win?"

Sam snorted scornfully. "What war have you been fighting, Adama? Because the war I was fighting was unwinnable. My group and your fleet were infested with toasters from day one. The only reason we didn't all die right away was because we were entertaining, flailing around in our doomed efforts to accomplish anything. Don't frakking kid yourself you were ever winning."

"But, we --" Kara objected, and then remembered when they'd discovered Father Cavil was a Cylon. He'd been there the whole time, in secret, and they'd only discovered he was a toaster because of the one who'd been in Sam's resistance group. She was still angry about that, because she should've known, but they'd hidden from her to keep playing their games. "Hell. You're right."

"So that's why I think we need to live now," Sam added more softly, looking up at the stars. "This place can't last. But for now, we take what peace and love we can."

"So say we all," Kara agreed, and Lee echoed it.

* * *

Kara awoke to the sound of birds and early morning sun right in her eyes. Her head hurt when she moved it and her neck felt stiff from being pillowed on Sam's arm.

Sam was still asleep, flat on his back and snoring softly, and when she raised herself up she saw Lee was asleep, too. She let out an annoyed sigh, wishing she'd been able to sleep longer, and then poked Sam awake since he was closer.

He groaned and threw an arm over his face. "...away."

"Time to get married," she announced cheerfully and went to straddle his waist. "Good morning!'

He muttered, barely audible, “Frak off, Kara; my head's killing me."

"Aw, is the little baby hungover?" she mocked, cooing at him and pulling at his arm to uncover his face, but he resisted. "You remember you agreed to get married today?"

"I was drunk.”

"C'mon, Sam," she wheedled, bending down to start kissing all that she could reach around the barrier of his arm: forehead, side of his neck, and jaw, until he moved his arm upward so she could find his mouth. "Let's go. Let's do it. You know you want to..."

"Kara..." he complained but with a lot less resistance as she moved her hips down against his, body to body. As usual, he forgot his objections, warm hands slipping under her tanks. "Mmm, you feel good."

"Shush," she whispered, "don't wake Lee..."

Mid-kiss Sam froze and tore his mouth away from hers. "Lee?" he repeated blankly, and then she could see the memories seep back into his face, and he glanced to the side to see Lee curled up in the grass. "Oh gods," Sam muttered and pulled his hands from her.

She didn't move. "He's still asleep... if we're quiet and quick..." She kissed his mouth, but he turned his head away.

"He's right there," Sam objected in a low murmur.

"Pretend we're in my rack or the tent, people are just as close," she coaxed, sliding a slow teasing hand from his chest downward. "Sam, we didn't do anything fun last night and I want-- and I can feel you want--"

She had a second where she might have been able to coax that want, but then Lee muttered something and woke up with a yawn. Sam caught her hand before it could land anywhere interesting. "Get off," he hissed.

"What? We're planning to get married and now you decide we can't make out in front of him?" she sat up, mood broken, but didn't move off him.

"Let's try to have a little class."

That was about the least thing she wanted to do and she rolled her eyes. "Oh, for frak's sake," Kara muttered, but slid off. Then, deciding Sam deserved it, she went to Lee.

"Good morning," she murmured and kissed him, too.

Lee was surprised at first, mumbling her name against her lips, but he got his fingers in her hair to hold her close.

It was different, but still hot, kissing him - a little familiar but mostly new, and he was kissing her like he was afraid she was going to disappear on him.

Then she pulled back and grinned. "Well, that was a better good morning." She shot a look at Sam, but he was ignoring her, with his arm over his eyes again.

Then her stomach made a slow flop over, and she thought she might throw up. She'd frakked it up already, hadn't she? Suddenly Sam's objection that he'd been drunk last night took on new meaning -- was he going to take it back? Then she'd gone and pushed too hard. He was going to leave. She glanced anxiously at Lee, who was looking at Sam and didn't know what to do with his hands, pulling them back from her.

Slipping off to the side in the dirt, she said, "Frak. This isn't how I wanted this to go. I want everyone to be happy, and this... it's not going to work, is it?"

Without moving or looking at her, Sam let out a sigh. "It can. Look, my brain has no objections. I understand sharing, in concept. But you need to understand the rest of me wants to punch him in the face."

