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16 September 2011 @ 11:10 pm
Yes, I have odd reasons for trying new tv shows  
so this morning I watched Secret Circle. Now mind you, I was not intending to watch the show at all because I already knew just from the previews that the magic would be ridiculous, And that poorly structured, unlimited magik just irritates me, as it does frequently on TVD. (I like Bonnie fine, but her use as a deus ex magica is argh)

However, I realized that the show films in Vancouver, and I'm a sucker for Bingo. (yes, I did just tell you that I checked out a show just because I can play 'spot the actor' with it.) Since I liked Britt Robertson and Thomas Dekker well enough, I started to watch. Okay, so it's fine. Everyone's still very flat, but they had to introduce a zillion characters, so okay, we have some basic cyphers. The magic is as ridiculous, as I expected. the thing is, in books, you can explain and show limits - but short of showing characters looking constantly constipated, it doesn't translate very well to tv, unless you limit them in a very obvious, consistent way. Or you get things like massive thunderstorms with no apparent effort at all. *eyeroll* I had hope at the beginning, the thing with the matches? That has a RULE; I liked that. but the later "let's think about whatever we want and it happens"? That's crap.

But, I did like that the parents have some importance, too. So it's kinda like Teen Wolf in that there's a definite Teen-y part which isn't all that interesting to me, but there's also a grown-ups part which has potential. I like the whole 'elder generation has a secret' thing. Especially when I get to see Adam Harrington again. Drinking at a bar. Again. (he was drunk off his ass in Whistler too)

Gale Harold reminded me of Elijah a bit. It's probably the hair.

But really, I have to laugh at myself. The girl, I don't even know her character's name, but the one that talked the least with the curly hair. I totally recognized her as the alien chick who was spying on John May's son in V. I have perhaps, watched that episode a FEW too many times to remember her from that, Vancouver Bingo or not.

I still like the pilot of 'Homeland' best of the ones I've seen so far. I'll continue with both Ringer (in the hopes that they figure out what show they're actually in), and Secret Circle, at least for now.

And in returning shows:

Other stuff, mostly covered by others:

overall, I think all of these people are still spiraling into self-destruction. Stefan's just the most obvious of them.

POOR CAROLINE getting all vervained, but hey she had a nice piece of Tyler first, so. have to admit I think it would hilarious if Carol Lockwood tranqs every girl that comes out of her son's bed. Alaric still useless, but at least he acknowledges his uselessness, so ok. Jeremy and his glowering ghosts is interesting, but kinda funny. jeremy telling Matt after they have a joint in Alaric's face? Matt? JEREMY HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING. (I know, dude is stoned, not exactly thinking)


I am on the Stefan as Conflicted Evil Train and riding it to the station. I gather he's become Too Evil for some, not evil enough for others, but right now, for me, it is JUST RIGHT.

That is some prime screwed up stuff, yo. He's fallen far and fast and he doesn't care, mostly, because he's getting his fix. But, he's not totally gone into serial killer land, which is actually worse, really. If he had no conscience at all, it would be easier to say he doesn't know what he's doing and he's just GONE. But he's not, he's still in there, just... buried.

But while it's easy to say he should just not do what Klaus wants and let Klaus kill Damon. Stefan won't do this. Period. It's a flaw, not a virtue. I mean, hell, have we not heard Damon bitch and moan about it for two years that Stefan's original inability to let Damon go was a bad decision? Stefan holds/held himself responsible for all of Damon's kills, after Damon turned, because he KNEW it was immoral to make his brother into a vampire who KILLS PEOPLE. This is the exact same decision again, except Stefan's the one doing the killing.

But also, it's not just saving Damon. We know from before that Stefan LIKES being on blood. He likes the rush and the chase and the hunt. It's an addiction, and he doesn't control it, it controls him. I'm not sure he CAN stop at this point, even if wnated. We already know how hard detox was for him in S1 and that was when he was trying to be secretive and he didn't have a pusher to make it even stronger. But I don't know if, aside from addiction, he would be ABLE to. While the characterization of Klaus is messy, I doubt Klaus would just throw up his hands and go "Okay, you don't want to do it anymore, run free little Stefan!" This is kinda the same debate about Elena last season, just re-framed, isn't it? Elena couldn't run or resist because Klaus was gonna kill everyone in Mystic Falls or at least her family, even though not running would necessitate the death of at least two other people (the vampire and werewolf). As with the moon ritual, Klaus has an agenda, and a purpose in wanting to make Stefan into a conscienceless killer. It's entertaining for him, obviously, watching Stefan crumble, but that's not the endgame (whether it's actually going to be an endgame that pays off, well, my expectations are kinda low after the Moonstone mess).

I am fairly convinced that Stefan went back himself because if he hadn't, Klaus would have gone back to MF and discovered ELena is still alive. Now, I expect Klaus will reveal he already knows this and he's just been letting Stefan fool himself tinto believing Elena's safe, but a least right now, I think Stefan believes it and is doing all this to keep Klaus out of Mystic Falls. Possibly for Tyler, too? They're acquiring werewolves, and Tyler's RIGHT THERE, and Stefan knows. keep Klaus out of MF, keep Tyler safe at least a little while longer, too... His priorities are too local, too focused, but maybe that's all he can hold onto when everything else is overwhelming.

But anyway, in conclusion: I know, I know, IT'S A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE THING TO GO AROUND KILLING PEOPLE FOR FUN, YES. BAD STEFAN. But he's also deliciously fun. GIMME.

tonight, I was depressed to realize it's not Nikita coming back, though. I thought because of TVD, it would come back too. BUT NO, I have to wait for more sexybadasstiem til next week. woe.
karate0katkarate0kat on September 17th, 2011 01:11 pm (UTC)
My biggest feelings on Secret Circle so far are I LOVE HER HOUSE. And that whole neighborhood. And I love scenery/house porn enough to keep watching just for that. I AM WEIRD OK?

TVD - maybe I was just super cranky when I watched, but mostly my thoughts can be summed up as my girls are awesome, and I'm over the manpain.


And thus concludes my very insightful comment.
Frances: TVD - Stefan/Elena silhouettesgoldy_dollar on September 18th, 2011 03:52 pm (UTC)
I am on the Stefan as Conflicted Evil Train and riding it to the station. I gather he's become Too Evil for some, not evil enough for others, but right now, for me, it is JUST RIGHT.

YES. RIGHT? Yes. He is so delightfully psychotic and yet obviously "our" Stefan is still in there (WHICH ALMOST MAKES IT MORE HORRIFYING IN A WAY?? BECAUSE WE KNOW HE'S ONLY GOING TO LOSE MORE OF HIMSELF AND ASKJKJKK STEFAN :|) but I just want to watch him be this way for a while yet. And my otp suffering so prettily doesn't hurt either. WHY SO FLAWLESS STEFAN/ELENA.