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17 September 2011 @ 08:30 pm
Project update  
List O Things I am doing fannishly:

1. Story for bsg_epics. This is the threesome (K/S/L) fic, at the moment cleverly titled Triad. This is part the first, now in edits. There will be at least two more parts, of which I have quite a bit done, but in the interest of getting something for poor patient kag523 this year, a 20K chunk is my downpayment. I feel like this story needs some sort of graphic thing, which means I really, really need to move my pictures to the new laptop.

2. pyramidofdreams ficathon story for MYSTERY OTHER FAN. Current standing is about 2/3rds complete after getting a few days of inspiration. Due Oct.

3. Black Sails at Dawn. I AM DETERMINED TO FINISH THIS IN OCTOBER. yes. Because good heavens, self, it was supposed to be done in 2010. last year, that is, and 2011 is almost over. *sigh* man, I suck.

4. yuletide. Must choose my three fandoms to nominate. EEE. That's basically like picking what I want to request because if you want rare enough fandoms you can't depend on someone else to request it. But which ones? How do I choooooose??