"But not me?" she asked.

He pulled his arm away to frown at her. "Of course, not you."

"I'm the one doing the kissing," she pointed out. "I'm the one who's doing the betraying, if anyone; Lee's just not saying no. So you should be angrier at me."

"I didn't say it was logical," he retorted. "And I'm not really angry at him anyway. What I am is..." he trailed off and sat up, shrugging.

"Jealous?" she offered with a smirk.

"No," he objected, then gave a frustrated grunt and allowed reluctantly, "Maybe. I don't know."

"Uncertain?" Lee suggested, and Sam nodded. "Yeah, me, too," Lee went on. "I want to be with you, Kara. So does he, and I know that. But I think what we're saying is we want to be careful, when we don't know what we're doing. Navigating a minefield's hard enough when certain people," he poked her leg, "aren't merrily skipping down the middle."

Though momentarily amused by the thought of merrily skipping through a minefield, she realized she was missing the point. "So, you're saying -- you're both still willing?" she asked, trying to get to the part that mattered.

Neither of them answered at first, sharing a glance that seemed weighted with information in a language she couldn't quite understand. It was as if they were speaking silently on some mysterious male wavelength, getting along better with greater understanding than they'd had when they'd been in direct competition.

It was really kind of funny.

"Yes, we are," Lee answered.

"Willing, and ready," Sam offered. "Let's go before something wrecks it."

She held out her hand and she and Sam pulled each other up to their feet, and then Sam offered his hand to Lee. "Adama."

Lee accepted the hand and pull to his feet. "Anders."

Kara waited but neither of them said anything else, as if that was all they had to say. She shook her head in bemusement and nudged her way in between. It felt … right, flanked by their faces and pretty blue eyes and frakkable bodies and good hearts.

It felt lucky, as if it was going to come crashing down any second. So she should bind herself to them quickly before they realized how stupid this was, and they both took off for greener pastures.

She grinned at them, with what had to be sheer joy lightening her insides. "Let's go get married!"

Grinning back, Sam tried to twirl her around, and she stumbled into Lee, laughing.

* * *

They found Brianna, the only surviving priestess of Aphrodite, down by the river. Kara had only come to know her after they'd both come down to New Caprica, but had found her to be nothing like she had expected.

She was a middle-aged woman, her black hair beginning to gray, and not easily ruffled by anything. She usually had a group around her as apprentices and lay brothers and sisters, to whom she was trying to teach as much as she could lest it be lost forever, but none of them were present this morning.

Brianna seemed unaffected by last night's festivities, looking clear eyed as she smiled a greeting at them. "Good morning, Kara."

"We want to get married," Kara blurted. "Some kind of temporary vows for now, to make sure we can do this, but real oaths sealed to the gods.”

Priestess Brianna raised her eyebrows and smiled. "All three of you?"

"All three," Kara agreed, and Sam nodded confirmation when the priestess glanced at him.

"Right now," Lee added. "Before I lose my nerve." He chuckled nervously and Kara smacked his arm.

"This is... an unusual request," the older woman said. "Rare in recent times. I've performed only one other since the fall of the colonies."

Which started to sound like a no, and that was going to be difficult because Aphrodite's clergy were the ones most likely to do poly marriages. If this didn't work she might have to find one of those crazy monotheists to do it. "Will you do it?" Kara demanded, less politely than she meant it to come out.

Brianna smiled. "Of course. Do you have tokens to give one another in pledge?"

"Sam's already wearing it," Kara pointed to her tag on its cord around his neck. There was nothing else she could give him that meant as much.

"Remove it and she will re-gift it," Brianna instructed. Sam lifted the cord from his neck and looked a little reluctant to hand it back as he put it in Kara’s hand. Brianna then prompted. "And for Lee?"

"I have this," she touched the ring on her chain. It was odd, perhaps, that she was going to give him the ring Zak had given her, but Lee knew what it meant. He looked surprised and then touched.

"Lee, what will you give?" Brianna asked.

He reached into his pocket. "This was my mother's." He held up a ring. Kara stared at it, astonished he had been carrying it around. He caught her look and explained, “I keep it in my uniform pocket as a good luck token, since I had it when I came up to the ship to do the flyby."

