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12 September 2011 @ 03:57 pm
Yeah, clearly I should know better than do a 'post daily stuff' meme. Or sign up for things with good intentions which I poorly follow through on. *sigh* (must think of something for today that is not linking my Sam/Martouf picspam).

But instead I wrote a lot of my K/S Ficathon fic, even though it isn't due for a month. yes, obvious fic will be obvious. I fail at anon. And prioritizing. But I EXCEL at striking while the iron is hot. And when the plot bunnies bite. And when the shiny is shiny.

Speaking of Shiny --


Oh sure, yeah, go rip out my heart. AMYYYYYYYYYYYYY! And RORRYYYYYYY. But mostly Amy.

Left alone for 36 years. ow ow ow. And sure she got even more badasser, but she aslo turned hard and jaded and and *sniff*

and she had a robot that she put Rory's face on, sort of. (kind of like the beach ball in 'Cast Away'.) but really for being alone, or mostly alone except for the computer interface, she was hardened but not crazy.

And while she was angry at the doctor, she never let her bitterness curdle into hate against Rory, just the Doctor. She didn't know what to do with him exactly when he showed up again.

OMG and Rory with the "I don't mind that you got old, I mind that I missed growing old with you." excuse me, while I go cry buckets.

Then having to choose, because the Doctor is too much of a frakking COWARD. (which, yeah, he was. He lied and he knew it would have to go down like that, but he shoved it off on Rory instead of just GOING because he couldn't bear it. BOOOOO.) and yet, y'know, kinda awesome because in a twisted dickish way it's more human to be that sort of selfish. Makes him more relateable when he fucks up, I think, than when he does everything perfectly. (and one last comment about the Doctor -- we have yet another confirmation through HIS LIES that Very Bad Things happen with a timestream cross. yes, Moffat, WE KNOW SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN THERE IN RELATION TO LAKE SILENCIO. OY WITH THE ANVILS ALREADY).

But really this wasn't about Eleven at all, only about the POOOOONNNNDDDDSSSSS!

and their precious faces and hands on glass saying goodbye (yes, I AM A SUCKER FOR THAT SINCE FRAKKING STAR TREK II, OKAY?)


But outstanding episode.

lizardbeth: DW - Pondslizardbeth_j on September 13th, 2011 02:33 am (UTC)
that's a good point I hadn't considered about the Doctor sending Rory - makes sense. He knew that above all people she'd listen to Rory and she would be furious/embittered with him (the Doctor).

Rory and Amy are THE BEST.