Kara was reassured that Lee hadn't somehow strategized or prophesied this whole event somehow.

"And for Sam?" Brianna asked. Lee looked surprised as if he'd not thought about it. "This is for an equal triad," she told him. "If that is not your wish --"

He had a confused look on his face, as if that wasn't actually what he thought was going on, but then he added hastily, "No, no, it is." Kara hid a smile, knowing she was one step closer to what she wanted. He thought about it. "Oh, of course. I'll give one of my tags too."

She nodded, pleased, and turned to Sam, who shifted his feet and looked shamefaced. "I - I don't have anything," he admitted and his lips twisted wryly. "Wasn't long ago I could've bought you custom jewelry, but I left Caprica with nothing."

Brianna nodded her understanding. "Of course that's been a problem since our exodus from the colonies. No one has much of anything. Which is why a token need not be a ring, or a military tag, or something you might have once purchased. It doesn’t have to be worn. It can be anything tangible - its importance is that you are giving it to seal your promise."

Sam nodded and his brow furrowed in thought, glancing from Kara to Lee and back, his eyes falling on the dog tags before he got an idea. "I'll be right back. Don't move. It might take me a few minutes, but don't go anywhere," he told them and dashed off. Kara tried to see where he was headed, but he was soon hidden by the tents.

The three of them waited in somewhat awkward silence, waiting for him to come back.

"If he trades my paint, we're gonna have words," Kara said, knowing he would never do that. But he might trade something else.

"He'll probably find Chief and get rivets or washers from him," Lee said. "That's what I'd do."

She doubted that. Sam wasn't as used to how things worked on the ship or had as much familiarity with the Chief's ability to fabricate things out of thin air. But she was content to wait and see what he found, at least at first.

* * *

Sam squinted against the sunlight as he headed back along the way they'd come, wondering how much radiation poisoning had affected his brain to be planning to do this.

Marrying Kara was probably nuts all by itself. They'd settled, more or less, into an arrangement that was fun and sexy, but she could be prickly and defensive and she provoked arguments, sometimes for no apparent reason except to see how far she could push. But he'd accepted that as part of her, realizing it was about trust. But he hadn't expected her to push his acceptance by adding another person.

Something he knew was jealousy simmered in his stomach when he thought about it. And disappointment, that he wasn't enough. She had to want someone else, too.

Then there was Adama… so frakking proper about everything Sam had to presume he loved Kara a lot to consider this at all. He was attractive, but if he wasn't interested in returning any overture Sam made, there was no point even thinking about it. They'd have to focus on Kara and make the most of that.

If he was smart he wouldn't go back and get involved in Kara's threesome fantasies. But he was a pyramid player, not expected to be clever, and that meant he didn't have to do the smart thing, even when he knew what it was.

Pushing his way through the bracken and back to the cabin site, he muttered aloud, "You're a dumbass, Samuel T. Anders, and you deserve all the heartbreak this insane plan is going to give you."

But he couldn't refuse it, either. The uncertainty in Kara's eyes yesterday, as she'd waited for their answers, had been so strange and so difficult to see, he'd wanted to say yes right away, just to get that confident, brash woman back. But her joy this morning had been worth it.

That light in her eyes and big smile… gods, what wouldn't he do to see that?

Which was pathetic, and nothing like the carefully casual relationships he'd indulged in his life before. But the attacks had changed that, too. Kara had struck at a vulnerable moment, bringing her fun and her brilliance into a life all turned to shadows on Caprica.

He'd put up with a lot for what she'd given him. Even sharing her.

Letting out a sigh, he surveyed the site, hoping he could find something he could use for this absurd plan of getting married to a woman he couldn't live without and a man he barely knew.

* * *

It seemed to take a long time for Sam to come back; Kara got bored and had to let the priestess attend to someone else who came to talk to her. She was about to go look for Sam, wondering if he'd ditched them after all, but Lee shook his head. "Patience."

"I don't do patience."

"I noticed." Then his expression went serious. "Kara, this ... I don't know -- it's not like I don't understand what you see in him, I do -- but what you want us to do..." he trailed off uncertain.

"Getting cold feet?" she taunted.

"Look, two people in a marriage are hard enough to manage. My parents' marriage failed, your parents' was worse, and Sam didn't have any. What kind of chance do we have?"

Before Kara could find an answer, Brianna returned unexpectedly, laying a hand on both of their shoulders. "You have as much as you're willing to work for it. Aphrodite is love - but she does not guard your marriage once it is performed. That's up to you. Marriage requires more than love; it requires sacrifice and compromise and compatibility. For three seeking its bonds, it can be more stable than two but it requires thought and care and people strong of will."

"At least we have the last one covered," Kara joked. "You're a stubborn mule and Sam's a --" she tried to think of the matching animal with Sam's utter tenacity. "a -- a barnacle. Neither of you let anything go. Ever." She glanced in the direction Sam had gone and made a face when she saw no sign of him. "Assuming Sam's not making a liar out of me, today."

She waited as long as she could stand and was taking a breath to declare her decision to find him, when Sam trotted up. "Okay, I have it," he announced. "Sorry, it took me longer to find than I thought it would. But I have something."

He had a hand in his pocket and Kara asked, "What did you get?"

"You'll laugh, but it's the best I could do," he said, and didn't take his hand out. "You'll see it soon enough."

Brianna seemed to glide in the middle of them. "Are you ready?" she asked, smiling.

"We're ready," Kara declared, and glanced at Lee first as the one who seemed most likely to bolt.

But he gave her a reassuring smile back and took her hand. "Ready."

She reached for Sam's hand with her other one, and he tangled his fingers with hers. She had thought she would be anxious, waiting to be married, but with Lee and Sam flanking her she felt calm and ready.

"Aphrodite is love, and welcomes all lovers into her heart and blesses them," Brianna said, "as they enter her realm. For lovers know the truth, that our souls are love. You have come here to bind your souls in marriage."

Kara jerked her head up, alarmed, and felt both hands tighten on hers. Not forever, not yet- this was going to fall apart if Brianna insisted on binding.

Brianna held up a hand. "I know, this is not to be, yet. This is a trial binding. It is... a braid unfastened, and will unwind itself if untended or rejected." Kara relaxed and let out a breath. Not permanent.

But then Brianna's voice grew darker, more ominous with warning, "Be aware that this means that your bond will be tested. Aphrodite will seek to reveal to you if your love is true. If you choose to face these trials together, hold out your left hand."

Kara was the first to hold out her hand toward Brianna's, noting with relief when Sam and Lee both did as well. Brianna gathered their hands together in a pile between hers and smiled at them in reassurance.

"Then you will swear your oaths and after that, you will exchange your tokens of that oath to seal them before the gods. The oath is simple but must be taken seriously - Aphrodite and all the Lords of Kobol will punish those who break their sworn oaths."

She removed the long thin stole from around her neck and wrapped their hands together with ritual solemnity.

"Do you swear, Kara Thrace, to bind yourself in marriage to these two people standing before you? Do you promise to be faithful to them and them alone? Do you promise to stand with them through good times and bad? To listen to their hearts, support them when they falter, and love them always?"

Kara hesitated as the weight of that oath seemed to loom over her. A small voice in the back of her mind gibbered at her that this was stupid, and foolish, and no one wanted her love like that. She couldn't do it, couldn't be depended on because she was Kara Thrace, frak up, and she was going to screw this up too, because that was what she did...

But the voice seemed to get smaller and smaller under the clear, steady light of two pairs of beautiful blue eyes who were waiting for her to speak. If she faltered now, she really would be a frak-up, and she'd never get this chance again.

She cleared her throat, touched her tongue to her lips, and said in a softer voice than she meant it to be, "I swear."

Their hands tightened on hers, and Sam smiled at her, before turning his eyes to watch Lee as Brianna gave him the oath next.

In a clear strong voice, Lee said, looking into Kara's eyes as if no one else existed, "I swear."

She couldn't help smiling back, happy and pleased. Then she turned to Sam expectantly.

Brianna spoke the same words to him. He hesitated briefly, eyes flickering to Lee before returning to Kara, and his voice in contrast, was a low oath, barely above a murmur, but his hand tightened on hers, "I swear."

"Your oaths are spoken, you have bound yourselves in marriage in the sight of Aphrodite and the Lords of Kobol," Brianna declared.

Kara's cheeks felt tight and she realized she was grinning, and she couldn’t stop looking from Sam and Lee, unable to believe it was actually done.

"Now," Brianna explained, "you must exchange your tokens."

Kara was ready for this. She reached up to her neck where the cord holding her separate dog tag rested and she took it off. "I gave this to you in promise," she told Sam. "I give it back in a new promise. But I still mean it. I will come back to you. Always."

She put the cord over his neck so the tag returned to its spot on his chest, and she poked it with her finger. "There. That's where it belongs."

Then she took the ring out of her pocket - she'd removed it from her chain already and held it out to Lee. "Zak gave this to me; we intended to marry. And now I want to give it to you to say that I still remember him, I still miss him, but that chapter's over. We start new, today, you and I, without his ghost haunting us."

He nodded, and his jaw tightened as he looked down at the ring, and folded his fingers around it.

"This," he took out another ring, "my father gave this to my mother. When they divorced she didn't want it anymore but she didn't want to give it back to him either, so she gave it to me. I wasn't sure if I should give it to you - or anyone, when they weren't exactly a shining example of a perfect marriage, but take it with the promise that we don't have to make the same mistakes they did. I won't."

She took the ring and swallowed hard, understanding what he meant and how deeply he meant it.

Then, uneasy by the somberness, she turned to Sam, smiling. "Okay, let's see it. What did you find?"

"Well, it's not such an important--" he started, but Brianna put a hand on his, quieting his words.

"It is from your heart?" she asked.

He nodded, looking cutely shy. "Yes," he answered, having to clear his throat.

"Then it is the same," she declared.

"Right. Well, I went back to the site for the cabin," he explained. "I thought that's now our place, and so I looked for something to give you from there. And I found these. I thought you'd be able to drill a hole for the chains."

He held out his palm and nestled inside were two small, flat stones about the size of coins. He handed one to Kara, who held it in her hand with Lee's ring and had trouble pulling in a breath, because she didn't want to spoil the moment by something as stupid as breathing. Then he handed the other to Lee.

"Take these as a symbol of my promise to both of you, of devotion for as long as we have."

Lee had to clear his throat. "I suppose that means it's my turn. Since Kara gave one of hers to you, it seems right that I should give one to you, too. Along with my promise that I... I will give everything I can to making this work."

He handed his dog tag to Sam, who clenched his fist around it, and their eyes met, unsmiling, and Sam nodded.

Brianna looked very amused. "And now you kiss."

"Do we have to?" Lee blurted, and Kara giggled.

"Don't be a prude, Lee," she chided. "I know you know how to do it." She pulled him by the hand into her and laid one on him before he could even speak. "See? I knew you could do it."

Then she spun and grabbed Sam's shoulder to keep him still, going up on her toes. He was more ready for her, mouth meeting hers, and she pressed into it, eager, thinking -- married. I married you. And him. And this is amazing.

Then she pulled away, grinning as she waited for the inevitable.

Brianna prompted, "Now Lee and Sam."

Even though they must have expected it, they both froze, gazes locked. Kara prompted, "C'mon, we don't have all day, you two."

"But... " Lee started and stopped.

Kara couldn't keep back a chortle of glee.

"Oh, for frak's sake," Sam muttered and moved, taking two strides back to Lee, both hands out to hold Lee's face between his palms and angle it up to meet his. Lee stood there, unmoving, staring as Sam got closer, only closing his eyes when he risked going cross-eyed.

Sam brushed his lips across Lee's in a chaste kiss and let go, stepping back. "There. That wasn't so terrible, was it?"

Lee looked a bit stunned as if he'd never kissed a guy before, which maybe he hadn't, but she enjoyed the look on his face, hoping it meant that he might like it.

Brianna's eyebrows went up as if she didn't quite approve, but then a smile tugged at her lips and she shook her head with resignation. "It is done. By the grace of Aphrodite, you three are bound in sacred marriage. Go from this place knowing that now your souls are joined and no mortal force may separate you except yourselves. I give to you Aphrodite's blessing for your love. So say we all."

They echoed it, "So say we all."

Then silence fell.

"That's it?" Lee asked after a moment.

"That's it," Brianna agreed, amused. "You're married. Congratulations."

"We're married." Kara laughed, feeling bubbly and almost drunk suddenly. She seized Lee and Sam's hands and swung them. "We're married!"

"And a little crazy," Sam added.

"A lot crazy," Lee agreed wryly.

"I think we should go find drinks and celebrate," Kara declared. "It's a beautiful day."

And it was.

onward to Chapter Three

Kelly...It's like Jello with a K and a Y: [bsg] lee and samcenterspire on September 21st, 2011 10:32 pm (UTC)
O.O How did I miss part one of this???
*scampers away to first post*
kag523 on September 21st, 2011 10:36 pm (UTC)
Oh goodness - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this chapter (and I'm so glad it says tbc!!!!) You have outdone yourself with this. I BELIEVE that each of them has come into the marriage with a hope it'll work... and yet a realization that there are so many issues to be dealt with. I love the equality of how you have stepped into your characters. I know you ship Kara / Sam but you haven't flattened Lee in the process. There is genuine pain and awkwardness and great LOVE in each of the three of them... I am just overwhelmed that you wrote this for my prompt.

Wow! Just love it!

And now you get TWO gifs, because you deserve them both!




Kara gets BOTH of her boys and I get a great big happy grin on my face. EEEEEeeeeee!!!!
lizardbeth: Anders - Leelizardbeth_j on September 21st, 2011 10:49 pm (UTC)
GIFS! <3 <3 <3

THREE MORE CHAPTERS TO GO BABE. And that's just this fic. There's a TON more I have after the end of these first five, as well.

and yeah, they are ... hopeful, I guess is the best word. They want to try , but it's all so new and strange, and Sam and Lee don't know each other very well (and are worried that they'll end up hating each other if it goes wrong) that they have to take it slow.
kag523 on September 21st, 2011 10:56 pm (UTC)
All I'm saying is that I ADORE it. You write how you need to and I will be here cheering you on all the way along. YOU ARE AMAZING! *grinning madly* You have made me the happiest today! Woot! These 3 are my OT3. #TruFax Thank you!
The Proverbial Bull in a China Shop...: kara sam new capsabaceanbabe on September 23rd, 2011 01:17 am (UTC)
*psst* Liz doesn't write short. You're going to be a very happy camper with this one. I'm just sayin'... ;)
kag523 on September 23rd, 2011 01:37 am (UTC)
*grins* I am VERY excited! Liz is awesome! :>D
kag523 on September 21st, 2011 10:42 pm (UTC)
ONE more gif that Latte made! :>D

Deborah: Kara painting by geekbynightdeborah_judge on September 21st, 2011 11:34 pm (UTC)
Of course it'd be a priest of Aphrodite who'd officiate. Either that or one of those crazy monotheists. :)

They are so cute and married!
lizardbeth: BSG- opera houselizardbeth_j on September 22nd, 2011 01:41 am (UTC)
I know right? I thought about who would officiate, wondering if I should use one of the monotheists like from Caprica (the series), and then I decided, who else would be "LOVE FOR EVERYONE IN EVERY COMBINATION" but Aphrodite? heh

entertaining in a disturbing way: Kara cartoonlyssie on September 21st, 2011 11:46 pm (UTC)
*makes gleeful noises*

Oh, it's good to read this. I love all of the things--like Lee giving Sam a tag, and Sam finding rocks (from the cabin site! ahahah)

lizardbeth: Anders - Leelizardbeth_j on September 22nd, 2011 02:33 am (UTC)

I thought about what Lee could possibly give Sam for a really long time, and then it was such a DUH moment when I thought of it. A tag: OF COURSE.
embolalia: Sam/Karaembolalia on September 22nd, 2011 08:31 pm (UTC)
AND A LOT CRAZY. Indeed :) Oh, they're all so sweet and hopeful together I could just hug them. It's a shame New Caprica got so nuts, it sounds like a great place in the beginning. Looking forward to more!
Merry Fivanolix on September 24th, 2011 03:48 pm (UTC)
*giggling gleefully* Oh this story is like all my dreams coming true. Honestly. <3